David Dorado Romo

David Dorado Romo is an El Paso writer, museum curator, and historian who specializes in borderlands studies.
El Paso Firme

‘El Paso Firme’ Music Festival Calls on Texans to Peacefully Resist White Supremacy

A month after the largest massacre of Latinx people in U.S. history, 1,200 El Pasoans and numerous world-class musicians gathered for a hopeful, healing night.

About 1,200 people attended the El Paso Firme Music Fest on Saturday, a call to action against white supremacy through “the healing power of music.” The all-day event held at Ascarate, a community park surrounded by a lake and a … Read More

Essay, News, The Issue

To Understand the El Paso Massacre, Look to the Long Legacy of Anti-Mexican Violence at the Border

The El Paso shooter wasn’t a “lone wolf.” His act of white supremacist terror is part of a century of racial violence targeting fronterizo communities.

In the immediate aftermath of the El Paso shooting—the largest massacre of Latinx people in the history of the United States—politicians of all stripes stood before the cameras and gave their diagnosis of what just happened. They sounded like the … Read More

tornillo art

Uncaged Art

Finding life and light in art from detention.

Uncaged Art Finding life and light in art from detention. – by David Dorado Romo April 22, 2019 When I first saw the art of the children of the Tornillo detention camp, I was struck by the colors. Vibrant, bold, … Read More