Lise Olsen

Lise Olsen is a Houston-based senior writer and editor, working mom, and yogini. Reach her at [email protected] or by phone or Signal at 281-454-1933.


The 30 Best Texas Books of The Decade, from Amarillo to Utopia

As you scramble for a holiday gift or ponder what you’d like to peruse by the fire, we’ve got 10 years of Texas books to suggest.

The twists and turns of these 30 Texas novels, nonfiction narratives, and other works published between January 2010 and December 2019 reveal undercurrents that run deep through our Lone Star State—a whole decade’s worth. All of these authors have significant … Read More


Two New Books Explore the Limits of the #MeToo Movement in Texas and Beyond

Two years after women started speaking out and revealing powerful predators, are too many Texas secrets still locked away in a “whisper network”?

In 2017, women nationwide began sharing painful and personal stories of harassment and abuse in what became known as the #MeToo movement—starting a national conversation about sexual misconduct and revealing dozens of powerful men as predators. All the buzz prompted … Read More