Megan Headley


Erosion on the Back 40

by | Fri, Jan 25, 2008 at 12:00 am CST

A Draw’s a Win

The good news on reproductive rights is that nothing bad happened

In the two previous sessions, abortion rights and family planning advocates resisted to no avail as pro-life lawmakers restricted access to abortions and siphoned off money from women’s health programs. There was little reason to believe this session would be … Read More


For God and Profit

Religious expression bill blesses the lawyers who wrote it

Some folks worship God. Others favor mammon. Those who try to combine the two are usually worth keeping an eye on. A case in point this session was House Bill 3678, on its face an effort by Sugar Land Republican … Read More


Being Warren Chisum

Inside the mind of the state's most powerful fundamentalist

Nervous tremors were evident when the announcement came that state Rep. Warren Chisum would take the helm of the House Appropriations Committee this session. The Republican from Pampa—author of the state’s gay marriage ban and an adept at using House … Read More


Northward Ho!

How the Immigration Debate Left Texas

Last year it seemed undeniable that the 80th Texas Legislature was headed for an ugly, divisive, and possibly epic battle over illegal immigration. Washington lawmakers had deadlocked on comprehensive federal immigration reform. Gov. Rick Perry was dispatching Texas National Guard … Read More