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Justin Miller is the politics reporter for the Observer. He previously covered politics and policy for The American Prospect in Washington, D.C., and has also written for The Intercept, The New Republic and In These Times. Follow him on Twitter or at [email protected].

By Justin Miller:


Texas Has Plenty of Money, But Will Lawmakers Use it to Fix Their Years of Negligence?

State Comptroller Glenn Hegar released his revenue estimate for the 2020-2021 biennium. The upshot is: There’s money to spend, if the Legislature is willing.

Things appear to be going swimmingly for those hoping that Texas legislators will finally address two of the state’s most intractable, intertwined problems: a broken school finance system and rapidly increasing property taxes. First, Democrats enter the 86th Legislature with … Read More


Texas Senator Bob Hall Defends ‘White Nationalist’ Ally as Victim of Political Correctness

Ray Myers drew national attention for statements made on Facebook. His fellow tea partier in the state Senate said he’s a victim of “perverted extreme political correctness.”

Kaufman County tea party insurgent Ray Myers long had a reputation for extremist views, off-the-cuff bigotry and an in-your-face style of activism. But recent Facebook posts declaring himself to be a “white nationalist” and calling for a “rope and a … Read More

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Six Texas Political Players Who Lost Power in 2018

A diverse and bipartisan ensemble of politicians and groups were rudely awakened as they were wrested from or kept out of power in 2018.

Power is a funny thing. One minute you have it; the next it’s gone. Sometimes it’s taken forcefully; other times it’s given away. In Texas, the ruling Republican party has grown comfortable in its power, while the futile Democratic opposition … Read More


Texas GOP Chair: Racism and Bigotry are an ‘Extreme Exception’ in the Party

James Dickey on white nationalists in the Texas GOP, xenophobia and “America First.”

Last week, the Observer reported that Ray Myers — who had a hand in crafting the platform for the most influential state Republican party in the country — had posted on his Facebook declaring, “Damn right, I’m a WHITE NATIONALIST.” The … Read More


‘Damn Right, I’m a White Nationalist’ Declares Texas GOP Platform Committee Member

A connected tea party activist says white nationalism has nothing to do with race supremacy — it’s just part of Trump’s “America First” vision.

At the Texas Republican Party’s 2018 convention, Ray Myers was a part of a select group of activists charged with crafting the platform for the biggest and most influential state party in the country. Myers is also a white nationalist, … Read More


How Beto Built His Texas-Sized Grassroots Machine

To pull off the largest GOTV effort in state history, O’Rourke turned to the top architects of Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign.

How Beto Built His Texas-Sized Grassroots Machine To pull off the largest GOTV effort in state history, O’Rourke turned to the top architects of Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign. – by Justin Miller December 3, 2018 Rarely has a loss been … Read More


Beto O’Rourke: ‘I’m as Hopeful as I’ve Ever Been in My Life’

In his concession speech, O’Rourke said goodbye to a crowd in El Paso, promising that “We'll see you out there down the road.”

Just after 10 p.m., Beto O’Rourke took the stage at the baseball stadium for the El Paso Chihuahuas to The Clash’s “The Clampdown,” which became something of a campaign mantra ever since he slipped in a reference during his first … Read More


In El Paso, Beto O’Rourke Volunteers Launch Last-Minute GOTV Efforts

The hope is that O’Rourke’s hometown will push him over the edge — if only they can get people to vote.

It’s difficult to appreciate just how far away El Paso is from the rest of Texas until you make the drive. It’s 600 miles and one time zone away from Austin, roughly nine hours of 80-mph speed limits and not … Read More