Bernard Rapoport


The Need to Believe

The following is excerpted from a speech delivered by Bernard Rapoport at his 90th birthday party on July 17, 2007. Just a few hours and some 90 years ago, I came into this world. It was a time when there … Read More


Greatest of the Great

Some 35 years ago or thereabout, a seemingly mild woman knocked on our door in Waco and said, “I am Molly Ivins. I am new at The Texas Observer.” (I say “seemingly.”) Audre and I invited her in. It took … Read More


Only Among Thieves is Everything Quiet

(This article is adapted from the introduction to Being Rapoport: Capitalist with a Conscience by Bernard Rapoport as told to Don Carleton. Introduction by Bill Moyers, University of Texas Press.)I am the son of Russian Jews who immigrated to America … Read More