Jesse Sublett


Bang for the Buck

by | Thu, Sep 3, 2009 at 12:00 am CST

Powerful Medicine

The power of music is a strange and wonderful thing: It can make you smile, dance and cry, and it can transport you back in time. One of my favorite buzzes is playing a brand-new unrehearsed song for an audience. … Read More


For Those About to Rock

By the time I arrive at Maria’s Taco Express, empty parking spaces are as hard to come by as volunteers at a waterboarding seminar. The music is already blasting from the beer garden, but you can tell it’s not the … Read More



One writer's long, strange trip from fact to fiction.

The double shotgun blasts were fired at such close range that wadding from the shells would be found inside the dead man’s left kidney. Sitting in his black vinyl chair at the DW Rubb massage parlor on Lavaca Street, Travis … Read More