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Truth Hangs by a Hair

by | Fri, Sep 21, 2007 at 12:00 am CST

Truth Hangs by a Hair

Observer, Innocence Project fight to preserve evidence that could show if innocent man was executed

One strand of hair, a piece of evidence crucial to determining whether Texas executed an innocent man almost seven years ago, is apparently at risk of being destroyed by San Jacinto County officials who are resisting a formal request by … Read More


Hair Evidence Preserved

Judge orders San Jacinto County officials not to destroy evidence in Jones case while Observer lawsuit proceeds

A San Jacinto County district judge has ruled that a crucial piece of evidence that might help determine whether Texas executed an innocent man almost seven years ago must be preserved while The Texas Observer, the Innocence Project, and other … Read More


Low-Hanging Fruit

Texas faces obvious problems that the 80th Lege should fix. It probably won't.

On the frigid day in Texas that Rick Perry was sworn in for the term that will make him our longest-serving governor, one in five Texas children did not have health insurance. By the best estimate available, Texas public school … Read More