Paul Sweeney

By Paul Sweeney:


Texas’ Corporate Boards Harbor Few Women

by | Fri, Dec 7, 2012 at 12:00 pm CST

Minding the Gap

You’ve heard the argument. What’s needed for American workers to advance is more education and job training. If workers’ wages have fallen and inequality has risen in the United States, it’s because too many workers have not kept abreast of … Read More


Sharp Ideas?

Gov. Rick Perry and John Sharp get down to business with a new tax plan

Call it the “Chance Wayne” of tax proposals. That’s the name of the main character in Tennessee Williams’ Sweet Bird of Youth, a role played by Paul Newman in the 1962 movie version of the play. In the opening scene, … Read More

Dan Patrick

Party Crasher

Can Houston's king of right-wing talk radio bust into the Texas Senate?

It’s a bright winter morning at the Champions Golf Club in Northwest Houston. A touch of frost flecks the fairways as golfers make their way toward the clubhouse. This hardly looks like a political hot spot. Yet, at a well-appointed … Read More