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Fever Dreams

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Vision Quest

To make the pictures in Indian Nations, Danny Lyon traveled to 19 Indian reservations in the western United States over a period of four years. The Indians that he photographed are fathers and sons, mothers and daughters, veterans, cowboys, and … Read More


Book Review

Unwrapping Japanese Photography

Critics sometimes like to talk about unwrapping or un-packing a text or a work of art, peeling back layers of meaning and symbolism. The assumption is that the most interesting things are hidden inside. Sometimes the surface of the art, … Read More


Movie Review

God's Little Favela

City of God City of God opens with a series of cuts: a knife chops carrots and slices a lime, a hand plays a slashing samba rhythm on a little guitar. The rhythm of the knife on the cutting board … Read More


Hearts and Minds: Cuban Photography

Merrell Publishers Havana in My Heart: 75 Years of Cuban Photography 125 pages, $29.95. The genius and the curse of photography is that it captures (or creates) solitary moments, engraving them in tarnished silver or inks and dyes on a … Read More