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Q & A with Rude Mechanicals Playwright Kirk Lynn

Austin theater darlings Rude Mechanicals are at it again with Fixing King John, a modern retelling of King John, one of Shakespeare’s lesser-known plays. Resident Rude Mech playwright Kirk Lynn discusses his touchstones, from Robert Johnson via the White Stripes … Read More

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Jennifer duBois Does a Cartwheel at BookPeople

Pair the talent implied by acceptance into and completion of the Iowa Writers’ Workshop with the affirmation of a National Book Foundation 5 Under 35 Award for 2012 and you get Jennifer duBois. DuBois, who teaches in the MFA program … Read More

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Texas Book Festival—Presidential Edition

[Also see the Observer‘s TBF End of the World Itinerary, Debut Author Itinerary, Foodie Itinerary, Borderlands Itinerary, Enviro Itinerary, and Whodunit Itinerary.] Texas is no stranger to presidential politics. We sent LBJ and two Bushes to the White House, with … Read More