Dan Oko

Houston-based freelancer Dan Oko covers environmental politics, outdoor recreation, and assorted topics for a wide range of outlets. Come quitting time, he usually reaches for a hop-heavy, Texas-brewed IPA.

Lessons on the Long Game from Goose Island’s Whooping Cranes

Cranes are survivors. Facing the century’s first global pandemic, they might be the sort of collective totem we need.

Word came on March 10 from my daughter’s Houston middle school: Their spring break learning trips had been canceled. For her 7th grade class, the original plan included a swing up to Dallas to check out the Perot Museum of … Read More

Texas Legislature

Texans Can Finally Buy Beer Directly From Breweries

The Beer-to-Go law went into effect September 1 after a long, protracted legislative battle.

On Sunday, September 1, just in time for Labor Day, breweries across the state toasted to a long-awaited landmark moment: The Beer-to-Go law finally went into effect, allowing Texas craft brewers to sell beer directly to customers. Before Governor Greg … Read More


Uncle Walter and Modern American Politics

As a young boy, the budding historian Douglas Brinkley followed Walter Cronkite’s nightly broadcasts on the CBS Evening News. The legendary, late broadcaster was the anchor for 19 years, until 1981. Like a lot of families, the Brinkleys of Perrysburg, … Read More


Where the Rubber Hits the Road

Leaping into Lady Bird Lake was as good as I felt all day. It was a bright, mid-June Sunday morning, and my pal Perry and I were endeavoring not to embarrass ourselves too badly during our first competitive outing as … Read More