Rod Davis

Rod Davis is a member of the National Book Critics Circle and author of South, America; Corina’s Way; and other works.

By Rod Davis:

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Tracking a Deadly Cat on the Texas Frontier in ‘The Which Way Tree’

While the frontier Texas subgenre has its limitations, Elizabeth Crook’s new novel is an enduring adventure tale.

Elizabeth Crook’s latest foray into the labyrinths of family and history in Texas is an absorbing coming-of-age adventure set in post-Civil War chaos, a time when not all that many people came to all that much of an age. Via … Read More

El Paso

Book Report: El Paso on Lithium

What at times in this solid chase-adventure can seem almost like cartoonish hallucination in fact reflects real-time social devolution. The novel’s stereotypical goons and thugs turn out to be like the people around us. Read More


The Body as Battleground

"Making War at Fort Hood" is essential reading in a country that is both shaped by war and too often ignorant of its true costs. Read More