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Her Story

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My History of Violence

It was Tuesday night, and I was unable to sleep. I decided to go pick up a book-Can Humanity Change?-a dialogue between Indian philosopher J. Krishnamurti and Buddhist scholars, from my darkroom studio on East Martin Luther King Jr. Street … Read More


Some People You Need to Know

In the picture, Ann has a slight smile on her face as she stands on the grassy bank of a river in Zavala County. Then you hear her voice. “I know pain,” are her first words. The pain is from … Read More


Witness for Justice

Seeing what is before our eyes.

What prevents us, those of us whose eyes work, from seeing what is before our eyes? When I arrived in Vietnam in 1967, I could see that we were murdering the Vietnamese. Not to notice that we were murdering the … Read More


New Orleans, Mon Amour

Images of a great American city

These photographs were taken in early February. I traveled throughout New Orleans and spent some time with people in the Common Ground Collective, a community-initiated volunteer group that was formed in the Algiers neighborhood the first week after Hurricane Katrina … Read More


Knocking on Heaven’s Door

by Alan Pogue

Along with Dorothea Lange and Walker Evans, Russell Lee (1903-1986) captured the essence of America in the Depression while working as a photographer for the Farm Security Administration. Lee went on to take thousands of photographs for the U.S. Army’s … Read More


Faces of Iraq

PHOTOGRAPHS AND CAPTIONS BY ALAN POGUE On a trip to Iraq nearly three years ago, Alan Pogue met a young girl who will haunt him the rest of his life. Her name, he later discovered, was Isra Abdul Amir. On … Read More


The Back Page

Girl with a Fragment

Say one person could represent all people, one species on our vast earth,assume for the purpose of debate this is a credible way to thinkabout reality, or history, or at all.Say for now, we allow a single human being to … Read More