Xander Peters

Xander Peters, a fantasy football and craft beer enthusiast, is an editorial intern at the Observer.
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Criminal Justice

Life Outside the Box

When Jacqueline Conn lost her job, she found a movement — one that aims to help 70 million Americans with criminal records find a way out of the 'box.'

Essentially, “Ban the Box” is an effort to allow those with past convictions to have their job qualifications and personalities evaluated before discussing their criminal history, and it’s catching on in Texas. Read More

Million Student March protesters take to the streets on the UT-Austin campus.

‘Fed Up’ UT Students Demand Free Tuition, Debt Cancellation

A coalition of students, teachers and staff at the University of Texas at Austin rallied Thursday as part of a nationwide call for free college tuition, the cancellation of all student debt and a $15 minimum wage for campus employees. The Austin event was one of about a hundred “Million Student March” rallies at campuses around the country. Read More