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by | Fri, Jun 15, 2007 at 12:00 am CST

Eminent Disaster

A cabal of politicians and profiteers targets an El Paso barrio

On late Sunday afternoons, when shadows grow long in the Segundo Barrio, the crowds finally begin to thin on El Paso and Stanton streets. Cashiers sit patiently on high stools, watching shoppers navigate seas of brilliantly colored merchandise. After pesos … Read More


Capitol Offense

Road Kill

Although the current Legislative session is only a few weeks old, Ric Williamson, the embattled chairman of the Texas Transportation Commission, has already incurred the wrath of numerous state lawmakers intent on curbing the Department of Transportation’s plans to pave … Read More



The following is an excerpt from a novel-in-progress about a miner named Leonard Benally and his family. The story takes place during the uranium boom of the 1950s in Grants, New Mexico. Sections of the book are based upon real-life … Read More

Texas Politics

The Highwaymen

Even the losers win as Texas rushes to privatize its roads.

Photo by Mike Osborne from the series “Interchanges,” 2004. Inkjet print, 40″x50″. (www.osbornephotography.net) Ric Williamson, a former state legislator and longtime pal of Gov. Rick Perry, runs the monthly meetings of the Texas Transportation Commission like a traffic cop. Staff … Read More

Texas Politics

On the Perry Trail in Haskell County

Don’t let yer babies grow up to be cowboys.

It’s 6 o’clock, a Tuesday evening in the North Texas town of Haskell, and the Dollar General is doing a landslide business. A block away the town square and the county courthouse, a gothic, three-story affair that has dominated the … Read More

Texas Politics

Not Even a Backseat on the Bus

Following a Perry campaign swing.

Gov. Rick Perry’s campaign bus looked like a gigantic Fourth of July firecracker as it motored into Dripping Springs. Painted a brilliant white and plastered with red and blue campaign stickers, it rolled to a stop in front of Orgeron’s … Read More