Joe Nick Patoski

Joe Nick Patoski writes about open spaces, among other Texas-specific subjects. His next book, Austin to ATX: The Hippies, Pickers, Slackers, and Geeks Who Transformed the Capital of Texas, will be published in February.

By Joe Nick Patoski:


Park and Parcel

The underfunded Texas Parks and Wildlife Department struggles to sell itself

Last summer, Texas Parks and Wildlife Department commissioners contemplated selling off 46,000 acres of Big Bend Ranch State Park, the largest state park in Texas, to John Poindexter, the Houston businessman who owns the nearby Cibolo Creek Ranch luxury resort. … Read More


The Only Honest Lake in Texas

It looks like a winner has emerged in the struggle for Caddo Lake

A table full of good ol’ boys and good ol’ girls are having a hoot over lunch at Dawn’s, under the bridge where State Highway 43 crosses the western edge of Caddo Lake. One in the crowd claims he’s been … Read More