Michelle García

Michelle García is a journalist and essayist and recent Soros Equality Fellow with the Open Society Foundations. García is working on a nonfiction book about borders.

The Latino Vote And Its Legacy

by | Tue, Oct 27, 2020 at 3:07 pm CST

Resurrecting the Legacy of Selena

When I imagine a present-day Selena, I see the star power packed in her smile, the feminine power in her hips, and I hear the love in her songs. But mostly, when I envision a 44-year-old Selena, I think of Selena the public servant. Read More

Texas Politics

Greater State: The Just-World Theory Paradox

Developed by Melvin Lerner during the 1960s, the “just-world theory” describes the tendency for people to believe that the world is an inherently fair place. The truth is that we don't live in a just world, and inequality is growing worse along with shrinking social mobility. Read More


Segregation Texas Style

Texas metro areas have some of the highest levels of segregation in the nation, causing many Latinos to face economic and educational inequality. Read More

Children waiting in the Desarrollo Integral de la Familia in Reynosa, Mexico.

Your Brain on the Border

The science of the brain can shed some light on the rhetoric surrounding the border surge and the Texas Legislature's policy decisions.

For insights into the thinking behind the Texas Legislature’s proposed border policy—which amounts to more boots, guns and money—we look to the science of the brain. Mind you, left-brain/right-brain dominance won’t explain the record $815 million in proposed border security … Read More


The Next 60: Living at the Edge of Change

Less obvious was the border as a place, home to millions of people charting a future within the paradox that is the border—desperately poor but highly lucrative; largely ignored while occupying a mythical place in the popular imagination. Read More