Jake Bernstein

Cover Story

Former Texas Observer Editor Wins Pulitzer Prize

Former Observer executive editor Jake Bernstein has been awarded a Pulitzer Prize for National Reporting for his collaboration with ProPublica’s Jesse Eisinger on a series of stories about how some Wall Street bankers’ schemes led to the worst financial crisis … Read More


Demographic Destiny

Slowly but Surely, Hispanic Culture Will Define West Texas

The fat man sidled up to the two children with an invite, his pitch a simple one. “I’m a fat man,” Gary Gibson said. “I like candy.” Midland’s Sabor 2007 festival started off appropriately enough with a piñata, star-shaped and … Read More


A Fish Rots from the Head

With these three in charge, the session was a stinker

When all was said and little done, the gavels dropped, and adjournment let lawmakers escape from the political implosion that was the 80th Legislature. Like high schoolers who had just blown up the science lab, Texas’ three leaders stood dazed … Read More


Legislative Terror

Lawmakers buckle to Perry's homeland security power grab

The homeland security and border funding legislation passed during the regular session will rank among the most important state policy changes never publicly debated. Don’t get us wrong. There was plenty of debate. Unfortunately, little of it focused on what … Read More


Capitol Offense

Homeland Insecurity

On April 12, the Observer posted “The Governor’s Database” on the Web. The story detailed how Gov. Rick Perry, through his Office of Homeland Security, is compiling a massive database on Texans. A little more than an hour later, Laredo … Read More


Long Past Enough

¡Ya Basta! Every day in Mexico there are an estimated 10 kidnappings. ¡Ya Basta! is an intimate documentary that captures the harrowing stories of six. It’s also a film about an antiquated judicial system incapable of dealing with a sudden … Read More

Texas Politics

The Governor’s Database

Texas is amassing an unprecedented amount of information on its citizens.

Piece by piece, Gov. Rick Perry’s homeland security office is gathering massive amounts of information about Texas residents and merging it to create the most exhaustive centralized database in state history. Warehoused far from Texas on servers housed at a … Read More


Capitol Offense


The breadbasket wasn’t the only item passed around when Midland Republican state Rep. Tom Craddick met Chris Winkle on the night of October 21, 2002, for dinner at Anthony’s, an upscale eatery near the Galleria in Houston. The election that … Read More


Why the Bell Not?

Can Chris Bell turn his serious mien into a campaign plus?

Here’s a little-known fact about Chris Bell: He has a good sense of humor. In fact, he has an engaging personality once you get to know him. Smart. Committed. Not above the playful prank or the gentle ribbing. Voters haven’t … Read More