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By P.A. Humphrey:


The Passion of Johnson County

by | Fri, May 21, 2004 at 12:00 am CST

Dateline Texas

Johnson County Jihad

The primary polls had been closed for just an hour on March 12 in Johnson County, and the third floor of the county courthouse in Cleburne already was packed with politicos, lawyers, party regulars, reporters, and political gadflies. It was … Read More


After the Storm

Twelve-year-old Juan Hernandez curled up in his bedroom closet as a tornado slammed into his family’s small, frame house in the Linwood neighborhood just west of downtown Fort Worth. His mom, dad, and two brothers only made it as far … Read More


Dateline Texas

Bringing Home the Bacon

When Fort Worth Congresswoman Kay Granger announced in 1998 that she’d helped land millions in federal funds to complete a commuter rail line linking Fort Worth and Dallas and build a multi-user transportation hub in downtown Fort Worth, the local … Read More


Capitol Offenses

Lost in the Ozone

If they did this in Japan, they’d “have to commit suicide in shame,” said Jim Marston. The Austin lawyer who directs the Texas office of the Environmental Defense Fund was talking about Governor George W. Bush and Senator John Whitmire, … Read More