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By Emily Rapp:


The Real Facts of Life

by | Fri, Sep 22, 2006 at 12:00 am CST

How James Frey Changed My Life

Last year marked my first on the job market as a teacher of creative writing. I spent most of the fall in rural Pennsylvania sending out hundreds of resumes and cover letters, watching wistfully as beautiful red, gold, and yellow … Read More



Current Conditions

Current Conditions BY EMILY RAPP ast May, I gleefully barreled out of Austin on a humid afternoon, relieved to avoid another blistering Texas summer. Having finished my writing degree (but not my novel), I was headed northeast and would eventually … Read More


Mastering the Little Atrocities

by Emily Rapp

Charles Baxter is the highly acclaimed author of seven works of fiction (including The Feast of Love, Believers, Harmony of the World, Through the Safety Net), a book of poetry (Imaginary Paintings), and a collection of essays about fiction (Burning … Read More


Life in the No-Go Zones

by Emily Rapp

On March 1998, I helped organize an NGO-sponsored conference for young Africans. As they traveled from various countries, their journeys across borders were never without complications. From my office in Geneva I wrangled for visas, while from Zimbabwe, South Africa, … Read More


Book Review

Love, Need, and Texas

In Sweetbitter, the lovely and ambitious first novel by acclaimed poet and short fiction writer Reginald Gibbons, early 20th-century Texas comes to vivid, violent life. The town of Three Rivers in rural East Texas is a harsh world where white … Read More