Rachel Pearson

Rachel Pearson is an MD/PhD student at the Institute for the Medical Humanities and the University of Texas Medical Branch. Her book about training in public hospitals, free clinics and prisons, No Apparent Distress, is forthcoming from WW Norton.

By Rachel Pearson:

Ebola virus
Health Care

Quarantining Compassion

Texas Ebola policy may hamper efforts to fight the disease.

The Texas policy of subjecting returning doctors and nurses to unnecessary quarantines for Ebola may discourage them from going abroad in the first place. Read More

St. Vincent's Student-Run Free Clinic
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Texas’ Other Death Penalty

A Galveston medical student describes life and death in the so-called safety net.

A Galveston medical student comes to grips with a healthcare system in which her patients die from treatable conditions. Read More