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Texas Politics

Hot List: Day 105 of the Legislature

All eyes are aimed at the Senate this afternoon to see if legislators have what it takes to make some major changes to the shameful lending practices in this state. Read More

Texas Legislature

Texas Closer to Banning Driving While Texting

After a long debate and a slew of amendments, the Texas Legislature is closer to banning texting while driving. The House passed Rep. Tom Craddick's bill Wednesday with a vote of 98 to 47. Read More


Rep. Tom Craddick Wants to Regulate Payday Loans

It’s becoming a perennial pastime at the Texas Capitol. Former speaker of the House Rep. Tom Craddick (R-Midland) files a simple one-page bill that would close a loophole that allows payday and auto-title lenders in Texas to avoid the state’s anti-usury laws and charge unlimited rates; everyone listens politely; and then the bill gets leapfrogged by much more convoluted payday reform legislation. Read More

Texas Legislature

Hot List: Day 99 of the Legislature

In a major political maneuver, Governor Perry unveiled his proposal for a $1.6 billion business tax cut at a news conference at the Austin Chamber of Commerce yesterday. Read More

Texas Legislature

Texas on the Brink: Too Few Graduates, Too Many Uninsured

The bottom line, say the representatives who participated in the group, is that Texas has some major work to do. Rep. Garnet Coleman (D-Houston), who led the 2013 study group, introduced the report in a press conference held on Monday morning. Read More