Anis Shivani

Anis Shivani is a fiction writer, poet, and critic in Houston, whose most recent book is Literary Writing in the Twenty-First Century: Conversations.
U.S.-Mexico border fence

When Crossing Over Becomes a Deadly Game

Oscar Casares has written a powerful novel about the emotional traumas of migration, implicating all social classes.

Each time Oscar Casares comes out with a book, it seems he must have written 10 others in the meantime. The progress in rhythmic flow, plot concision and character development from one book to the next is that great. His … Read More

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Q&A with Michener Center Director and Author James Magnuson

Texas Observer contributor Anis Shivani, who writes fiction, poetry and criticism from his home in Houston, reviews James Magnuson’s novel Famous Writers I Have Known in the March issue. The novel centers on a J.D. Salinger-like literary recluse named V.S. … Read More