Delger Erdenesanaa

Delger is a smiling woman with black hair, wearing a light sweater vest over a checkered black, white and brown flannel.


Delger Erdenesanaa is a staff writer at the Texas Observer who covers climate change and the environment, as well as related health and economic issues. She was previously a reporting fellow at Inside Climate News, and studied science, health, and environmental reporting at New York University. She is based in San Antonio.

Articles by Delger Erdenesanaa

Concrete Ideas

New technology and methods may help clean up the cement and concrete industries—two of Texas’ most conspicuous polluters.

by Delger Erdenesanaa

Texas’ Firestorm Future

The Eastland fires in March were the worst in more than a decade. As climate change dries out the state, residents must prepare for more—and larger—conflagrations.

by Delger Erdenesanaa