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Allyn West is a writer in Houston. You can follow him on Twitter @allynwest.
Who’s the idiot? Hollywood/Santa Monica, Dallas “I think it’s almost disrespectful when you build a big, hulking box,” Koush says. “But I’m also not a developer, so I see things differently than they do, and they think it’s probably stupid to build what I did. And they’re like, ‘You’re an idiot.’ And I’m like, ‘You’re an idiot.’”

The Architecture of Gentrification

Exploring the architecture of gentrification.

Baffled City Exploring the architecture of gentrification. Text by Allyn West Photos by Spencer Selvidge March 5, 2020 “Ugly,” Maria Nicanor says, “is a complicated word.” Nicanor moved with her family from Madrid to Houston in 2017 to become the … Read More