Beth Cortez-Neavel

Texas Legislature

Hot List: Day 135 of the Legislature

The Lead: Five days left till sine die, and the deadlines are coming fast. Today’s the last day for the Senate and the House to pass bills and joint resolutions from the opposite chamber on third reading. The House agreed—except … Read More

Texas Legislature

Budget Deal Finally Reached

After yesterday’s budget mess, it looks like a deal has been reached. On Thursday the Observer reported that the budget negotiations stalled after pressure from Gov. Rick Perry. The guv wanted to limit new funding for public education to $3.2 … Read More

Texas Legislature

House Declares War on Senate Over Disrespect for the Process

Update 1:00 p.m.: The skirmish over floundering House bills in the Senate has been resolved. Over a lunch recess in both the Senate and the House, lawmakers met to discuss Rep. Harold Dutton and Rep. Ruth Jones McClendon’s claims that certain Senators were … Read More

Texas Legislature

Hot List: Day 128 of the Legislature

The Lead: A budget deal appears close. That’s the news yesterday from the budget conference committee—where five reps and five senators are hashing out how the state will spend its money the next two years. House Appropriations Chair Jim Pitts … Read More

Texas Legislature

At Deadline, Anti-Drone Bill Flies Through House

For anyone worried their neighbor might spy on them with a small unmanned aircraft (aka drones), Lance Gooden, and the Texas House, has your back. Amid talk of “big brother” and a “brave new world” of technology, the House tentatively … Read More