Daniel Blue Tyx

Daniel Blue Tyx lives in McAllen. His work has appeared in Best American Travel Writing, the Gettysburg Review, CutBank and elsewhere.

By Daniel Blue Tyx:


High-Wire Act

by | Mon, Apr 10, 2017 at 9:53 am CST
health care
Health Care

Insurgent Medicine

Physicians hope to revolutionize health care in the Valley with a simple prescription — access.

If community outreach and primary care for the uninsured save lives and money, why aren’t we doing more of it in places like the Valley? The answer lies partly in the thorny politics of health care reform and immigration policy. But there’s also a simple human resources problem — too few doctors. Read More


Flight Risk

As climate and habitat change in South Texas, where will all the birds go?

Climate change threatens the South Texas Santa Ana National Wildlife Refuge, a sanctuary for a remarkable diversity of birdlife. Read More

Prisoner uprising Willacy County Correctional Center

Goodbye to Tent City

After a riot destroys a for-profit prison, Willacy County ponders its economic future.

As Willacy County faces a gaping hole in its budget, $128 million in debt still owed on Tent City, and the loss of its largest employer, I’d come to find out if the prison that was supposed to be the county’s economic salvation would end up being its undoing. Read More