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Justin Miller is the politics reporter for the Observer. He previously covered politics and policy for The American Prospect in Washington, D.C., and has also written for The Intercept, The New Republic and In These Times. Follow him on Twitter or email him at [email protected].

By Justin Miller:

Texas Legislature

Mike Collier Has a Problem: Dan Patrick Ain’t Taking His Bait

If his campaign is to gain momentum in the roughly three months before Election Day, Collier needs to smoke Patrick out of the hole he’s hiding in — and fast.

Mike Collier has been publicly trying to get a rise out of the usually bombastic Texas Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick ever since he launched his campaign to unseat him in June 2017. More than a year later, he’s largely failed … Read More

Texas Legislature

How Pete Sessions Lives the High Life on Corporate Donors’ Dime

For years, the powerful Dallas congressman has used a largely unregulated political fund to court powerful special interests with luxurious perks.

Golf outings at an exclusive country club. A catered suite at a Dallas Cowboys game. Swanky ski resort getaways in the mountains of Utah. Life is good for Congressman Pete Sessions. As the chair of the House Rules Committee, Sessions … Read More

Texas Legislature

Tom Steyer’s Impeachment Show Comes to Texas

The liberal California billionaire is spending tens of millions in an effort to impeach Trump. Is it starting to gain momentum?

At the historic Sunset Station building just east of downtown San Antonio Wednesday night, a couple hundred people gathered to see Tom Steyer in a town hall setting. Some had gotten texts; others invites on Facebook. Some had no clue … Read More

Texas Legislature

Is the Realm of Possibility Expanding for Texas Democrats Running for Congress?

From the swingiest seat to one of the most conservative, Democratic congressional challengers are raising big money — and big questions about the boundaries of a potential blue wave.

Halfway through the summer, Texas Democrats’ impressive fundraising efforts show no signs of cooling down. Beto O’Rourke has attracted the most attention with continuously eye-popping fundraising figures — he brought in $10.4 million in this last quarter alone, once again … Read More

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Texas Legislature

Automatic Voter Registration Could Add 2 Million Texans to the Rolls. That’s Why it Won’t Happen.

By maintaining one of the least accessible voting systems in the country, the Texas GOP has kept a demographically favorable electorate encased in political amber.

“Texas isn’t a red state; it’s a non-voting state” is a political truism used frequently by Democrats to explain why they can win statewide — and also why they still always lose. The state consistently has one of the lowest … Read More

veronica escobar

The Interview: Veronica Escobar is Poised to Make History

The Latina would be the first woman to represent Texas' largest border city in Washington, D.C.

While all eyes are on Beto O’Rourke’s bid to unseat Senator Ted Cruz, the race to take over O’Rourke’s El Paso congressional seat has gotten much less attention. Veronica Escobar, the El Paso county judge, decided to step down from … Read More

democratic convention
Texas Legislature

Four Takeaways from the Texas Democratic Convention

Year of the Woman, Beto’s bandwagon, immigrant families and the “sleeping giant” all animated this year’s Democratic convention.

More than 7,000 delegates for the Texas Democratic Party convened in Fort Worth over the past few days to ruminate on the prospects of a blue wave in November. Activists packed caucus meetings for Hispanics, women and rural folks, attended … Read More

Democratic Convention
Texas Legislature

‘There’s More of Us’: Texas Democrats Once Again Counting on Hispanic Turnout

Democrats have long struggled to turn out Latino voters in the state — and the struggles continue in 2018.

4.8 million. That’s the number on the minds of those attending the myriad meetings for Latino Democrats —  the Progressive Hispanic Democrats, the Mexican American Caucus, Tejano Democrats, the Hispanic Caucus — on the first day of the Texas Democratic … Read More

Texas Legislature

Texas Democratic Convention: Can the Lone Star Left Seize the Moment?

As the immigration crisis in the state’s backyard has shown, the GOP is stuck with Trump’s immoral agenda. The question is whether state Democrats can capitalize on that.

The Texas Republican Party convention in San Antonio last week showed the dominance of the GOP’s far-right fringe, and party leaders’ outright deference to President Trump. Attendees were also treated to an apocalyptic vision of a George Soros-backed socialist takeover … Read More