Ronnie Dugger

Ronnie Dugger was the founding editor of the Observer in 1954 and was its publisher until 1994. He has written biographies of Lyndon Johnson and Ronald Reagan, books about Hiroshima and universities, and countless articles in The Nation, The New Yorker, Harper’s, Atlantic, The New York Times, The Progressive, The Washington Post and other publications. Home again, living and writing in Austin, he received the George Polk career award in journalism in 2012.

By Ronnie Dugger:


The Next 60: Agenda for a New Texas

“I have never heard of or seen in my 80 years watching Texas a more empathy-dead, society-wide INJUSTICE than the refusal of...tens of billions in Medicaid money.”

An idea can change society, and being the people, we have lots of ideas. Let’s look, too, for more good, young new leaders and also some not so young. Read More

Lawrence Goodwyn at Duke
Human Rights

Lawrence Goodwyn, A Man of Words and Ideals

Remembering Larry Goodwyn—reporter, historian and champion for civil rights and populism.

Lawrence Goodwyn, the controversial author and important editor and writer for The Texas Observer, died at 85 of long-suffered emphysema on Sept. 29. Read More


Ken Galbraith is Gone

Remembering the giant who did so much in the endless struggle for justice

Ken Galbraith is gone. The tallest and grandest tree in the Harvard neighborhood fell on April 29, from complications of pneumonia, at 97. What a life he led. In his 70 million copies of his four dozen books distributed around … Read More