Jake Bernstein

By Jake Bernstein:

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Former Texas Observer Editor Wins Pulitzer Prize

Former Observer executive editor Jake Bernstein has been awarded a Pulitzer Prize for National Reporting for his collaboration with ProPublica’s Jesse Eisinger on a series of stories about how some Wall Street bankers’ schemes led to the worst financial crisis … Read More


Capitol Offense


The breadbasket wasn’t the only item passed around when Midland Republican state Rep. Tom Craddick met Chris Winkle on the night of October 21, 2002, for dinner at Anthony’s, an upscale eatery near the Galleria in Houston. The election that … Read More


The Rise of the Machine

How a small group of politicians and corporations bought themselves a legislature

The facts are widely known. An unprecedented coordination between the Republican administration and big corporate interests held the country tightly in its grip. In most instances, the machine simply enjoyed the exercise of raw power with little effort to justify … Read More