Christopher Carmona


Christopher Carmona is an assistant professor in the Department of English at the University of Texas-Brownsville. He was a nominee for the Alfredo Cisneros de Miral Foundation Award for Writers in 2011 and a Pushcart Prize nominee in 2013. He has been published in numerous journals and magazines including Trickster Literary Journal, Interstice, Vandal, Bordersenses, and Sagebrush Review. His first collection of poetry, beat, was published by Slough Press, and his second book, I Have Always Been Here, was published by Otras Voces Press. He is currently editing The Beatest State In The Union: An Anthology of Beat Texas Writings with Chuck Taylor and Rob Johnson, and working on a book called Nuev@s Voces Poeticas: A Dialogue about New Chican@ Poetics with Isaac Chavarria, Gabriel Sanchez and Rossy Lima Padilla, to be published in 2015. He is organizing this year's annual Beat Poetry and Arts Festival in Dallas, and is the artistic director of the Coalition of New Chican@ Artists.

Articles by Christopher Carmona