Acacia Coronado

Acacia Coronado is a reporter for the Associated Press. As a fellow for the Texas Observer in 2020, she covered immigration and deportation issues and broke new ground on conditions in the largest migrant camp on the Texas-Mexico border.

ICE has expanded its detainee population to an all-time high of 55,000.

Following a Protest, ICE Moves Asylum-Seekers For the Second Time in Two Weeks

ICE moved 47 women to Laredo following a protest for better medical care. Last week, more than 100 detainees were sent to Louisiana, where courts are harsher.

More than 100 asylum-seekers were transferred last week from the T. Don Hutto Residential Center in Taylor, Texas, to Louisiana, where judges deny asylum at much higher rates. Advocates view the move as retaliation for a protest late last month … Read More

Children in a camp in Matamoros.
Human Rights

Confusion Reigns in Matamoros Migrant Camp Over ‘Remain in Mexico’

Amid a chaotic back-and-forth caused by a court ruling, asylum-seekers in Matamoros are still waiting.

On a cloudy day in Brownsville, the pops of color just across the Rio Grande are barely visible among dense greenery. But as I cross the bridge to Matamoros, the fog begins to clear. Along the riverbank, I see a … Read More