Debbie Nathan

Debbie Nathan is a writer who has lived on and off in El Paso for over four decades.


El Mayor vs. Los Good Old Boys

The trials of Ray Caballero

The Chihuahuan desert sky is forever deep in El Paso, and the Franklin mountains seem to lie outside time. For years, the whole place has felt as still as rocks—even though the stillness includes many things abandoned ages ago by … Read More


Movie Review

Missing the Story

…The victim, 17, was beaten to death in her parent’s homeby her boyfriend, 27. They had two children. He said he murdered her becauseshe was going to marry someone else. …The victims, ages 15 and 13, were found in the … Read More


Talking Texan: Y’alls, Drawls, and Monophthongs

Across the country, few people blink anymore when a president – or presidential hopeful – talks like a Texan. George W. Bush goes on Larry King and says that in considering U.S. military obligations, he thinks we need clear policy … Read More


A Death in the Hill Country

The Hill Country is renowned for lovely vistas, country living, and meandering tourists. There's also a darker side to the Hills.

It is hard to stay calm after seeing the baby’s autopsy photograph. Entered into evidence in a Hill Country courtroom earlier this year, it shows the infant Ramiro Pérez looking like a victim of African famine or the atrocities at … Read More



Power Spelling in San Antonio

After I moved to San Antonio from El Paso, people said I should write something comparing the two cities – both with majority Mexican-American populations, but each with its own palpably different character. For months I searched for the perfect … Read More


Pocahontas on the Rio Grande

one Star, John Sayles’ 1996 movie about race and ethnic relations on the Texas-Mexico border, mixed up Anglos, Chicanos, Native Americans, and African Americans in odd situations ranging from murder to incest. Laredo didn’t show up in the film, though, … Read More

Pro-choice activists march down Congress Avenue.

Saint Sickbed

One afternoon last month, Jo Ann King-Sinnett was looking at an anti-choice mailing that had come across her desk. As San Antonio Planned Parenthood’s director of community affairs, King-Sinnett monitors such material, particularly when it is distributed locally. On this … Read More