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Human Rights

For the First Time, ‘Redeemed’ Texas Parents May Get a Second Chance

New legislation could open a legal pathway to reinstate once-terminated parental rights.

Maggie Luna tried to fit all of the love she had for her three children onto a tri-fold poster board a week before her court date. Each section of the plain white board was adorned with a photo timeline dedicated … Read More

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In Travis County, Black Children More Likely to be Taken from Parents

Advocates are working to show how policing influences racial disparities in the child welfare system in Austin and statewide.

Aurora Martinez Jones says that if it hadn’t all happened on the same day, she might never have made the connection.  At the time, Martinez Jones was the associate judge assisting with Travis County’s child welfare cases. She presided over … Read More


‘I Felt Like They Were Demonizing My People’: Advocates and Families Point to Biases in Texas Curricula

In Allen ISD, a 9th grade student is pushing back against an anti-Palestinian lesson plan.

Dana, a Palestinian-American student at Lowery Freshman Center in Allen, Texas, was immediately taken aback by the multiple choice quiz question in her classroom this January. “What is an important cause of terrorism in the Middle East?” Options included that … Read More