Dan Oko

Houston-based freelancer Dan Oko covers environmental politics, outdoor recreation, and assorted topics for a wide range of outlets. Come quitting time, he usually reaches for a hop-heavy, Texas-brewed IPA.

By Dan Oko:

Texas Legislature

Texans Can Finally Buy Beer Directly From Breweries

The Beer-to-Go law went into effect September 1 after a long, protracted legislative battle.

On Sunday, September 1, just in time for Labor Day, breweries across the state toasted to a long-awaited landmark moment: The Beer-to-Go law finally went into effect, allowing Texas craft brewers to sell beer directly to customers. Before Governor Greg … Read More


Uncle Walter and Modern American Politics

As a young boy, the budding historian Douglas Brinkley followed Walter Cronkite’s nightly broadcasts on the CBS Evening News. The legendary, late broadcaster was the anchor for 19 years, until 1981. Like a lot of families, the Brinkleys of Perrysburg, … Read More


Where the Rubber Hits the Road

Leaping into Lady Bird Lake was as good as I felt all day. It was a bright, mid-June Sunday morning, and my pal Perry and I were endeavoring not to embarrass ourselves too badly during our first competitive outing as … Read More