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Southwestern Expansion

by | Wed, May 19, 2010 at 4:16 pm CST

The Cuban Enigma

Here are three books that plot a trajectory in the tormented life of Cuba, the island at our back door and one of the great enigmas of the American political imagination. This slender strip of land, not quite the size … Read More


Survival Among the Ruins

How is it that Jim Crace, an English novelist, and our own Cormac McCarthy sat down at about the same time to write novels about a blistered, disintegrating, post-nuclear-war America? Crace’s The Pesthouse, published in May, and McCarthy’s The Road, … Read More


Still Declining and Falling

Dark Ages America: The Final Phase of Empire Morris Berman is a messenger bringing bad news about the coming end of the American empire, which he estimates will occur around the year 2040. We are heading over the cliff because … Read More


Flashlights in the Gloom

Makes You Stop and Think: Sonnets Not for Specialists: New and Selected Poems An Alchemist with One Eyeon Fire Here are three writers from another generation, overlapping one another by a few years, messengers from a world shaped by two … Read More


Arts in Aggieland

I wanted to put on a festival like those seen all across Europe each summer, when entire villages are turned into a stage, with stilt-walkers and magicians working the crowds, scholars and writers holed up in the mayor’s reception room, … Read More


Some Voices on the Left

Some Voices on the Left BY PAUL CHRISTENSEN A Book of Witness: Spells & Gris-Gris By Jerome Rothenberg New Directions 188 pages, $15.95 Facing Invasion By Clayton Eshleman Pamphlet. free Everwhat By Clayton Eshleman Zasterle 58 pages, $10 Juniper … Read More



Remembering Jim Cody/Wildman, Scholar, Shaman, Papa

James Marion Cody, Jim to those who knew and loved him, came to his end in a car crash in Lubbock this past August. Cody was an original out of the Ozark Mountains of Missouri, born of Scots-Irish parents whose … Read More


Book Review

Lone Rangers

Selected Poems: 1950—2000 Companion Spider: Essays Some poets find their experience in the backyard or in their fantasies; a few go roaming abroad to discover what lies beyond their towns and the comforts of their own culture. Two such poets … Read More