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Worth a Shot

As vaccination rates drop, once-rare diseases like whooping cough and measles come roaring back.
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Matt Wright-Steel

The drive from Midland to Lubbock is just shy of two hours, but last summer it felt like the longest drive Mindy Syler Hale and her husband, Brandon, had ever taken. The whoop-whoop of helicopter blades sliced through the sky above as they set off. The couple’s 2-week-old son, Brooks, was in that helicopter, hooked up to a continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) machine enabling him to breathe. There was no room for Mindy or Brandon inside the helicopter. “Watching an infant go on board without you—it’s hard,” Mindy says. “The only thing we could do at that point was pray.”

Brooks Hale was born on July 16, 2013. Nine days later, he developed a small cough, but his pediatrician told Mindy he was fine, and he was sent home. A week later, while Mindy was burping him, Brooks stopped breathing. “He turned blue,” she recalls. “And we rushed him to the ER.” There, the doctor ordered X-rays and found a spot on the little boy’s lung. They thought it might be pneumonia and transferred him to a hospital in Midland. Then things got worse. In Midland, Brooks stopped breathing and turned ashy gray. It took doctors a minute and a half to get him breathing on his own again, Mindy says. That’s when doctors decided to Life-Flight him to Lubbock.

The Hales live in Westbrook, a small farming community about an hour west of Abilene. Brandon works in the oil fields, and Mindy is a stay-at-home mom, looking after Brooks and his 4-year-old brother, Brennand. Brandon also happens to be chief of the local volunteer firefighters, and Mindy is a member of the organization. The couple had seen people Life-Flighted to the hospital before, but never like this, never their own child. “I was a basket case,” Mindy says. “I cried from Midland to Lubbock. My husband never cries, and he was the same way. We felt like we were going to lose this baby.”

When Mindy and Brandon arrived in Lubbock, their son was lying on a gurney, intubated, with an oxygen mask on. “He was still breathing,” Mindy says, “but he was getting worse. To watch your child turn ashy gray was the scariest thing that had ever happened.”

Brooks stayed in the pediatric intensive care unit in Lubbock for three days. He was given antibiotics and oxygen, and then, slowly, he began to get better. The diagnosis was pertussis, or whooping cough, an infection of the respiratory tract. It initially resembles a fairly minor cold—runny eyes, cough—but can quickly become life-threatening, especially in babies. Children younger than 6 months are much more susceptible because their airways are so small, and because the first vaccines for pertussis aren’t given until 2 months. And because the initial symptoms seem so benign, parents often don’t think it’s worth a doctor’s visit. Over a period of two or three weeks, though, that cough becomes more severe. A person with pertussis struggles for breath, resulting in the “whooping” sound. According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), 255 people died from whooping cough in the United States between 2000 and 2010; 228 of them were less than 6 months old.

More than half the infants younger than a year who get pertussis must be hospitalized, according to the Texas Department of State Health Services. Half will have apnea (either their respiration will slow or they’ll stop breathing altogether). One in five will get pneumonia. One in 300 will develop encephalopathy, a brain disease, and one in 100 will die.

Brooks Hale was one of the 3,621 cases of pertussis in Texas in 2013—the majority in the north and west of the state—and 804 (22 percent) of them were children younger than 1. Of the 3,621 cases, more than 400 people were hospitalized, and five children died. It was the largest outbreak in Texas since the 1950s. Pertussis, like measles and other diseases that vaccines nearly eradicated, is once again a major public health threat. The question is why.


Vaccination campaigns all but eradicated troublesome diseases like polio and whooping cough. Leggett Memorial Hospital employees hold a banner announcing the arrival of the polio vaccine in Cleveland, Texas, 1962.
Vaccination campaigns all but eradicated troublesome diseases like polio and whooping cough. Leggett Memorial Hospital employees hold a banner announcing the arrival of the polio vaccine in Cleveland, Texas, 1962.

Ninety years ago, pertussis infected 250,000 Americans and killed up to 9,000 every year. In the 1940s, when a pertussis vaccine became available, the number of cases began to decline, and by the mid-1970s the disease had been all but eradicated, with little more than 1,000 people infected per year nationwide. From then on, though, public health officials have seen an upward trend: 18,719 cases in 2011, and then a huge jump to 48,277 cases nationally in 2012.

There are several reasons for the spike in pertussis cases, but doctors and public health officials pinpoint one disturbing cause: fewer people vaccinated. Dr. Steven Novella, a doctor at Yale University writing on the Science-Based Medicine blog, said there are serious concerns among public health doctors “about vaccine refusal as a contributor to the resurgence of whooping cough.”

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A 2010 outbreak of the disease in California infected 9,120 people and killed 10. A subsequent study published in Pediatrics Journal found that people living in areas of the state where parents had opted out of vaccinating their children for personal reasons were 2.5 times more likely to live in an area with a large number of pertussis cases.

As Dr. Paul Offit, chief of the Division of Infectious Diseases at The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, wrote on the CDC website: “In communities with clusters of under-immunized children, the incidence of vaccine-preventable diseases has risen. More measles outbreaks occurred in the United States in 2011 than in any year since 1996, primarily due to the increase in imported measles cases. Pertussis outbreaks have swept the nation … type b meningitis has claimed the lives of several children in Minnesota and Pennsylvania, deaths that could have easily been avoided if parents had not feared vaccines more than the diseases they prevent.”

Pertussis, measles and other preventable diseases nearly disappeared in the United States thanks to what’s known as herd immunity. Herd immunity occurs when enough of the population is vaccinated against a disease that it can’t spread and cause an epidemic. Herd immunity protects even people who aren’t vaccinated, because everyone else around them is inoculated. But Dr. Novella says that thanks to the anti-vaccine movement, there’s an unsubstantiated fear about the safety of vaccines—including the vaccines against pertussis and measles—and that refusing them can result in a loss of this herd immunity. The threshold for herd immunity varies depending on the disease. For mumps, it’s vaccination of anywhere between 75 and 86 percent of the population. For Rubella it’s 80 to 85 percent. For pertussis, it’s 92 to 94 percent.

U.S. vaccination rates for pertussis are falling below that level. In 2012, just 91.9 percent of kids younger than 3 years old received the pertussis vaccine, according to CDC survey data. In older children, the coverage was even lower. Only 83 percent of children ages 10-12 were inoculated against pertussis in 2012.

Writing in Contemporary Pediatrics magazine, David Ropeik, an expert in risk who teaches at Harvard University, puts it like this: “We pass laws, or impose economic rules, or find other ways to discourage individual behaviors that threaten the greater common good. You don’t get to drive drunk. You don’t get to smoke in public places. … What should we do about people who decline vaccination for themselves or their children and put the greater public at risk by fueling the resurgence of nearly eradicated diseases? Isn’t this the same thing? … Of course it is.”

Vaccine opponents (so-called anti-vaxers) are a very vocal minority, and they’ve found some spurious celebrity endorsements that ensure their message is amplified. Essentially they all have one thing in common: a belief that the side effects of vaccines are often worse than the diseases they’re trying to prevent. The problem? There isn’t a shred of evidence to back up this belief, but it manages to play on our wider distrust of government and fear that health authorities must be colluding with vaccine manufacturers.

The number of pertussis outbreaks in Texas in 2013 was the highest since 1959, when there were 5,842 cases. The state’s health department collates reports through March of 2014, so the final tally of 2013 cases could be even higher.

According to Tod Merkel, a microbiologist in the FDA’s Office of Vaccines Research and Review, the disease can be treated by antibiotics, but they’re often given too late, and children who have caught the bacterial infection often exhibit severe symptoms before they start getting better. “There’s a point of no return,” Merkel says.

Pertussis rates in the U.S. as a whole reached a 50-year high of 42,000 cases in 2012. So the FDA decided to launch a study to find out what was going on. What was interesting was that unlike the California outbreak, blame for the nationwide rise in pertussis couldn’t be placed solely on anti-vaxers. Merkel was one of the authors of the FDA study that found that the current vaccine, introduced in the 1990s, doesn’t adequately prevent colonization or transmission of the disease, and they recommended developing an improved vaccine.

It wasn’t always this way. Before the 1990s, we used what was known as a whole-cell pertussis vaccine—bacterial cells of the disease itself that had been killed. But there were side effects: swelling, fever, drowsiness, even convulsions. So scientists developed an acellular vaccine, which uses fragments of bacterial cells. Side effects were rare. The problem was, it wasn’t nearly as effective, and immunity wore off after five years.

The waning effectiveness of the pertussis vaccine likely partially explains why the rates of the disease were so high in Texas in 2013. Parents refusing to vaccinate their children certainly exacerbated the problem, but so did putting them on a “slow schedule” in which parents delay certain vaccinations because of an erroneous and completely unscientific view that too many vaccines can overwhelm the immune system. And so did simply forgetting to get a booster.

Chris Van Deusen, with the Texas Department of State Health Services, says the reasons for the outbreak here are varied: Like so many infectious diseases, pertussis is cyclical; immunity wears off; and there’s more awareness by physicians and therefore a greater chance of diagnosis.

2-week-old Brooks Hale in the hospital with whooping cough.
2-week-old Brooks Hale in the hospital with whooping cough.

The Hales’ son Brooks was too young to be given the pertussis vaccine. Mindy received it the day after he was born, but her husband Brandon didn’t. At the hospital in Lubbock, the little boy was put on a course of antibiotics and monitored. “The drugs helped,” Mindy says, “but it had to run its course.”

Brooks pulled through. Five months on, he was sitting up and attempting to crawl. “When he coughs now, it scares everybody else but I think that’s nothing,” Mindy told me in December. “A week ago he slept all night and didn’t cough once, and it was such a huge thing. You’d never know he was a sick baby [who had been] hooked up to that machine.”

Dr. Don Murphey, medical director of the pediatric infectious diseases center at Cook Children’s Medical Center in Fort Worth, says that as a result of the FDA study, the medical profession is changing its strategy for dealing with pertussis. We’ve known for a long time that though adults rarely exhibit serious symptoms (maybe a little prolonged cough), they can still spread the infection. But public-health officials thought the “Tdap” combined vaccine (tetanus, diphtheria, pertussis) for adults would cause a drop in the number of people with whooping cough. That wasn’t the case.

“We thought the solution was to immunize every adult in the U.S., but that’s a very difficult thing to do,” Dr. Murphey says, sitting in his Fort Worth office. “Even if you go on the news, and you put out banners and emails and everything, it is nigh on impossible to do anything with every adult in the U.S.”

So there was a problem: Kids under 2 months old weren’t immune, and adults weren’t getting immunized, meaning they could easily pass on the infection to the most vulnerable members of society. “And it really wasn’t until about a year ago that we started having our suspicions about the current vaccine schedule,” Dr. Murphey says, “because what we started to see was more and more pertussis. It was re-emerging.”

Mothers pass on some antibodies to their offspring, but evidently not enough. Children would begin to get their schedule of shots at 2 months, but according to Dr. Murphey they don’t build up good protection until they are about 6 months old. “So,” he says, “you have the most susceptible kids with the least amount of protection.”

Public-health officials concluded the answer was to immunize pregnant women. “They will then make the antibody, and it doesn’t have to last for a long time,” Dr. Murphey explains. “It will transfer to the baby, those babies will then be protected, and it will help prevent these babies from being injured or dying.”

But some people are reluctant to get vaccinated during pregnancy. “I think the ethics of anxiety about unsafe vaccines is difficult,” Dr. Murphey says, “because we have families that want to do the best thing for their children and they are unwilling to take any risk, but they are willing to risk public health.  I think if you asked a philosopher or an ethicist if that is okay, they would say no.”

The problem, Dr. Murphey says, is that parents look on the Internet, and in that world of free and limitless speech, you can always find “evidence” to support a notion that something is dangerous. Add a celebrity endorsement or two and erroneous views about vaccines quickly go viral and become ever more seductive.

“I remember when Jenny McCarthy was on Larry King, together with three pediatricians—one was the head of the American Association of Pediatricians and one was from the National Children’s Medical Center in Washington, D.C.,” Dr. Murphey says. “Jenny McCarthy got two-thirds of the air time and all of the emotional intensity and then … the guys would start to talk in a scientific, reasonable, rational way, but that’s just not exciting. Public health is not exciting.”

But heeding the words of vaccine skeptics over medical professionals can be deadly, as has happened with the measles epidemic.


In August 2013, health officials in Texas identified a church north of Dallas that was at the heart of an outbreak of the measles virus in which 25 people became infected. A visitor to the Eagle Mountain International Church in Newark, whose senior pastor Terri Pearsons is the daughter of televangelist Kenneth Copeland, had become exposed to the disease while on a mission trip to Indonesia. Pearsons had been critical of measles vaccinations, and it turned out that the majority of her congregation hadn’t been immunized and quickly contracted the disease.

Measles is one of the most communicable of all infectious diseases and at one time killed between 3,000 and 5,000 Americans every year. It’s transmitted through breathing, coughing and sneezing, and begins with a fever, cough and cold-like symptoms such as a runny nose and watery eyes. A rash usually develops a few days later, and for most people it gets better by itself. But six in 100 people develop pneumonia. One in 1,000 gets encephalitis, a serious brain infection. Pregnant women who contract measles can miscarry. Today, about two in every 1,000 people die. Fortunately, the measles, mumps and rubella (MMR) vaccination had made measles a rare affliction.

But in 2011, the U.S. saw the biggest outbreak of measles in more than 15 years. The CDC reported 222 cases, more than four times the average annual rate. Last year there were 175 cases—still way above normal, and which the CDC attributed to both infected travelers catching the disease abroad and spreading it to unvaccinated children and adults. According to CDC Director Dr. Thomas Frieden, about 90 percent of the people who caught measles in 2013 were not vaccinated “either because they refused or were not vaccinated on time.”

One of the reasons for parents’ refusal to let their children have the MMR vaccination is the thoroughly debunked belief that it can cause autism. This stems from a now discredited 1998 paper published in the British medical journal The Lancet, which suggested that the vaccine could cause a series of problems, including intestinal inflammation, that could result in the development of autism. The subsequent publicity surrounding the paper caused panic among parents, a drop in vaccine rates and a rise in measles.

At a lengthy hearing, the General Medical Council, the body that maintains the official register of medical doctors in the U.K., found the author of the paper, Andrew Wakefield, guilty of serious professional misconduct and struck him from its roster. Since then the Institute of Medicine of the United States National Academies, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and the U.K.’s National Health Service have all found no link between MMR and autism (see “Autism Inc.,” February 2013).

Dr. Murphey at the Cook Children’s Medical Center says there’s also a worrying trend toward delaying immunizations, based on “the belief that maybe kids are getting too many immunizations too quickly and that’s causing some sort of issue with the immune system, with their development, so it’s better to slow down [the vaccination schedule].”

He says pediatricians are frustrated with parents who say they’ve researched the issue on the Internet and want to delay vaccination. “For measles and whooping cough, if you slow down protection, you expand the time when those kids are susceptible and then you threaten public health,” Dr. Murphey says. “Then you will have more outbreaks, so it’s really a bad idea.” The fact is, he says, “There is no evidence whatsoever that it overloads the immune system.”

It’s the same problem with some attitudes toward the flu vaccine: It’s just flu. I’ve had flu. Why would anyone want to get immunized? The short answer, Dr. Murphey says, is that if you get immunized you’re not going to be one of those people hooked up to a ventilator in the ICU. “If somebody says flu is not dangerous, I would say, you know what, in 2009 with the H1N1 epidemic, we had four kids on ECMO [a machine giving respiratory and cardiac support] in the ICU at one time and that never happens. Out of 1,000 people who contract the flu, a couple of them are going to get pneumonia and that’s a bad problem; it’s a bad disease, even when you use anti-virals and supportive care. It can shut down your lungs, and we do not live long with shut-down lungs.”

Similarly, Dr. Murphey says, pertussis can cause patients to suffer respiratory failure. “It affects the heart, it affects the airways, it affects the vessels, and when that’s going on it also affects the brain, and so you can get neurologic problems.”

As for Mindy Syler Hale and her husband Brandon, they’ve started urging all their friends and family to receive the Tdap vaccination. What happened to Brooks, she says, put everything in perspective. “Think how you’d feel sitting there and looking at your child go through what we went through. Think about having to put your child on that helicopter and not knowing whether when you got to the hospital, he’d be alive. Even our pediatrician didn’t know if he’d survive the flight.”

Mindy now wonders if Brooks would have had more antibodies in his system, more immunity, if she’d been vaccinated during her pregnancy. “He might still have caught whooping cough,” she says, “but it would have given him more of a fighting chance.”

If that were the case—or if Brooks’ father, Brandon, had been vaccinated against the disease—maybe Brooks would have avoided the Life-Flight to Lubbock. Maybe Mindy and Brandon wouldn’t have had that heartbreaking two-hour drive. Maybe they wouldn’t have had to look at him lying on a gurney, wearing an oxygen mask.

“It makes you wonder,” Mindy says. “Whether we’d have gone through everything we went through.” And yet Brooks survived. Despite everything that happened, he was one of the lucky ones.

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  • 1bimbo

    this is such an important article. the anti-vaxers have been mislead by fears about the shots ‘causing’ the illnesses they help children build immunities too. i know some of these people, it’s unfair their children risk dire consequences when coming down with these illnesses. it’s a public health risk too. sadly there are too many anti-vaxer celebrities and even some religious organizations who spread misinformation about the risk versus benefits of immunizations.

    • Vanessa

      1bimbo, if one child has his or her vaccine, there is no worry if that child will be infected, because he/she is protected by a vaccine. My husband was vaccine injured as a child by the DPT shot. He was paralyzed for a week. He was even upset when I told him I didn’t want to vaccinate our own children, after I read the ingredients in the shots…..disgusting! Formaldehyde, dioxin, mercury (thimerisol), etc. It’s funny that most people that get on the pharmaceutical bandwagon never read about the ingredients within a vaccine and they don’t really mention natural preventive techniques, ie. herbs, homeophathy and wellness principles. Neither of my kids is vaccinated and I don’t have to worry about any “autism spectrum disorders”, etc. My kids are NEVER sick and it’s funny how kids down the street came down with chicken pox after they were vaccinated. Vaccines may (not really) be proven effective, but they have not been proven safe and I will never subject my kids to being guinea pigs for an industry that has no, unbiased testing on their toxic concoctions they inject into folks.

      • Dorit Reiss

        “if one child has his or her vaccine, there is no worry if that child will be infected, because he/she is protected by a vaccine. ”

        That is incomplete. First, no vaccine is 100% effective, and a child might be in the 1-5% for whom the vaccine fails. Second, there are those too young to vaccinate and those with medical conditions that prevent it.

        Here is an analysis of vaccine ingredients, showing why they are no reason for concern:

        There is no alternative to vaccination besides getting the disease, with all its risks. I’m glad your children are healthy. Of course, in part it’s thanks to their living in a first world country where most people vaccinate. I hope herd immunity continues to protect them against preventable disease, in spite of your choice.

    • Whitney

      Why do you consider not vaccinating a public health risk? If the vaccines are safe, and working? Or is it that you’re worried about a breakout among those unvaccinated? I can confidently say that if children are healthy, eating whole foods, well hydrated, and clean there is virtually NO health risk. What we need to be doing is encouraging people to wash their hands! Not inject chemical cocktails into our children.

      • 1bimbo

        i get it. your tinfoil hat is bigger than my tinfoil hat. well, all my kids were vaccinated and they’re healthy(praiseGod). another one of my family members(an anti-vaxer) chose not to vaccinate her kids, and they’re sick all the time(coughing their heads off). i think it’s cruel they have to go through that. it’s also risky

  • Rosemary Morris

    This article is so one-sided, it isn’t funny. I expected more from the Texas Observer.

    That said, I’m glad Brooks survived and is doing better.

    Dire consequences? My daughter HAD DIRE CONSEQUENCES FROM THE PERTUSSIS vaccine.
    She was 4.5 months of age when she had a severe reaction to the second DPT vaccine. She is now 34 years of age and has always lived at home with her Dad and me. She has daily seizures! She has no speech and is total care. She takes 14 pills a day to help control her seizures! Don’t tell me about DIRE CONSEQUENCES. She experiences them every day!

    EDUCATING families about vaccines is very important. With education the parent or caregiver (grandparents) can decide on when to vaccinate.

    I’m disappointed that Dawn Richardson, President, Parents Requesting Open
    Vaccine Education (PROVE) was not interviewed for this article. Dawn lives right here in Austin.

    In my home state, before moving to Texas 34 years ago, I was professionally involved in assuring infants and children were vaccinated. In all the years I was involved in this public health service, I NEVER was
    told or learned about the DIRE CONSEQUENCES of vaccines, especially the

    I urge The Texas Observer to contact Dawn to get the other side of the story.

    Rosemary Morris
    Kate’s Mom

    • Prudence Dagg

      Rosemary, I am so very sorry for what you have gone through with your daughter. Have you tried any vaccine detox options? Gianelloni Family Blog and Kerri Rivera’s Healing the Symptoms Known As Autism describe some.

      Of course, I realize your daughter does not have autism, but perhaps some detox ideas would apply.

      My sister is 33 and also lives at home with my parents. Wish there was a way to connect all these parents.

  • Lori Harvey

    The risks far outweigh the benefits of any vaccine. Vaccines contain heavy metals like mercury & aluminum. The government knows these are neurotoxins but yet don’t tell parents about the heavy metal content of vaccines. Vaccines also contain formaldehyde, antifreeze & aborted fetus cells.

    NO vaccine has been tested for carcinogenic capacities. (carcinogens- cancer causing) They haven’t been tested to see if they affect fertility in the recipient.

    Make an educated decision. Ask to see the insert that comes with the vaccine. Not the glossed over version that they give you to look at but the one that comes with the vaccines. The one that tells you the REAL side affects of the vaccine. The one that shows the reactions that have occurred in various age groups.

    The ones that tells you about the ingredients that are in. Reading this will take at least an hour.

    You can only make an informed decision after reading this.

    • Dorit Reiss

      None of the ingredients in vaccines is toxic in the tiny amounts in the vaccines. Vaccine ingredients are easily available online, they’re certainly not hidden:

      Here is why they are not a concern:

      The insert is recommended by anti-vaccine activists because it’s a legal document that can be misleading if read without some knowledge of its structure. Here is an explanation:

      • David Foster

        For anyone reading this and interpreting it to mean that vaccine ingredients are safe, beware!

        This link is from the “Vaccine Education Center” at CHOP, led by Paul Offit. This link claims “No evidence existed to suggest that thimerosal was causing harm, but they wanted to be cautious.” This is patently false, here are 43 pages of study summaries to suggest otherwise:

        Also don’t be fooled by stupid logic. The CHOP link provided by Dorit Reiss also claims that an infant receives more mercury through breastfeeding than through vaccines. First think to yourself, why is there mercury in breast milk? Also, this document is comparing the amount ingested into the stomach over months or perhaps years, to the amount given in one single dose, on one single day, injected directly into the body. Do you think that is a reasonable comparison? Do you think it might be more dangerous to receive all the mercury at once?

        Look at the references in the link provided, notice that Paul Offit’s name is on most of these references? Understand what kind of person this is, before trusting what he claims. Here he is in a “Special Article” (an Op/Ed basically) that is consistently referred to as a “study” by the likes of Dorit Reiss when they try to mislead you about the safety of vaccines:

        Addressing Parents’ Concerns: Do Multiple Vaccines Overwhelm or Weaken the Infant’s Immune System?

        “…then each infant would have the theoretical capacity to respond to about 10,000 vaccines at any one time.”

        There is an open challenge to Dr. Offit to receive the full childhood schedule of vaccines all at once. So far he has not accepted.

        • Dorit Reiss

          A. I think you’re confused about the mercury – the link points out that babies get more aluminum from breast milk. The reason there’s aluminum in breast milk is that aluminum is a very common mineral and is present in the food we eat and the air we breath. The article explains that. There is also methyl mercury in breastmilk, since parents get it from their food, and what mom eats does go into breastmilk – and methyl mercury stays in the body longer than the thimerosal that used to be in childhood vaccines.

          B. There is no study showing thimerosal in vaccines caused harm to humans. Here are studies examining it in relation to autism and finding no connection:

          C. Notice that Dr. Offit talked about the theoretical capacity of an infant’s immune system, not about actually injecting infants with 10000 needles. And the article provides the science for that. Dr. Offit is often attacked by anti-vaccine activists because he is knowledgeable and eloquent: they can’t counter his claims, so they attack the messenger. Here is the reality – a man who devoted his life to saving children:

          • David Foster

            I am not confused about the mercury…from the CHOP link:

            “In fact, infants who are exclusively breastfed ingest more than twice the quantity of mercury than was contained in vaccines. Today, breastfed infants ingest 15 times more mercury in breast milk than is contained in the influenza vaccine.”

            Actually the mercury from vaccines stays in the body longer than methyl mercury, it just doesn’t stay in the blood where silly researchers expect to find it. Also, it is not true to say that mercury “used to be in childhood vaccines”, it is still in the majority of flu shots which are now recommended for infants and toddlers. It is also still used in the majority of vaccines used by the WHO in other countries.

            As for B, you are technically correct but that is like saying there is no study proving cigarettes cause cancer. You know as well as I that cigarettes cause cancer (or do you deny that as well?). As for your studies, the reader can go to to see a detailed debunking of these studies finding no vaccine/autism link.

            Some questions to you…if studies have found that mercury causes harm to animals, is that relevant? Is it a concern to you? Why do you split hairs by your very carefully worded assertion that no study has showed thimerosal in vaccines to cause “harm to humans”? Many many studies (some included in the link above) have found an association between mercury in vaccines and various neurodevelopmental disorders, including autism? Is that relevant?

            For C, tell me…what is the distinction between “the theoretical capacity of an infant’s immune system” and the question of how many vaccines can an infant handle? To Offit, there is no distinction. Do you understand that? As for “the science”, there is no science in the article (it is not a study, has no null hypothesis, etc). What IS in the article are estimates and assumptions, modeling the infant as so many cc’s with so many immune system cells of various types blah blah blah. What is important here is whether it is SAFE to expose an infant to multiple vaccines…Offit’s article does nothing to answer to that.

            Please don’t refer to anonymous blogs from supposed “skeptics” who aren’t even willing to tell us who they are. And by the way, s/he doesn’t have his/her facts straight. As an example, the blog post claims that as a member of ACIP (Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices) Offit abstained from voting on a new rotavirus vaccine because he was in the process of patenting his own rotavirus vaccine. HORRAY FOR HIM! However, the actual truth is that Offit did in fact abstain from one vote on rotavirus vaccine, but it was the vote that took the vaccine OFF of the schedule because it had killed a few babies. All other votes on rotavirus, Offit voted “Yes”:


            Conflicts of Interest in Vaccine Policy Making Majority Staff Report Committee on Government Reform U.S. House of Representatives

          • Dorit Reiss

            ” Th e mercury from vaccines stays in the body longer than methyl mercury, it ” just doesn’t stay in the blood where silly researchers expect to find it. That’s not actually true. Here is the study on that:

   ” the elimination of ethylmercury was much faster and total mercury in the brain was significantly lower in the animals that received the vaccines. “”

            Thimerosal in flu vaccines: about half still contain it, but anyone can get it thimerosal free and some states don’t have them with thimerosal at all. And it’s the flu shot: once a year. As you point out, a lot less than in food.

            Studies looked for a connection between vaccines and autism in many places – and found none. Again and again. All across the world.

            Re your question about animal studies: animal studies can be useful, but when you have human studies looking at the specific question – as you do here – they are the ones that count.

            I’m sure most reader will understand the difference between theoretical capacity and actually injecting infants.

            As to the blog post: people can look themselves, follow the link, and see. The fact that it disagrees with your preconceived notions doesn’t make it go away. And no, Dr. Offit did not vote to put the rotavirus vaccines on the schedule. He did participate in voting about the federal program that funds vaccines for children, but he did not vote it on the schedule.

          • David Foster

            Shame on you Dorit Reiss.

            Once again you are misrepresenting the facts to support your agenda, leaving out anything which does not help your case. For your first link where you quote “elimination of ethylmercury was much faster…”, you left out the very next paragraph:

            “The researchers found higher levels of inorganic mercury in the brains
            and kidneys of the thimerosal treated animals than in the
            methylmercury-fed animals.”

            Get it? I meant it when I said “silly researchers”, they look at mercury levels in the blood after vaccination and when they don’t find it, they proclaim thimerosal safe. But guess what? IT GOES TO THE BRAIN.

            The Burbacher study actually *supports* the case that thimerosal causes harm:


            Hmmm…lets look at that list of supposed “studies” from the facebook page, put together by lay people, you included. Here’s one:

            Andrews, N., Miller, E., Taylor, B., Lingam, R., Simmons, A., Stowe, J., Waight, P. Recall bias, MMR and autism. Archives of Disease in Childhood. Dec 2002; 87(6): 493–494.

            This was basically Taylor trying to justify why in an earlier study he ignored a strong correlation between first report of parental concern and receipt of MMR vaccine. There was a clustering of parents who reported concern about 6 months following MMR vaccination. Dr. Taylor summarily dismissed this finding, arguing that it was simple recall bias. I’m not sure why one does research at all if the study’s single most important finding is ignored, unless of course they have an agenda and their findings simply must fit that agenda.

            I could go on and on about many of the other studies. Many of the 107 “studies” are simply articles, Op/Ed pieces, letters, etc.

            Of course the reader will understand the difference between theoretical capacity and actually injecting infants. That’s my point. WE understand, but apparently you and the likes of Dr. Offit do not. If one is trying to allay parents fears about vaccines over-loading the infant immune system, why publish an article claiming that infants’ immune systems can absorb antigens from 10,000 vaccines at once? He is saying that the immune system is not overloaded, look at how many vaccines it can withstand! This is craziness, and you follow in his footsteps when you assert that there is no evidence of any harm from mercury in vaccines. That is patently false.

            So animal studies can be helpful, but we should listen to the human studies? Really? The animal studies are clinical studies where they can randomly assign subjects and controls, and deliberately expose subjects to mercury and then sacrifice the animals and take samples to see what really happened. The “human studies” you mention…you say that like they are analogous to the animal studies. THEY ARE NOT, and once again you are misrepresenting facts. The “human studies” you refer to are epidemiological studies, which at best can show correlations. I say at best, because the myriad studies done between the CDC and Denmark are methodologically flawed, as documented well at .

            It is true Dr. Offit did not vote to put his own rotavirus vaccine on the schedule, but he DID vote several times to put previous rotavirus vaccine on the schedule. You need to read the Age of Autism article I included, it quotes from the Congressional inquiry (this is a Congressional document):

            “Dr. Offit began his tenure on ACIP in October of 1998. Out of four
            votes pertaining to the ACIP’s rotavirus statement, he voted yes three
            times, including voting for the inclusion of the rotavirus vaccine in
            the VFC program. Dr. Offit abstained from voting on the ACIP’s
            rescission of the recommendation of the rotavirus vaccine for routine
            use. He stated at the meeting, ‘I’m not conflicted with Wyeth, but
            because I consult with Merck on the development of rotavirus vaccine, I
            would still prefer to abstain because it creates a perception of

            Stop misrepresenting the facts Dorit Reiss.

          • Dorit Reiss

            Once again, this is incorrect.

            A. Burbacher’s study does not show that thimerosal causes harm. Here is its conclusion: “The mercury contained in some vaccines is handled very differently by the body than mercury found in foods such as fish or the mercury from industrial accidents. Mercury in vaccines is eliminated from the body much faster than methylmercury (8.6 versus 21.5 days). Methylmercury is not a suitable reference for extrapolating information about ethyl mercury.” What the article does not show is that thimerosal causes any harm.

            And you’re calling them “silly” when they did check in multiple directions. They just did not find what you want.

            B. Taylor found higher recall at six months – not higher onset of autism, higher parental concern – but not at two months after, nor in interval of months after 18. The new study examined this again and found no significant results. In other words, there was no replication of the six months finding, and the authors convincingly concluded that it was not supported. The study concluded that there is parental recall bias: parents falsely remember a connection to vaccines. You pointed to no serious problems in the many studies that looked for an actual link, that compared vaccinated and unvaccinated children, and found none.

          • Dorit Reiss

            A. Epidemiological studies can find connections as rare as one in a hundred thousand. If they found none for autism, it’s not there. While no study may be perfect, when many, many studies find exactly the same result – across countries and groups – the result is very, very powerful, and it takes powerful bias to dismiss it. When you have human studies like that, no, the animal studies – which are anyway of limited value for humans, because mice are not people, nor are other animals – cannot counter them.

            B. Dr. Offit clearly understood the idea of theoretical capacity – that’s what his whole article was about. I’m sorry you’re finding that article so difficult to comprehend.

            C. No, Dr. Offit did not vote any rotavirus vaccine on the schedule. As I said, he voted to include it in the Vaccines for Children program. And you do remember that Rotashield was a competitor? If anything, the conflict of interests should have worked the other way – deny your competitor access to the market.

          • ciaparker2

            Many autistic children who have been tested have been shown to have sky-high levels of mercury. It was a fallacy to believe that everyone excreted most of the mercury within weeks, many of us have to chelate it out of our brains with ALA.

          • Dorit Reiss

            Since the group of doctors selling expensive treatments to parents of autistic children make a lot of money from selling chelation – treatment to remove heavy metal, which has never been shown to do anything for autism and has substantial risks (in 2005 a little autistic boy died from it) – it’s not surprising they find high levels of mercury.

            It’s unfortunate that desperate parents are used to sell products – products that do nothing for autism and have risks – by these people.

          • David Foster

            Once again you mislead, and only tell half the story. The boy who died after chelation treatment in 2005 died because of a medication mixup:


            But you feel this somehow casts a shadow on the entire idea of treating autistic children with chelation or other treatments? Do you have any idea how many people, including children, are killed each year because of medical errors? Hundreds of thousands. Does this cast a shadow over our entire medical system?

          • ciaparker2

            Many people, like everyone in my family, store the vaccine mercury in the brain rather than excrete it, causing my MS, my daughter’s autism, and my father’s paralysis.

          • Dorit Reiss

            None of those diseases are in any way caused by mercury – or by vaccines. There is no scientific support for that claim. To give just one example, the claim that autism is mercury poisoning simply doesn’t work – the symptoms are different:

          • Mike Stevens

            So you are pointing to some new/previously unrecognised medical condition which is typified by an abnormal metabolism of mercury compounds and defective transport mechanisms across the blood brain barrier?
            I am intrigued, as a doctor, and wonder if you can tell me the name of the disorder of metabolism, how it was diagnosed in your family, and what the CSF and brain biopsy analyses showed?

          • David Foster

            Mr. Stevens…you use big words but you make no sense. “Unrecognized medical condition which is typified by an abnormal metabolism of mercury compounds and defective transport mechanisms across the blood brain barrier”? First of all, the condition is not new, it is not unrecognized, and it is not typified by any abnormal metabolism or defect in transport mechanism across the blood brain barrier. When mercury is ingested or injected, it goes to the brain. This is known. There is evidence in animal model that there is a genetic defect in some that prevents the elimination of mercury in a subset of people. I personally know 3 families with autistic children who were tested and found to have very high levels of heavy metals, mostly mercury but also aluminum.

            I’m not sure (a) why she should have to explain all of this to you when you are the doctor; and (b) why on earth you think there would be any brain biopsy samples to study? You need to brush up on your listening skills sir.

          • Mike Stevens

            Cia claimed: “Many people, like everyone in my family, store the vaccine mercury in the brain rather than excrete it”

            “Vaccine mercury” refers specifically to thimerosal (ethylmercury). In this form, absorbtion across the blood brain barrier is very limited. It is unable to simply “diffuse” across, as some imagine. There is an active transport system for methylmercury and elemental mercury, which is why these can accumulate in the brain, but no such transport system for ethylmercury. Methylmercury is strongly protein bound to peptides containing cysteine, delaying elimination, and its half life is around 2 months.
            This is in contrast to ethylmercury which is fairly rapidly eliminated, primarily through active gut excretion, and has a half life of around 3.7 days in thimerosal vaccinated infants.

            I hope that makes things clearer. If Cia’s family has some metabolic defect enabling them to “store” ethylmercury in their brains, then that is a pretty unusual and significant finding new to medical science.

          • ciaparker2

            If you read Evidence of Harm, you’ll find all sorts of scientific evidence that mercury in vaccines has caused a lot of autism and many other serious conditions.

          • Dorit Reiss

            Evidence of harm is a book by a journalist with no background in science, a journalist who clearly bought into the anti-vaccine view. it’s hardly a good source. Here are some discussions of the book, pointing out its limitations:



          • David Foster

            You disparage a book by attacking its author as being non-medical, by referencing two articles (articles!) in a science blog written by someone with known stability issues who likes to refer to himself as “Orac”? Really?

        • ciaparker2

          In addition, mercury and aluminum ingested orally pass through natural filters which remove a lot of it before it gets to vulnerable inner organs (not that it’s safe to knowingly eat it either), but injecting it straight into the body bypasses the filters and raises mega-alarm systems in the immune system, which often reacts with too much inflammation (encephalitis) or autoimmune disease.

          • Mike Stevens

            How “nice” to hear a self proclaimed expert say things like “bypasses the filters and raises mega-alarm systems”.

            I thought you might be dumbing down on the description of the pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetic mechanisms for ingested metal metabolism, so I asked my daughter who is doing GCSE school biology if she could understand these terms, but no luck I am afraid.

            The largest immune organ in the body is the gut. The entire intestine is replete with lymphatics and lymph nodes. It is known as the “mucosal associated lymphoid tissue”, or “MALT”.

            All ingested material is “filtered”, as you call it, through MALT, so your own amateur assumptions about injected versus ingested exposure represents one total and massive fail, Cia.

            I hope I don’t catch you using your infantile and amateurish descriptions of gut metabolism and the immune system again. If you do, I know it will be because you intend to deliberately lie and mislead others about what really happens.

          • David Foster

            Mike you are an arrogant a$$. I don’t see why you need to be so condescending to another person who is simply expressing ideas, even if they don’t use words as big as your own head.

            What is especially ironic here is that you are trying SO hard to sound smart, but really you just sound kinda simple-minded. Do you realize that the argument you make, about the gut’s immense immune system, is consistent with what ciaparker2 was saying?

            What exactly is your point? You have no point.

          • Mike Stevens

            Perhaps you would understand the context of my “condescension” if you knew Cia Parker has previously informed us that she has “read all the research” on vaccines, and knows more “than the experts at CDC, WHO and AAP”. She is not just “expressing ideas”, she thinks she is an expert and presents herself as one. So I am surprised to see here elementary school expositions about the immune system.

            She seems to think that substances ingested somehow “bypass the body’s filters/immune system”
            I am just correcting this error, that is my point. It makes Cia’s claims about oral mercury not interacting with the immune system rather irrelevant. I think she has a problem deciding which position to take with vaccines – either she criticises a vaccine for being injected and “bypassing normal immune systems”, thereby causing damage, or she criticises vaccines for “targeting the immune system”, thereby causing damage. Wish she’d make her mind up.

            Oh, and I have been accused of many things, but having my comments dismissed because they sound too smart is a new one. Would you prefer it if I didn’t use valid evidence backed up by cited literature, and lowered myself to the level of others by trotting out any old garbage?

        • Mike Stevens

          There is an open challenge to Dr. Offit to receive the full childhood schedule of vaccines all at once. So far he has not accepted.

          I have taken this further. Rather than take the vaccines myself again, I decided to subject my 3 kids to the full, unadulterated schedule of deadly toxins.
          Nothing happened.

          I have challenged another antivaxxer to expose his unvaccinated kids to diseases like polio, Hepatitis B, diphtheria or meningococcus, but so far he has not accepted either.
          I wonder why he is so reluctant? After all, “only” 5% of kids with polio are permanently paralysed, and “only” 10% of kids would get chronic hep B after infection, and antivaxxers assure us this is “no big deal”. And only 30% of kids with meningococcal sepsis die, which means the majority survive, right? Why, it would also give them “permanent” immunity for the rest of their life (allegedly)! The problem is, that might not be a very long or healthy one.

          • David Foster

            This from the parent who had their infant injected with a vaccine to protect them from a sexually transmitted disease. What a great idea!

            My experience with my own unvaccinated children is that they are far and away the healthiest of their classmates, they rarely get sick and very rarely need antibiotics. What really worries me is them being exposed to all the vaccinated children who seem to be sick every month, have chronic ear infections and are constantly bringing sickness into the classrooms.

          • Mike Stevens

            Your own useless anecdotes aside, my point was that catching Hep B can be a life altering and sometimes fatal chronic problem. If caught in infancy, 90% go on to get chronic Hep B liver damage, and are carriers (ie infectious for the duration).

            We know that there were about 16,000 of these infections each year prior to vaccine introduction.
            In only half was the source the mother – and around 30% are due to more “innocuous” exposures with family members, playmates through things like saliva and other body fluid contacts.

            In view of the potential severity and consequences of infection, it makes good sense to vaccinate kids before they are potentially exposed. I support parental choice here – I think if a well informed parent wishes to decline vaccination, they can, or even defer it, but it has to be an informed choice, and not a decision made with their heads filled with deliberately misleading antivaccine propaganda.

          • David Foster

            Since I do not have full access to the article you reference, can you cut-n-paste the section that asserts that 30% of infections are due to more “innocuous” exposures?

            According to:


            “People at risk of HBV infection include:
            * Parenteral drug users
            * People with multiple sexual partners
            * Household contacts and sexual partners of people who are positive for HBV surface antigen
            * Infants born to HBV-infected mothers
            * Patients and staff in custodial institutions for the developmentally disabled
            * Recipients of certain plasma-derived products (including patients with congenital coagulation defects)
            * Hemodialysis patients
            * Health and public-safety workers who have contact with blood
            * People born in areas where HBV is endemic, and their children.”

            I am trying to understand your logic, whereby you interpret these risk factors to suggest that every single US infant should be given this vaccine.

            If you will look up the CDC’s initial justification for giving this vaccine to infants, it quite literally listed “Babies are accessible”, meaning we should vaccinate all infants because it will be much harder to vaccinate teens or adults who may be at significant risk of exposure given their own lifestyle choices.

            Many of us parents are making this risk assessment for ourselves, and coming to the conclusion that the CDC’s assessment is Bull$hit.

          • Mike Stevens

            This section explains the 50% maternally derived infection. The other 50% come from “somewhere”, usually saliva or blood contact (eg things like shared toothbrushes, bites, even kissing or sharing contaminated play toys) within the household or among playmates. (See the second quoted section). I do not suggest these kids are having sex, drugs and rock ‘n roll.

            Applying the estimated maternal prevalence of HBsAg (M. Wojczynski, unpublished data) and the rates of childhood infection from our model to 1998 births,38 there would have been 6800 perinatal infections and an additional 18 700 infections in the first 10 years of life among this birth cohort had no vaccination taken place. Chronic infection would occur in 90% of those infected in the perinatal period, 60% of those infected before 2 years of age, and 25% of those infected between ages 2 and 9 years.2,,7 Thus, 12 100 children would have been chronically infected, half in the perinatal period and the other half after birth but before their 10th birthday. Many of the chronically infected children would develop chronic liver disease later in life, and approximately 25%,4,,5 or 3000, would eventually die from cirrhosis or hepatocellular carcinoma.

            Horizontal HBV transmission between children in households has been well documented in the United States14,,15,29 as well as transmission from adults to children.14,39–41 In addition, transmission may occur outside the household setting. For example, studies in Louisiana,29 Wisconsin,15and Georgia14 found that approximately one third of HBV infections among children who were born to HBsAg-negative mothers occurred in households where no other chronically infected household member was identified. The mechanisms of horizontal HBV transmission are not completely defined but presumably involve inapparent percutaneous or permucosal exposure to blood or body fluids that contain HBV. In addition to blood, HBV has been found in impetiginous exudates and saliva, albeit at concentrations lower than in blood.42 HBV also survives in the environment for at least 7 days, and HBsAg has been detected on environmental surfaces of households of chronically infected individuals.43,,44 Risk factors for horizontal HBV transmission in household settings include contact with dermatologic lesions,45 premastication of food, and sharing washcloths or other articles contaminated with blood or body secretions.43,,46

            As I say, the consequences of infection are serious for kids, so even if risk is small, vaccination is probably worth it.

      • ciaparker2

        David is right, CHOP is Dr. Profit, and of course he’s going to say vaccine ingredients are safe. Read The Age of Autism if you want to know how dangerous mercury is even in the small amounts used in vaccines (still in most injected flu vaccines in full amount). It’s the most dangerous non-radioactive substance in the universe, highly toxic at concentrations of only one nanomolecule per billion. Aluminum is another deadly neurotoxin, but they couldn’t make vaccines without it, it’s needed as an adjuvant. They are a concern for those concerned with vaccine safety, not a concern for those employed in defending vaccines.

        • Dorit Reiss

          Ms. Parker’s post:

          A. Launches a personal attack on a pediatrician, a man who devoted his life to saving children, via childish name calling.

          B. Recommends as a source an anti-vaccine website, prone to conspiracy theories, with no peer review, no immunologists or established scientists, known for its inaccuracies.

          C. Is inaccurate in its claims about mercury. Since mercury is part of our planet, present in our food, air and soil, if our body could not handle tiny amounts, we’d all have a problem. We all accumulate some mercury just from living on this planet. It’s the amount that matters. The amount in the flu vaccines is tiny – and you can get those thimerosal free.

          D. Is again inaccurate about aluminum. Aluminum too is part of our environment, in many foods, and we’re exposed to it constantly. The tiny amounts in vaccines have been shown not to be harmful:

          Mitkus et al “Updated aluminum pharmacokinetics following infant exposures through diet and vaccination.”

          Vaccine 29 (2011) 9538-9543

          Baylor NW, Egan W, Richman P. Aluminum salts in vaccines — U.S. perspective. Vaccine. 2002;20:S18-S23.

          Keith LS, Jones DE, Chou C. Aluminum toxicokinetics regarding infant diet and vaccinations. Vaccine. 2002;20:S13-S17.

          And see:

          • ciaparker2

            Yeah, right, I don’t think any of the civiliians here are going to buy that line about the selfless vaccine millionaire Paul Offit, tirelessly devoted to causing autism and denying it, in millions.
            And our bodies can handle toxins like mercury and aluminum in small amounts. We have natural filters in the respiratory and digestive system whose job is to remove toxins before they can get to the blood or braIn. Injecting them straight into the body where they are immediately absorbed into the blood is a whole different kettle of fish, bypassing the filters and setting off extreme alarms in the immune system, often resulting in encephalitis (autism, seizure disorders) or autoimmune disease (asthma, allergies, bowel disease, diabetes, etc.) Sheer folly to think that humans could mess with Mother Nature and not cause pandemonium.

          • Dorit Reiss

            A. Dr. Offit’s actions speak for themselves. He spent 25 years of his life working on a vaccine that can save hundreds of thousands of children lives, with no guarantee it will be successful, or that he will see any money for it. I certainly don’t begrudge him being paid for the years of hard work and a product that helps children. He works tirelessly to educate the public about vaccines, creating educational materials that explain the science to laypeople, answering questions from journalist and others, and he certainly doesn’t make money from spending all that time. He does that in the face of ceaseless personal attack from people like Ms. Parker and her fellow anti-vaccine activists, death threats, and insults.

            He runs an infectious disease department in a hospital, spending his time helping children. I have no doubt most people have no trouble understanding why someone who helps children get through infectious diseases supports vaccines that protect against them. He does not want to see children die.

          • Dorit Reiss

            B. I’m glad you withdrew your previous claim that mercury is unsafe in any amount, but your new claim is no more accurate. The tiny amounts of ingredients in vaccines are not injected into a vein but into a muscle. Yes, they end in the blood stream, but so do the much larger amounts from food – and both are treated the same by our body. As the articles above show, when infants blood levels were tested after receiving multiple vaccines, there was no change in the aluminum level in their blood.

            Encephalitis is not autism, and autism is not encephalitis. Encephalitis is a medical emergency, a brain injury. Autism is a rewiring of the brain. See:

            Vaccines do not cause autism, asthma, allergies, etc':

            Bernsen RM, de
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          • David Foster

            Don’t you realize that if aluminum-containing vaccines are given to infants, but blood levels of aluminum do not increase after vaccination, that the aluminum must have either been absorbed or excreted? Is the aluminum absorbed or excreted? That question has been answered.

            Here are some studies you may or may not be familiar with. I direct your particular attention to the first mouse model study, which is absolutely ground-breaking.

            Slow CCL2-dependent translocation of biopersistent particles from muscle to brain

            “Nanomaterials can be transported by monocyte-lineage cells to DLNs, blood and spleen,
            and, similarly to HIV, may use CCL2-dependent mechanisms to penetrate the brain. This
            occurs at a very low rate in normal conditions explaining good overall tolerance of
            alum despite its strong neurotoxic potential. However, continuously escalating doses
            of this poorly biodegradable adjuvant in the population may become insidiously unsafe,
            especially in the case of overimmunization or immature/altered blood brain barrier
            or high constitutive CCL-2 production.”

            Do aluminum vaccine adjuvants contribute to the rising prevalence of autism?

            Evidence for Participation of Aluminum in Neurofibrillary Tangle Formation
            and Growth in Alzheimer’s Disease

            The potential role of aluminium in Alzheimer’s disease.

            Adjuvants and autoimmunity

            Vaccination and autoimmunity-‘vaccinosis': a dangerous liaison?

          • David Foster

            I have no doubt Dr. Offit’s efforts are well-intentioned. And you explain his perspective perfectly. The problem is precisely that, his perspective. He promotes vaccines as a method to try to prevent infections diseases in children, which sounds like a glorious thing. But to promote vaccines by educating parents about the benefits, but then denying that there are ANY risks is disingenuous at best. I understand that the supreme goal for the likes of you and Dr. Offit is high vaccine uptake to produce what you call “herd immunity”. But if you are not even willing to admit the very real risks of vaccines, which are captured in the VAERS reports as well as a growing body of peer-reviewed scientific literature, then you are doing a tremendous disservice. The logic in your previous comment defies understanding…you argue that since mercury and aluminum are both found in nature, they must be safe in the “tiny” amounts found in vaccines.

            This is not rocket science. You are obviously very intelligent, and Dr. Offit is clearly extremely intelligent. But this takes more than smarts, it takes JUDGEMENT. If you only expose yourself to one side of an issue, and then deny that any other side even exists, then you will blindly continue your efforts regardless of the devastation you are causing to children and to families. We have the sickest children in the developed world, the highest infant mortality rate, and 1 in 5 of our children have some form of chronic health issue. The rates of autism and other neurodevelopmental disorders have increased exponentially, especially since 1990. Childhood diabetes used to be extremely rare. Of course there are going to be many possible factors, but why do you dismiss out of hand vaccines as a potential cause? Given the science that is already available to us, the only way I can explain to myself why smart people such as yourselves cannot see what is very obvious to those of us who bother to investigate, is that the reality is just not something you are willing to entertain. “What must not be, cannot be”.

            This will change. Public opinion is changing. And you know it. And it is not because of “conspiracy theories” or anti-vaccine web sites or crazy people like myself. It is because children are being harmed in broad daylight. The CDC already studies the link between mercury and autism and other neurodevelopmental disorders, but their first results were hidden and covered up. More and more people will be learning this. When the CDC is finally forced to study health outcomes in vaccinated vs. unvaccinated children you will have much to answer to, mostly within your own conscience but perhaps to all of us to whom you have been spreading misinformation and out-right lies in order to support your agenda.

          • Dorit Reiss

            Actually, if you read Dr. Offit’s book and take his course, he does not deny vaccines risks – in fact, he goes into them in detail. He goes into the risks supported by evidence. You are listing a whole set of risks that have nothing to do with vaccines.

            For example, diabetes is not caused by vaccines. That’s been studied :

            L, Guillemot D, et. al; the PGRx-AID Study Group. Autoimmune disorders and
            quadrivalent human papillomavirus vaccination of young female subjects. J
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            & V. Demicheli. (1998). No evidence that vaccines cause insulin dependent
            diabetes mellitus. Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health, 52(10),

            SIDS is inversely correlated with vaccines:

            Vennemann MM,
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            H. Reanalyses of case-control studies examining the temporal association
            between sudden infant death syndrome and vaccination. Vaccine. 2012
            Mar 16;30(13):2349-56.

            And the number of infant deaths went down dramatically between 1940-2007, as more vaccines were introduced: (see figure 7).

            Presenting these as risks from vaccines is problematic, at best – and you know that’s just as true for autism. Vaccine safety – including ingredients – is heavily researched. Your comments simply go against the abundant available evidence. This is an empirical question, and the data is in.

          • Dorit Reiss

            “Public opinion is changing. And you know it. And it is not because of “conspiracy theories” or anti-vaccine web sites or crazy people like myself. It is because children are being harmed in broad daylight. The CDC already studies the link between mercury and autism and other neurodevelopmental disorders, but their first results were hidden and covered up. More and more people will be learning this. ”

            Vaccination rates are very high. It’s true that there are some enclaves that are a matter of concern, but in the last years, laws broadening exemptions failed, and laws tightening them passed – because the public realizes the cost of anti-vaccine misinformation in death and suffering.

            And your claim about the CDC, by the way, is a conspiracy theory, and an incorrect one: nothing was hidden. Preliminary results were simply later found incorrect. See, on it:


          • guest

            Baaa baaa baaaa or lie lie lie!.. Either way Dorit Reiss, you are NOT a person to be trusted.

          • David Foster

            You try to debunk the claim that the CDC attempted to hide their initial data from a study that found a link between vaccines and autism and other neurodevelopmental disorders, with a simple Op/Ed article in a financial magazine, under the heading “Pharma and Healthcare”?

            Really? Wow, that is desperate.

            And the article itself portrays Verstraeten’s initial study as “preliminary”, and asserts that the version published later was simply more complete. That is absurd, especially when we have the actual minutes of the meeting where the researchers met with CDC officials and vaccine manufacturers where they decided to embargo the information. That means they decided to hide it. They so as much as said that “we can never let this information out”. One researcher commented that he would not be allowing his own children to receive any of these vaccines.

            You will need to do better than this Dorit Reiss. Anyone who is curious and willing to read a very long but fascinating article all about this can read this:


          • guest

            Baloney deFLECTION kit please!… Duh Dorit!. David was making a point that the U.S. has an extremely high rate of unhealthy children, and he used diabetes as a general example.

            BUT…one *could* correlate the error of the fda, in their past advice for healthy eating, to yet another epidemic; diabetes. They’ve since recanted past recommendations, as they’ve *correctly* learned the enormous effect grains have on blood glucose levels.

            As Brian inferred, it’s a waiting game, but there will be vindication for all those harmed by vaccine, when the fda comes clean.

            Nice try Dorit, but all ‘baloney’ and your *deflection* attempt is a big fail.

          • Dorit Reiss

            If the U.S. does have a high rate of unhealthy children, connecting this to vaccines is still problematic. There is no evidence vaccines cause serious problems. In fact, all the credible evidence goes the other way, on most (though not all) problems. You are welcome to provide credible evidence of vaccines harms.

            I assume you are referring to Dr. Hooker’s problematic, debunked conspiracy theory? This one:; Why do you think this is evidence of anything?

          • guest

            Dr. Hooker? No! Comprehension please Dorit. My comment was regarding your diabetes deflection, in that I don’t feel David was blaming vax for that. But bringing up diabetes was a good way to show how badly the fda screws up.

            You may have spread yourself so thin over all these sites, & I feel you’re not thinking straight Dorit. Best not to do so, lest one ends up like poor Dr. Anne Szarewski.

          • Dorit Reiss

            I think most readers would have no problems concluding that Mr. Foster was implying that diabetes is caused by vaccines. If that’s not his intent, Mr. Foster can say so.

            If you were not referring to Dr. Hooker’s conspiracy theory, what were you referring to when you said: “As Brian inferred, it’s a waiting game, but there will be vindication for all those harmed by vaccine, when the fda comes clean.”?

          • guest

            Only the extremely *biased* readers like yourself Dorit, would so blatantly misconstrue what David wrote above. Please re-read. {paraphrased} 1. sickest children in the developed world 2. highest infant mortality 3. 1 in 5 children with chronic health issues 4. autism & neurodevelopmental disorders increase dadada 5. childhood diabetes used to be extremely rare…. ‘OF COURSE THERE ARE GOING TO BE *MANY POSSIBLE FACTORS* but why do you dismiss out of hand, vaccines as a potential cause?’

            Mr. Foster *could* have said so, had he expected such a baseless deflection maneuver, as you listing a half page in your irrational response, ‘vaccines do not cause diabetes’ studies. You really ARE off your game lately Dorit.

            And ‘if not Dr. Hooker, what HAD I referred to, saying “when the fda comes clean”? I have no idea who Dr. Hooker is, but I despise feigned naivety Dorit. I’ve been trying very hard to be kind in my opinion of monsters who would solicit for the bodily injury/death of others, for the purpose of their own selfish preservation. But I can only come up with three considerations for your immoral actions 1. you indiscriminately believe everything authorities tell you 2. you’re a liar 3. you’re just not very bright, which leads me to another pet peeve of mine; people putting to much trust in titles.

            Let’s see if you have the moxie to admit you’re WRONG Dorit. I don’t believe ‘most’ *impartial* readers concur with your incorrect assessment of David’s intent.

          • Dorit Reiss

            A. I will let the readers interpret the comment about diabetes. I responded to the infant mortality issue and the autism issue.
            When study after study looked at whether there was a link and found none, the evidence suggests there is no link. Suggesting there is one means going in the face of the evidence. The least you should do is provide some credible evidence of such a link.

            B. I am sorry you are unwilling or unable to explain which Brian you referred to in your quote. As it stands, I am afraid I have no idea what you are referring to. And the links above directly address Dr. Hooker, so if you want to know about him, look at them.

            C. Personal insults are really not a substitute to explain your points clearly or providing evidence of them. Neither of which you did.

          • guest

            OMG! Give it up already…

            A. 3 HOURS ago, YOU erroneously wrote ‘I think most readers readers would not have a problem concluding Mr. Foster was implying that vaccines caused diabetes’.

            B. You did so, because I pointed out that your absurd half page of ‘linkage’ was moot, since Mr. Foster [as you say] had NOT alluded in his comment directly above, that vaccines caused diabetes.

            C. I’ve not mentioned anyone named ‘Brian’ in ANY of my posts???

            D. You might want to think about checking yourself into some type of rehab. You can’t even keep track of what you wrote 3 hrs. ago. You are ‘LOSING IT’ and are losing. Scary for you Dorit!

          • Mike Stevens

            You clearly have comprehension problems.
            As well as not knowing the meaning of the verb “to infer”.

          • guest

            ‘Ya mean like ‘speculate, deduce, surmise, draw inference, {even ‘hint or suggest’ since the 16th century}? You really are behind the times Mikey!

          • David Foster

            Dorit Reiss stop trying to make your case using an Op/Ed out of a financial magazine under the heading “Pharma and Healthcare”. The article itself shows that the author has absolutely no understanding of this issue. So if this is what you put up as proof, I can only assume that you have a similar level of understanding.

          • Mike Stevens

            No, he used diabetes as a specific example of a disease the prevalence of which has increased, and implicated vaccines as a possible cause.
            Here are his exact words.
            “Childhood diabetes used to be extremely rare. Of course there are going
            to be many possible factors, but why do you dismiss out of hand vaccines
            as a potential cause?”

            I see nothing about how it demonstrates the FDA screwed up in his comment.

            You seem to accuse others of lying, when it is you who are doing so. I wonder why you do this?
            PS The person making the claim “implies”, the person drawing a conclusion from that claim “infers”. Just to sort that out for ya.

          • guest

            No Mikey! His *exact* words on the matter begin with, “We have the sickest children
            in the developed world” General statement Mikey!. He is NOT blaming diabetes on vax. David also mentions “many possible factors”, which YOU & Dorit are dismissing in his statements, to misrepresent his *intent*, in YOUR attempt to confuse readers with baloney deflection.

            He then adds in the very next paragraph, “This will change. Public opinion is changing. And you know it”.

            In this context, I used the fda instead of the cdc, as I referred to the fda being INCORRECT in their recommendations of daily allowances, in which were later proved WRONG, and changed. The excess carbs previously recommended by the fda, clearly contribute to diabetes.

            The changes that were forced on the fda, correcting their prior disinformation, will happen with the cdc as well, since cover ups aren’t what they used to be, due to this wonderful thing called social media.

            P.S. ‘ ya mean like insignificant crap and pretentious, unused garbage ‘ya find on the last page of a dictionary? See my reply to you below. Infer is a perfectly correct term in my use above. Best to do your homework before you try to insult, or the red face could end up on you.

            P.P.S. ‘ya forgot your periods after post and script, just to sort THAT out for ‘ya.

            P.P.P.S. I told ‘ya *before* Mikey, that these comment sections are NOT legal docs.

          • Mike Stevens

            Then tell your pal Raman. He seems to think so.

          • guest

            You could be my ‘ole buddy/ole pal too Mikey, if you just weren’t so darn nasty to us all the time. 😉 But what would you like me to tell Raman? You weren’t very specific.

          • David Foster

            You illustrate a common phenomenon quite well…folks like you feel as if this debate has been settled, that the data that is in is sufficient to make any further investigation unnecessary. Interesting way of looking at an issue don’t you think? Especially given the growing body of peer-reviewed evidence that disagrees with you.

            Oh, and by the way the very first study you list includes this in the main abstract, which I can only assume you’ve read: “There was insufficient statistical power to allow conclusions to be drawn regarding individual ADs.” So my question to you is, why do you misrepresent this study as evidence that vaccines to not specifically cause diabetes?

            Overview of some research and biological mechanisms for vaccine-induced diabetes mellitus:

            Vaccine Induced Autoimmune Insulin Dependent Diabetes Mellitus (IDDM) in children: Is there sufficient evidence to support a causal relationship?
            “While the evidence remains inconclusive to accept or reject a causal relationship, the hypothesis is plausible and warrants further investigation.”

            Discontinuation of BCG Vaccination Precedes Significant Drop in Type 2 Diabetes in Japanese Children. Role of Inflammation and Cortisol Activity as a Cause of Type 2 Diabetes

            Review of evidence that epidemics of type 1 diabetes and type 2
            diabetes/metabolic syndrome are polar opposite responses to iatrogenic

            Clustering of cases of type 1 diabetes mellitus occurring 2-4 years
            after vaccination is consistent with clustering after infections and
            progression to type 1 diabetes mellitus in autoantibody positive

          • Mike Stevens

            “We have the sickest children in the developed world, the highest infant
            mortality rate, and 1 in 5 of our children have some form of chronic
            health issue. The rates of autism and other neurodevelopmental disorders
            have increased exponentially, especially since 1990. Childhood diabetes
            used to be extremely rare. Of course there are going to be many
            possible factors, but why do you dismiss out of hand vaccines as a
            potential cause?”

            I think the problem arises with the analysis of this position. You are clearly an intelligent person who has thought this through, but if I may say so, I don’t think you have gone far enough.

            One difficulty I have with your assessment is the exaggeration of the “problem” which needs to be explained. Yes, USA infant mortality is not as low as most other developed countries, but it is certainly not “the “worst”, and there are factors explaining why to do with how deaths are registered and recorded (eg in many western countries infants who die within 24 hours of birth are not recorded as “live” births, so do not get counted, yet they are in the US. The US also counts infants born under 500g as being “alive”, whereas some countries don’t if they then subsequently die later).

            Have you also ever wondered why IMR rates vary so much within the US? It is because there are areas of great affluence, but also areas of significant deprivation. It is odd, don’t you think, that the IMR is lowest among the affluent folk in leafy suburbia who have the highest vaccine exemption rates? Does that not point against vaccines being a factor? (of course it does, and it highlights how infant mortality is most directly related to factors like access to antenatal and perinatal care, maternal health and deprivation). In the USA, IMR has fallen dramatically over the last 40-50 years (by about 10% of the rate in 1970), so I would ask why, if it is directly related to number of vaccines, has it done so just as the vaccine schedule picked up, and increased in size? No antivaxer has ever been able to answer me that.

            And with respect I dispute that the children in the US are the sickest in the
            developed world. They rate very low on a number of conditions, but on
            others quite highly. And again, why are do the areas with lowest vaccination rates in the US correspond with the areas with the best child health parameters?

            Many of those against vaccines point to prevalent health problems in society, and ask “why?” With conditions that have many possible etiologies and triggers, it is not sensible to uncritically plumb for the old fallback position of “It must be vaccines”. Some conditions are clearly unrelated to vaccines, or haven’t increased in prevalence, and linking them to vaccines is facile. I have seen mention of cancer, epilepsy, obesity and so on. It seems that if there is a supposed “epidemic” of anything, the fashion is to blame vaccines. Well what about all the conditions that have become less prevalent? Should vaccines get the acclaim for reducing those?

            Let me take one single illness you mention, diabetes. Yes it has increased greatly in prevalence in the last half of last century. The idea is that although there is a genetic basis, there are other factors involved, including possible environmental factors (these include all manner of things, including childhood infections, exposure to chemicals and toxicants, (including vaccines as per antivax folklore), lifestyle, diet etc)

            Here is a very interesting and detailed analysis of the rise in diabetes if you are interested.
            What strikes me is that the rise happened across all of the West, and thius includes countries that are hailed by antivaccine campaigners as being “healthier” and having much “lower” vaccination rates than in the US, particularly Scandinavian countries. Also it is clear that the rates in the US have not always followed trends elsewhere in the West or globally.

            The article explains:

            Extrapolation of these trends indicated that the global incidence of type 1 diabetes would increase by 40% over the period 1998–2010 (1). …..The U.S. stood apart from other parts of the world in reporting a stable incidence of childhood type 1 diabetes over much of this period.

            Interesting, don’t you think?
            The article concludes with a roundup of possible etiological factors. Now I do not suggest that vaccines should be automatically dismissed as a potential factor, in fact like all good scientists, one should keep everything on the table unless evidence points away from it. I think with diabetes and vaccines we do have that evidence. Dorit has linked to many of the studies demonstrating no link. I think they amount to convincing evidence, notwithstanding a couple of rather flawed studies that try and make a link.

          • guest

            Thank you David. Any adversary of GardaKIL-ers / Dorit Reiss, etc., I would be proud to call an ally, a friend and a comrade in the fight against ‘vax acts against humanity’.

    • Reality022

      Aluminum is a “heavy metal”? Who knew? I thought it was on of the “light metals”. I guess in the anti-science, anti-life, anti-vaccine universe “heavy” means what we down here on earth term “light”.
      How much of a ‘neurotoxin” is aluminum or mercury as found in trace amounts in vaccines?

      Is there more or less formaldehyde in a pear than in a vaccine? How about 1 beer? Is there more deadly, cancerous, nasty formaldehyde in a beer than in a vaccine? Does that mean anyone who drinks a 6-pack over the weekend will be brain damaged until he quickly dies from formaldehyde poisoning? …and let’s not even talk about red wine and all the furans, aldehydes, ketones, and other deadly, tasty chemicals it contains. That stuff shouldn’t even be allowed to be sold it is so dangerous.

      Which kind of antifreeze? Xerex? Prestone? What are you talking about? Do you even know? Do you know the concept of freezing point depression? Ethanol is an antifreeze. Is that what you are talking about? Dissolved sodium chloride is an antifreeze. Is salt water deadly, you think?

      There are fetus cells in vaccines? How many, do you know?
      I would think they would be spun out and filtered out during preparation.
      I wonder how many foreign human cells one consumes through osculation with a willing partner?
      Do you think it is more or less than in a vaccination?
      Well, even the Catholic Church has said using vaccines prepared from cell cultures derived from 50 year old aborted fetuses is acceptable even if not preferable.

      Do you know if Vitamin D has been tested for “carcinogenic capacity” or “tested to see if it affects fertility in the recipient”?
      Must be pretty dangerous stuff. I’m sure you’ll now recommend that everyone avoid it like the potential poison it is.

      Did you ever hear the phrase:
      The dose makes the poison.?
      Do you understand what that means?

  • Carondelet Crain Dember

    I am a progressive but geez I do think out of the box when it comes to health issues unlike many other progressives! I shake my head in amazement at this article. Is this written by a vaccine drug company? My first son had a terrible reaction to his second DTP here in 1977 with 103 fever and a seizure I never want to revisit. I began to research inoculations and realized he had a bad reaction to this shot. Thank goodness for Mothering magazine in 1977 for publishing vaccine articles I could hardly find anywhere else. Thank goodness I’m a questioner like I thought other progressives would be!

  • janet crews

    I am a nurse by profession but many years ago my eyes were opened in regards to the horrible added ingredients that are laced in the vaccines that these infants and children are receiving. You’d have to be totally blinded not to see that they are more dangerous then the actual disease itself. If the government wants us to vaccinate, then why don’t they create these vaccines with ingredients that will promote good health and not sickness and sometimes death? You figure it out. It does not take a rocket scientist to do so. Why on God’s green earth would we inject mercury straight into a child’s body knowing how toxic it is? I remember years ago if someone broke a mercury thermometer on the ground that we were advised not to handle it due to the toxicity of mercury to the body and now we are injecting it right into our children along with tons of other toxins! My God, won’t this madness stop?

    • TXChick

      I have a masters in public health and concur 100%. If parents (and physicians) would spend time reading the actual “studies” done on these vaccines and the ingredients, not the itty bitty information sheets, there would be outrage in this country. For example, I can’t find ONE study on DTaP and pregnant women, but it’s all the sudden ok to vaccinate them and their developing fetuses? Where are the scientific longitudinal studies on vaccinated versus unvaccinated children? There aren’t any! Don’t believe me, look it up. If there’s nothing to worry about, then fund the studies!

      I recently spoke to a school nurse. She said 30 years ago she had one, maybe two kids on an inhaler, but now she doesn’t have enough cabinet space for them all…or for all the epipens for kids with peanut allergies. What’s changed? No one wants to look at big pharma and ask the hard questions but it’s time. The sad thing is, for professionals, when they do, they get fried by their colleagues or called out as some nut job who doesn’t know better. More people need to follow the money (like how much Dr. Offit made from Merck) and read the non-hyped, non PR science behind the studies. That’s when they will open their eyes.

  • HP Austin

    That sign saying “Get Your Sabin Polio Vaccine” is priceless. That vaccine contained the SV40 virus, which causes cancer in primates. Even after they discovered the virus, they continued to give it to millions of Americans, ultimately 90 million, and since the virus is transmitted from parents to children, it will be killing people for a long time. See,,,, and for real information on the dangers of vaccines.

    • David Foster

      OMG I had the exact same thought when I saw that picture. What some see as a glorious vaccine success story, others know the truth…it is in fact one of the worst vaccine failures in history, in that innumerable people were exposed to a cancer-causing virus and the pharmaceutical companies were not forced to recall their contaminated vaccines…wouldn’t want to waste good Product!

    • Glenna Jones-Kachtik

      I lived in the 50s & I saw people with polio & it wasn’t pleasant. We no longer see kids crippled by this disease. We don’t see people having to live their lives in iron lungs. This drug caused cancer in primates? How much cancer? What kinds of cancer? We read for years that cigarettes caused cancer, but it didn’t stop many people from smoking if they wished. Lots of things cause cancer & there may also have been other factors in people’s lifestyles that caused the cancer other than the salk vaccine. By the way Jonas Salk didn’t take one cent for the development of his vaccine.

      • HP Austin

        Polio had been declining precipitously before the Salk vaccine, probably due to better diet, hygiene and sanitation. If you want to see polio, go to India where about 45,000 vaccinated children have recently developed it – from the vaccine.
        The SV40 virus was not in the human population before the Salk and Sabin vaccines introduced it. The cancer rate has exploded in the US since the late 50s – early 60s and how much of that is due to the SV40 is unclear, but it certainly is and will remain a factor.
        An interesting thing about Jonas Salk is that he was involved in eugenics. I believe he was the head of a eugenics society, in fact. Curious that he developed a vaccine that gave people cancer, no?

      • HP Austin

        I believe the incidence of polio had dropped by about 90% by the time the Salk vaccine was first used, probably because of better nutrition, hygiene and sanitation. By the way, it killed and crippled quite a few kids, including the grandchildren of the famous Dr. Alton Ochsner (“Dr. Mary’s Monkey” – Edward Haslam). He vaccinated them himself on stage in front of a group of doctors to prove it was safe; the grandson died and the granddaughter was crippled.
        The Sabin vaccine was developed to avoid the lethal effects of the Salk vaccine. It also contained the SV40 virus though. That virus was not in the human population before the Salk and Sabin vaccines, but it is now. There is no telling how much of the tremendous increase in cancer since then can be ascribed to SV40, but it is probably a lot; plus, since it is transmitted from parent to child, it will be killing for a long time. Thank you, “Doctors” Salk and Sabin!
        If you are concerned about polio, then it might interest you to know that recently about 45,000 kids in India were vaccinated for polio and then got it! Probably just a coincidence.
        By the way, Jonas Salk was the head of a eugenics society. It’s interesting, therefore, that he would develop a vaccine containing a cancer causing virus, don’t you think?

      • David Foster

        I suggest you read “The Virus and the Vaccine”, it is a fascinating book all about the SV40 virus contamination of early polio vaccines, and the decades-long effort to cover it up.

        Read up on what actually happened during the 50’s and 60’s, what the incidence of polio looked like throughout the 1900’s, and what happened to the incidence of polio after mass vaccination. Also read about how other diseases which looked like polio were almost automatically diagnosed once a patient was found to be vaccinated. Read about how the definition of an epidemic, and of polio infection itself, was changed right at the point where the oral vaccine was introduced. Then ask yourself, why would the CDC etc. do that if they really wanted to track the true effectiveness of the new vaccine. Hint: they didn’t.

    • Proponent

      I avoid those sites.. with extreme prejudice.

      Well.. that is.. unless I have not received my comic section come the weekend edition of the paper.

      Then.. I will visit them for a laugh and some idle reading entertainment.

      • HP Austin

        Suit yourself – ignorance is blissful, but unhealthy when it comes to vaccines. Ask all of the people who got the cancer-causing SV40 virus from the Salk vaccine.

  • Elizabeth Carter

    I am tired of the perception that non-vaxers can’t read for themselves, and are instead being wholly influenced by celebrities. We can read about the risks of each disease versus the risks of the associated vaccine. We can read about uncertain effectiveness of vaccines. We can read the studies that do indeed contain that “shred of evidence.” We can read that, at best, the safety of vaccines is “unknown.” We can compare the mercury contained in vaccines given to pregnant women, to the level of mercury exposure that has been declared safe for pregnant women.

    We can read about the billions in compensation, received by parents of vaccine-injured children, from the United States government. We can read accounts from parents whose children have experienced life-altering brain injuries. We can read about how the vaccine manufacturers are immune to lawsuits. We can read about all of the money that is involved. And we can come to our own conclusions about what goes into our bodies and the bodies of our children.

    The difference between myself and someone like the author of this article, is that I can read these things, and I DO read them.

    I question the motives of this article. To gloss over the fact that children do indeed have severe reactions to vaccines, is to imply that those children are not important in the grand scheme of “herd immunity.” And in an article that calls ethics into question, no less. I could just as easily write an article about the dangers of getting a vaccine, and frame it with a story about a baby that was hospitalized for Encephalopathy. Biased articles such as this one aren’t getting us any closer to an answer about vaccines. Reading parroted, unoriginal, and at times incorrect information is not going to change anyone’s mind.

  • Kathy Young

    Wow. This article isn’t just slanted, it is not true. How much was The Texas Observer paid for this advertisement to sell more poison? PARENTAL RIGHTS to take care of your babies and children are paramount. This article sickens me. Shame on you The Texas Observer. You need to get the FACTS straight. Other countries think that we are plumb crazy in the U.S. to give so many vaccines. Well, thank Goodness caring parents are WAKING UP here in the U.S. and are researching and LEARNING the TRUTH not only about vaccines, but about how our FDA is the NAZI force to champion corporations and the federal government’s overreach of taking away our God given rights.

    • Lisa Pineau

      Your response was so powerful…until your Nazi reference. (Overstating the truth is…untruth.) Lives are at stake. Please, speak just to the truth about vaccines. We use way too many, the industry over-influences public policy for profit. Thanks.

  • Cheryl Silva

    This article sounds like an advertisement for the vaccine industry. I didn’t see any mention of pertussis vaccine failures. Even the CDC admitted that the pertussis bacteria has mutated and the vaccine is no longer effective. I also didn’t see anything about pertussis shedding after vaccination. My first thought when I read that the mother had been vaccinated and the baby caught pertussis eight days later, is that the mother shed this to the baby. The vaccination probably caused the disease. 91% of people in the CA outbreak were vaccinated – it clearly doesn’t work. It’s not worth poisoning your child for a vaccine that is not only a failure, but spreads the disease.
    Brilliant marketing by the vaccine industry – spread the disease with the vaccine then scare everyone into getting it. $$$$$$$

  • Scott Kessler

    This nice piece on vacc rates dropping being dangerous is, of course, full of anti-vax comments. And they’re all the common ones. “Heavy metals” “additives to vaccs” “my X was hurt in Y way by a vacc” “Government paid X to victims” etc.

    How can we have gotten to the year 2014 and still not evolved beyond stupid crap like these people? It’s not about parental rights or the government lying to anyone. Herd immunity requires a very high rate of vaccs nationwide.

    It saves the lives of more than just those who got immunized (herd immunity is required for vaccs to work properly). Newborns and those who cannot get vaccs because of health reasons are forced to rely upon the rest of us to prevent diseases from affecting the populace.

    The worst part of it all is that there is easily accessible, scientific proof that all of these accusations about vaccinations are false, especially the uneducated ones about the scientific properties of vaccs, but the people who believe vaccination myths seem to be the same people who refuse to trust the government on anything – even the CDC.

    It’s a sad, sad world out there.

    • Taylor White

      Well Scott, people having life long neurological problems, being beridden, or confined to a wheel chair isn’t stupid crap, its reality. Your obviously a brainwashed moron who will believe whatever he is told by his master, and that’s fine for you. However, people with common sense can see the stupidity of taking the risk of being unable to function for the rest of your life just so can have a slightly lower chance of catching an already rare sickness that isn’t even as bad as the possible side effects. You may be part of a heard, but I’m and individual human being with a conscious and can make my own decisions about my health. So to answer your question, no we have not evolved beyond stupid crap like these people, your still here.

      • Scott Kessler

        Please provide scientific evidence that has been accepted by the scientific community and was produced utilizing the common scientific procedures to reach the conclusion. None of these random “Natural News” websites. Please provide any main stream media source that cites any of these stories. They would be cause cause célèbre of local or major media if any of them were true in any regard.

        Your circular logic is equally void of any thought. These sicknesses are rare because of the massive advancement of vaccinations in the past 150 years. They’ve moved towards eradication because of herd immunity. They’re only returning because we’ve lost the high 90 percentages necessary to keep them away.

        As for why I’m still here despite evolution: perhaps because my command of the English language allows me to distinguish the difference of not only herd vs heard, but also your versus you’re, or and versus and.

        • Whitney

          Picking on someone for their grammar really speaks of your character. Why can we not keep debates professional anymore?

          • Scott Kessler

            It is being professional. One cannot assert that his/her side of a ‘debate’ is intellectually and factually superior while making simple grammatical, mechanical and spelling mistakes throughout a statement.

        • Lisa Pineau

          Your command of English/software may shine, but not your manners.

          • Scott Kessler

            You’re mistaking manners for some form of pity based sympathy. Nothing within commonly held manners dictates that one cannot point out faults within a debate atmosphere, especially if said faults affect the credibility of the person’s statements.

        • Taylor White

          “and versus and.” ?

        • HP Austin

          “They would be cause cause célèbre” – is that proper English, Kessler?

    • Whitney

      Scott, I do not agree with you, however I’m not replying to argue. I simply would like to know where the proof is that you mentioned..
      “The worst part of it all is that there is easily accessible, scientific proof that all of these accusations about vaccinations are false”
      Can you post a link to some easily accessible, scientific proof, please? I would like to see for myself.

      • Scott Kessler

        In regard to what? The CDC and various other well respected scientific and medical organizations have information available everywhere.

        The point is that people who support vaccination have the facts on their side. It’s those against vaccinations that pull up information from random, unsubstantiated sources. I shouldn’t have to attempt to defend the factual side of the situation. It’s all out there with simple searches through Google, Yahoo or Bing (or Ask Jeeves, since I’m sure there are some anti-vaxxers out there who think Googe, Yahoo and Bing are all part of the conspiracy).

        • Whitney

          First of all, you seem very jaded or upset regarding conspiracy theorists.. however, that has nothing to do with what I asked you. I wasn’t asking you to defend anything, I only wanted to see the scientific proof that you can apperently so easily access.. and I have no problem with any internet search engines.. I only wanted to see if you would post a link backing up specifically what you stated, so that I could take a look at it.

          • Whitney

            Also, I Would like to add that something being well respected has nothing to do with facts. As History should have taught us..

          • Scott Kessler

            The accepted fact, or commonplace fact in a debate is not the side which needs to provide the reasoning behind itself. The facts to back it up are accessible and available to all. That’s why you have people commenting on her attempting to deny it, as it is the main reasoning of this time. As you’re able to find the information with a simple Google search, you should be equally able to provide the reasoning for why these facts are not such. The ‘attacking’ side of a ‘debate’ is the one required to assert why the debated position is incorrect. So please provide reasonable sources, ones that are backed up by scientific research and peer review, that deny the facts.

          • Whitney

            You are unbelievable. You post something, seemingly biased.. Someone asks you to back up what you’ve posted and instead of doing so, you say you will not provide it because it’s so easy to get ahold of.. and instead suggest that I back up what I believe to be true. You, Sir, should be a politician.

          • Scott Kessler

            The one talking from the side of well and long accepted scientific fact is not the one who needs to provide the information. This is simple debate procedure. The side attempting to disprove the common thought is the one who must serve up information that refutes the fact. Going to the CDC’s website and looking through their info on vaccinations not only gives a summary of the situation, but it also links to dozens of scientific, peer reviewed information within each article. You, and the others commenting on this article, have yet to utilize any source of information beyond anecdotal evidence, which cannot be confirmed by anyone beyond the person behind the screen who typed the comment. Natural News and other random .com pages are not real sources of information. Please show me actual proof of disinformation on vaccinations from something that has any resemblance to credibility on this subject.

          • jerlands56

            Here’s one article among many…


          • Scott Kessler

            The article in question does not appear to be inherently anti-vaccine. The author is suggesting that a recent study of LAIV vaccines in mice can increase the risk of a secondary infection, at least in mice.

            He does cite numerous studies and data that seem to support this conclusion. However, from what I’ve read from him and other sources, he seems suggest they can be fatal when administered in high doses.

            It is not standard practice to administer high does of LAIV flu vaccines to children, or LAIV vaccines in general. Children receiving a flu vaccine for the first time do receive two doses several months apart, making it irrelevant.

            The only way I could see this as being anti-vaxx is that it seems to advocate against LAIV vaccines.

            It goes on to say, to paraphrase, that the risk for secondary bacterial infection is the same as someone who has contracted a wild flu strain, but that glazes over the dangers of simply contracting the flu, which does not need a secondary or co-infection to be lethal.

            There are quite a few types of flu vaccine so even if a patient opts to not receive an LAIV vaxx, he or she can still be vaxxed for the flu.

          • jerlands56

            That’s the thing about information… people can chose to see into it what they will. We have that choice and also should have the choice to receive a vaccination or not.

          • Scott Kessler

            Unless those personal choices have the ability to affect the health and welfare of the greater population. It’s the same reasoning behind the criminalization of drinking and driving, murder, slavery, etc.

          • jerlands56

            I agree.. that’s why we should outlaw consumption of Grains, GMO’s.. High Fructose Corn Syrup.. Soft Drinks.. and mandate people people consume a high fat, low carbohydrate diet (these actions affect the economic heath of our nation)… But do I think this will happen without education.. Ever hear the expression “sins of the father are passed to the son?” It’s very hard to overcome concepts engrained in your mind (synaptic pathways) and accept new information.

            But there’s currently enough valid information available NOT to force vaccinations on the population.

          • Scott Kessler

            The ingestion of consumer food stuffs is a personal choice. While it may affect the economic ecosystem of the health industry, someone consuming soda or grains does not affect a stranger on the street.

            As or the “valid” information about vaccinations, the only link I’ve yet to respond to and find vital flaws within is the NVIC link, which is published on a website that is a set above a random WordPress blog and has zero peer reviewed information of scientifically sound methodology presented to come to its conclusions.

            .org does not guarantee credibility whatsoever.

          • jerlands56

            Here’s another link you can argue with..

            Influenza VaccinesTime for a Rethink

          • Scott Kessler

            The author isn’t even a medical professional. His Doctor prefix comes from a doctorate from MIT in History, Anthropology, Anthropology, and Science, Technology and Society. His AM from Harvard is in East Asian and his undergraduate degree in anthropology from Brown University. Right off the bat there’s a problem with the author’s credibility.

            He attempts to challenge the data presented by the government and other organizations when it comes to the statistics for deaths from the flu and other effects of influenza.

            Here’s an epidemiologist on his personal site breaking down the entire report and why it’s wrong and potentially harmful.


            There are other independent writings by medical professionals breaking down his problems. The only articles in support of Doshi are the ones that build off of one another and the only true main stream article on him is a New York Times article that focuses on Tamiflu and drug companies releasing more info, nothing about the flu vaccine.

            Let’s not ignore that his findings have not been accepted by the general scientific community and are not peer review vetted.

          • jerlands56

            Peter Doshi, PhD, MA

            Dr. Doshi is a postdoctoral fellow in comparative effectiveness
            research at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine.

            His overarching research interests are in improving
            the bases for credible evidence synthesis to support and improve the quality of
            evidence-based medical and health policy related decision making.

            In 2009, he joined a Cochrane systematic review team
            evaluating neuraminidase inhibitors for the treatment and prevention of

            Rather than focusing on publications, the review
            evaluates regulatory information including clinical study reports.

            Dr. Doshi received his AB in anthropology from Brown
            University, AM in East Asian studies from Harvard University, and PhD in
            History, Anthropology, and Science, Technology and Society from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

          • jerlands56


            The risks associated with vaccination appear in my mind far greater than the benefits.

          • Scott Kessler

            There are a number of interesting things about this article. The first thing I would do is read all of the sources listed.

            I read the one about the increased rate of of H1N1 infection and you may not realize this, but during the 2008-2009 flu season which would have been August 08- March/April 09 the H1N1 vaccine was a separate vaccine (at least in the US to my best knowledge.) the people who would have received the H1N1 vaccine would have gotten it, in the US, around 9/01/09, though I can’t recall the exact date when we began to receive our vaccine.

            Furthermore, the article discussing this does not say that people who received the 2008-09 vaccine were more likely to contract the flu it says the following “…TIV was associated with increased risk of medically attended pH1N1 illness during the spring-summer 2009, with estimated risk of odds ratios ranging from 1.4 to 2.5. Risk of pH1N1 hospitalization was not further increased among vaccinated people when comparing hospitalized to community cases.”

            No where in this article dose it say that if you received a flu vaccine during the 2008-09 season that you were more likely to contract pH1N1, it says that people who received it were more like to be medically attended. What does that mean? I am not sure, could be trip to the doctor’s office could be prescription of anti-virals, could be hospitalization.

            In the first paragraph of the anti-vaccine article they site some efficacy numbers which look shockingly low. Unfortunately they glossed over this portion of the MMWR.

            “…During this period, overall vaccine effectiveness (VE) (adjusted for age, site, race/ethnicity, self-rated health, and days from illness onset to enrollment) against influenza A and B virus infections associated with medically attended acute respiratory illness was 56%, similar to the earlier interim estimate (62%) (2). VE was estimated as 47% against influenza A (H3N2) virus infections and 67% against B virus infections. When stratified by age group, the point estimates for VE against influenza A (H3N2) and B infections were largely consistent across age groups, with the exception that lower VE against influenza A (H3N2) was observed among adults aged ≥65 years.These adjusted VE estimates indicate that vaccination with the 2012–13 influenza season vaccine reduced the risk for outpatient medical visits resulting from influenza by approximately one half to two thirds for most persons, although VE was lower and not statistically significant among older adults. Antiviral medications should be used as recommended for treatment of suspected influenza in certain patients, including those aged ≥65 years, regardless of their influenza vaccination status.”

            Again, this is the same source they are using, but they are simply ignoring positive data or misrepresenting what they read to bolster their argument. With that in mind I don’t see anything would be an argument against getting a flu shot.

            The last article they site about troubling findings is again a hack job, the simply ignore the rest of the article and find what they believe will support their cause.

            They do not understand the science or ignore it. They do not care that each season’s flu shot is created prior to that flu season. It is a different and evolving formula from the last previous season. I would highly advise you to read the articles they list as their sources. There are other possible reasons why data may be skewed which, the author of the article discusses and the anti-vaccine writer ignores.

          • jerlands56

            Here’s another,,,

            Inflammation-related effects of adjuvant influenza A vaccination on platelet activation and cardiac autonomic function.

          • Scott Kessler

            This NCBI study you cite has a bunch of problems with how the study was conducted, which ruins the credibility of the conclusion:

            They took 18 men and used an ECG to measure their hearts before and after.

            -Where is the control group?

            -Who was given a placebo?

            -How do you know for sure that the vaccine caused this reaction?

            -Why were only men chosen?

            -And what is the instance rate?

            In addition, 18 men is hardly what you would call a large study. It’s barely enough to even be considered a small sample size, which are never used to prove or disprove scientific or medical fact. It’s far too small of a number to even get past correlation and causation.

            And the most important thing to ask as you should always ask when dealing with immunizations:

            -Does the risk of the vaccine outweigh the risk of the virus/bacteria/illness?

            The mean age of the patients listed is around 62.5, meaning that they are right on the cusp of being in an age related risk group.

          • jerlands56

            This is ONE study that consists of the controls listed and it was a negative outcome. There are many more studies that you insist on ignoring for some reason or the other.

            You need to learn to synthesize information and not lump your reasoning into one small basket.

          • Scott Kessler

            The sample size was way too small and the procedures are loose with the proper methodology. It doesn’t have a negative outcome in the former of “stop using vaccines.” It comes to a conclusion that there MAY be some problems. No definites. In addition, one study does not make fact. It has to have a corresponding study to even confirm the results themselves.

          • Kristi Corder

            And just exactly where are the double blind PLACEBO controlled studies from the CDC and vaccine companies on various vaccines? There has never been a single one conducted. Why? Because people like yourself think it would be in-humane to NOT vaccinate a child. So, all the references you can get from the CDC information you speak of are also filled with problems….no TRUE placebo study.

          • Scott Kessler

            Here are two double blind, placebo controlled studies that I found on a quick search through the CDC:



          • Kristi Corder

            First, neither of these studies are performed on children, which still validates my point. Secondly, in the first study, I’d like to see what their definition of physiological saline is. In the second study, it plainly states that the vaccine failed at reducing the number of respiratory infections and the number of days they had the infections. And the vaccinated ones missed one less day of work than the “placebo” group. I’d take the natural immunity and one extra day of feeling bleh over artificial immunity and the possibility of side effects. Also in the second study, they did not define what “placebo” they used.

          • WilliamsSian

            Really? It took me all of two minutes on Google Scholar to find this meta analysis of nine different placebo controlled, double blind studies on the live attenuated influenza vaccine “The efficacy of intranasal live attenuated influenza vaccine in children 2 through 17 years of age: A meta-analysis of 8 randomized controlled studies” (

          • Scott Kessler

            Their diabetes may actually make them a risk group. Contracting the flu at their age can be lethal.

          • jerlands56

            Are you aware of the epidemic proportions of the chronic diseases of Diabetes, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, Arteriosclerosis, Atherosclerosis etc.. etc.. etc..

            These conditions result from our diet.. all stemming from social influence.. the things we are taught and the things we grow up with..

            We would not need vaccinations if we were healthy.

          • Taylor White

            I don’t know which underfunded public school you learned debate procedure from, but If one side doesn’t have to prove anything then it’s not a debate. You talk a lot but your not actually saying anything, just wanting people to show magical proof that you yourself don’t even have. If that is so important to you then why don’t you provide us with a large scale study from a top university that is not supported by or receiving funds directly or indirectly from a vaccine manufacture, published in a well-known and respected scientific journal that does not receive advertising money from vaccine manufactures. Answer: you can’t, no such thing exists. I also doubt you will find any decent studies proving a significant risk from vaccines, who the hell would fund them?

            Neither side can prove anything 100%, so individuals have to make the best informed decisions for themselves. I don’t need a bias study on either side telling me whats obvious. Instead of relying other people to tell you what to think, try doing a little studying and use your common sense, if you have any, and make the best choice with what you have.

    • David Foster

      Scott I am sorry, but if my son had been injured by a vaccine he would not be an “X”. And the mention of heavy metals does not mean conspiracy theory. Look up the procedure to be taken if one of those new-fangled light bulbs gets broken…you know, the ones with mercury in them…a “heavy metal”. You’ll be amazed, it’s basically a HazMat procedure.

      What is interesting to me is that folks like you claim that good information is all over the place supporting vaccinations, but that what you call anti-vaccine arguments (I would call them vaccine safety advocacy) come from bunk sources…none of it from peer reviewed studies.

      But if you will take the time to look over just the comments to this awfully biased and misleading article, you will see that the vaccine safety advocacy folks are the ones posting good information, peer-reviewed studies and reviews. And what are folks like you posting? Garbage like I just read above. You said *nothing*, you provided *no* substantive arguments.

      Familiarize yourself with the recent research on Pertussis and recent outbreaks, and how little unvaccinated children have to do with them.

      What we are really tired of is people like you, who can’t even tell us what MMR stand for, or what the “a” in tdap specifies, trying to lecture people like me about vaccines.

    • Kathy Musselwhite

      Scott, to make a blanket statement that ALL of these accusations about vaccinations are false is not very smart or true. There is science showing problems of vaccinations, has always been. And its not just the rare event that vaccine makers admit to. Please see the science links at or

  • CB

    I find your article lacking any real evidence of what is really happening wtih vaccine injury and lack of safely as well as long term safety testing. The government keeps adding on multiple vaccines and our US children are the sickest group with chronic illnesses that won’t ever go away. There is an epidemic of Type 1 diabete,s and it is an auto-immune mediated occurrence. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that vaccines cause a “hyper-immune” response!
    Look at the Italian data and see that vaccines are linked with Autism.
    Autism was 1/10,000 30 years ago, It is 1/50 now. No one had Type 1 when I was growing up and now these children are attached to insulin pumps for the rest of their lives!
    My daughter age 1 1/2 reacted severely with encephalitis after her first and only vaccine. I am a registered nurse and sold for a major pharmaceutical company. I adamantly asked the pediatrician if there was an adjuvant Thimerasol in the vaccine and he empathically stated, “our vaccines do not have mercury in them”. My daughter woke up screaming in the middle of the night and my husband and i looked at each other and knew she was having a vaccine reaction. We called Wyeth at 8am the next morning and sure enough it contained mercury. My daughter is a pillar of health and is a strong as a fabulous athlete. She is not maimed by vaccines and will never receive on. The vaccines are a cash cow for the pharmaceutical industry. 1986 congress passed a law absolving pharma from any liability.
    I was a GYN Oncology nurse. Over 30 years ago, the worst case of cervical ca, CIN III was 95% curable. The PAP test has been and should remain the Gold standard. There is no evidence that HPV causes cervical CA.
    If you look at what harm the chickenpox vaccine as caused, look in the community for shingles, a direct correlation and a more painful and more costly, disease rendering the adults helpless and in loads of pain and this is because there is not enough chickenpox in the community.
    Why don’t you talk about healthy food and clean drinking water. Or why don’t you talk about the people who received polio and got polio. All drugs are poison, Vaccines are drugs, and vaccines are drugs and carry risk of harm and death. Children need to experience childhood illnesses to become healthy adults with healthy immune systems. Vaccines are not the answer. They rob a person of their ability to keep the body healthy.
    Why do you degrade parents who are educated, who have done the research and want a better solution for their children?

    • lilady R.N.

      How about providing us with some links to studies published in first tier, peer reviewed medical and science journals, to back up your statements about the dangers of vaccines?

      Be specific now…by showing us the studies that the exceeding rare (on the order of 1:1,000,000 doses administered) severe adverse reactions to any vaccine, exceeds by order of magnitude, the serious consequences of actually contracting any or all of the vaccine-preventable-diseases.

      Good grief…if you are still a registered nurse, I hope you are not caring for any patients in any health care setting.

      • CB

        Dear Lilady R.N.
        Your insults are a good thing because you are beginning to questions your own belief system. There is a lot of data out there for you. I have never stopped questioning and educating myself on matters of health and wholeness for my patients and have always exercised my curiosity to help people be better, healthier and stronger. I strive to help them and give them the knowledge about their bodies and their health and to empower them to be all they were created to be. I have attached some information with regards to HPV and Gardisil. I hope you will be open minded and take time to read and study this and perhaps you won’t need to sling insults back at your fellow colleagues. And maybe we can role-model nurses supporting other nurses even if their beliefs are different from their own. We all want the best for our patients. RIght?
        First, do no harm is the foundation of our medical oath.

        Gardasil – the Cervical Cancer Vaccine? FDA Approval Not Based On Actual Cancer Prevention

        By Cancer Monthly on December 10, 2007
        The FDA-approved cervical cancer vaccine “Gardasil,” has been debated for a number of reasons including its cost of $360 (plus the cost of doctors visits to get the shots) and the fact that it is approved for young girls and the moral and sexual implications associated with this. Up until recently, however, no one challenged the vaccine on the grounds of its presumed safety and efficacy. The fact that it is FDA approved was considered prima facie evidence that the vaccine is both safe and effective. We must remember, however, that the FDA that approved Gardasil is an agency with countless conflicts of interest that has approved drugs and vaccines that were later found to be dangerous or deadly such as Vioxx and RotaShield.
        When Cancer Monthly began looking at the research that enabled this “cervical cancer vaccine” to receive FDA approval we were astounded to find that this approval was not based on the vaccine’s actual prevention of cervical cancer. Instead a surrogate was used – precancerous lesions. We were pleased to see a recent article in the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) that echoed these same issues – “Questions on Efficacy Cloud a Cancer Vaccine” April 16, 2007; Page A1. The WSJ stated, “The Food and Drug Administration didn’t ask its panel of experts advising on Gardasil to rule on whether the vaccine specifically prevented the cancer itself.”
        Cancer Not Measured
        How effective is Gardasil in decreasing the incidence of cervical cancer? 100%? 50%? No one really knows because this question has not yet been answered. As of today, the Gardasil vaccine has never been proven to decrease the actual incidence of cervical cancer. In the studies that led to the vaccine’s approval, the incidence of cervical cancer was not measured. Instead CIN (cervical intraepithelial neoplasia) 2/3 and AIS (adenocarcinoma in situ) were used as the surrogate markers for prevention of cervical cancer because according to the vaccine’s insert “CIN 2/3 and AIS are the immediate and necessary precursors of squamous cell carcinoma and adenocarcinoma of the cervix, respectively.” While this is true it is also true that CIN 2/3 and AIS usually do not lead to cancer. For example, according to published data, CIN2 only leads to invasive carcinoma 5% of the time and CIN3 only leads to invasive carcinoma 12% of the time.1
        HPV Alone Insufficient to Cause Cancer
        In addition, Gardasil is targeted against Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) (types 6, 11, 16, and 18). However, during discussions at the FDA it was admitted that HPV alone is insufficient to cause cancer. Dr. Elizabeth Unger of the Centers for Disease Control stated, “So it is believed that infection alone is insufficient to cause cancer, and additional factors are required for neoplasia. There are certainly lots of questions about HPV infection…”2 This point is echoed in the medical text book Cancer: Principles & Practice of Oncology whose editors include Dr. Vincent DeVita, Jr. who was President of the National Cancer Institute and Dr. Steven Rosenberg, Chief of Surgery at the National Cancer Institute. According to this text, “HPV infection is not sufficient for cervical carcinogenesis…”3
        HPV the Correct Target?
        This is of course quite rational. If HPV alone caused cervical cancer than the number of cases in the U.S. would be the same as the number of women with HPV infections. Since only a relatively small percentage of HPV infected women get cervical cancer this raises the question whether a vaccine against HPV is the right target at all? In fact, according to the text Cancer: Principles & Practice of Oncology, “In most studies, HPV status was not a strong independent prognosticator of outcome in cervical cancer patients; however there appears to be a trend for HPV-negative tumors to do worse …those tumors containing HPV DNA tend to be of an early stage and low grade.”4 This suggests that if the goal is to reduce deaths from cervical cancer the target should not be HPV at all because the tumors without HPV actually “do worse.”
        Concern at the FDA
        Obviously a vaccine designed to prevent cervical cancer should have measured cervical cancer during testing, but it did not. During meetings at the FDA, Dr. Karen Goldenthal of the FDA discussed this very point. She said, “Now, here is some advantages of cervical cancer as an endpoint. Clearly the major concern is cervical cancer. This would be viewed as very, very definitive data, and it may be easier to identify any unanticipated vaccine associated problems.”5 Nonetheless, the FDA did not require that the actual number of cervical cancers be measured. As a result we now have an FDA approved “cervical cancer vaccine” that is yet unproven to reduce or prevent cervical cancer.
        Leap of Faith
        As quoted in the Wall Street Journal article, Scott Emerson, a professor of biostatistics at the University of Washington who sat on the FDA advisory committee, says he’s not persuaded the vaccine is worth the billions of dollars likely to be spent on it in coming years. “I do believe that Gardasil protects against HPV 16 and 18, but the effect it will have on cervical-cancer rates in this country is another question entirely…There is a leap of faith involved,” Dr. Emerson said.
        End Notes
        (1) Arends MJ, et al., Aetiology, pathogenesis, and pathology of cervical neoplasia. J Clin Pathol. 1998 Feb;51(2):96-103. Available here:
        (2) Dr. Beth Unger. See Minutes from: FDAVaccines and Related Biological Products Advisory Committee, November 28, 2001, p. 21 available here:
        (3) Vincent T. Devita, Jr., et al., editors, Cancer Principles & Practice of Oncology, 6th edition, volume2, p. 1523
        (4) Vincent T. Devita, Jr., et al., editors, Cancer Principles & Practice of Oncology, 6th edition, volume2, p. 1523
        (5) Dr. Karen Goldenthal. See Minutes from: FDAVaccines and Related Biological Products Advisory Committee, November 28, 2001, p. 83 available here:
        Posted by admin at 5:33 pm
        Posted by admin at 5:33 pm

        • lilady R.N.

          You ripped off that entire post from Dr. Sheri Tenpenny, who is an anti-vaccine, anti-science “alternative practitioner”.

          How about opening this link to Dr. Jen Gunter’s website. Dr. Gunter is a practicing OB/GYN and a science blogger, who has written extensively about HPV vaccines…their efficacy, their safety and the duration of their immunity.

          Gardisal vaccine prevents more than 70 % of the strains that cause cervical cancer.

          Don’t you think that preventing 70 % of the cervical cancers in this country is better than treating cervical cancer? There are 12,000 new cases of cervical reported in the United States each year and 4,000 deaths from cervical cancer. So…you are okay with 4,000 women dying each year from a preventable cancer?

          You could also look at this website to see how use of the HPV vaccines have dramatically decreased the incidence of new HPV infections.

          CB, I still doubt that you are a registered nurse, no less a practicing registered nurse.

        • Proponent

          Dr. Sheri Tenpenny?

          You got to be kidding.

          Gotta love the “Vaccine Resource Center” found on her website:

          Kind of curious as to why she has not been published to her blog via the Huffington Post since 2011. Her last entry, found here:

          “Fraudulent Medical Research Could Affect Your Diagnosis”

          … a thinly veiled attempt to prop up Andrew Wakefield.. again.. and cast aspersions on the peer review process.

          Here is a post from the discussion area on that article, directly quoted;

          “Another CAM advocate blog criticizing real medicine as fraudulant. But
          visit her website and see how you can pay out of pocket for things like
          “electro-toxicology”-“…a discipline that detoxifies the body via the
          use of medical micro-current applied directly to the energy current
          pathways of the body called meridians.” Or “Reiki”-“…”administered by
          ‘laying on hands’ and is based on the idea that an unseen ‘life force
          energy’ flows through us and is what causes us to be alive.” Or
          “Emotional Freedom Techniques”-“a psychotherapeutic alternative medicine
          tool based on a theory that negative emotions are caused by
          disturbances in the body’s energy field and that tapping on the
          meridians while thinking of negative emotion alters the body’s energy
          field, restoring it to balance.” Sounds like the pot calling the kettle

          Here is her rebuttal to the above post, and once again.. a direct quote;

          “Oh for heaven’t sake. Read the reference links to this article…and
          then make comments about something you know something about. Health
          isn’t it.”

          Tone sounds/reads like almost every poster/commentator that chimes in on these discussions that is anti-vaccination.

  • Menlopian

    Alex- you have been writing one-sided, half-truth laden hit jobs on these topics for years. Just tell the rest of us evidently stupid/misled parents why CMS has a vaccine injury compensation fund if vaccines are perfectly safe? Why do the pharma companies have complete immunity from lawsuits? Why does the CDC specifically contraindicate live virus vaccines for immunocompromised children, yet we do not test children’s immune systems prior to injecting them with pathogens their bodies may not be able to handle? I could go on but you and others like you are not worth my time, frankly. There are so many empowered parents are already freely sailing on an ocean you claim to be a flat earth; I look forward to the cult-like evangelism of the medical establishment being humbled in due time.

    • Lisa Pineau

      We do need pediatric medicine reform!

    • Lawrence McNamara

      No one has ever said that vaccines are 100% safe or 100% effective – but luckily through decades of studies, we know they are very safe and very effective, with an extremely low rate of side-effects.

      Get facts, not fiction.

      • kj

        Actually Lawerence you are very mistaken! :( Maybe you should do some research of your own…start by reading the vaccines inserts. Go to they’ve got plenty of info on the side effects of vaccines

  • patrons99

    Nobody is served by a message as biased and misleading as this one.
    Nobody would ever know about the legitimate risks to vaccination or the 3
    billion dollars paid out by our own government’s Vaccine Injury
    Compensation Program from reading this article.

  • scottloveskandi

    Could it be Brooks only contracted Pertussis because his mother was vaccinated when he was so young? Scientific evidence? Who’s studies has this writer been reading? Those from the Pharmaceutical companies? Here is some evidence: We have 6 children, each with less vaccines than the one before. The healthiest is the 6th, sick only 3x in his first three years. My husband is in the military and is required to receive vaccines. He gets ill with each set. The rest of us? Nope. Nothing. But then again, we no longer get vaccines. My friends who have received the flu shot? Yes, at least half of them have gotten a form of the flu.
    If this writer would take the time to verify his information, as SIMPLE AS READING THE LABELS IN THE VACCINE PACKETS i believe it would have been written much differently.
    As far as Whooping Cough cases, from those I am familiar with, most were already vaccinated and got sick anyway.

    • Lisa Pineau

      Thanks for writing. Bless you.

  • Kathy Musselwhite

    This article is purely a vaccine advertisement instead of journalism. True journalism would provide all sides to the issue and talk about the validated vaccine injuries and the science behind problems with vaccines. Bringing up the idea that anti-vaxers are just following celebrities is an old line used by Big Pharma to discount anyone that does not follow the vaccine pushers.

    • Lisa Pineau

      Agreed. What is an anti-vaxer but a made-up word to provide a negative connotation against the parent/parents who participate in medical choice when using pediatric healthcare? Vaccines can be a help, but not as a massive one size fits all strategy in the current US model/schedule.

      • sabelmouse

        or a new one for me; pro disease!

    • WilliamsSian

      True, issues often have more than one side to them, but they all don’t deserve equal weight. Whenever NASA gives an interview on their latest space mission they don’t also have a flat earth proponent standing by to give commentary. Nobody calls up Stanley Pons and Martin Fleischmann for advice on new fusion technologies. When there’s an enormous weight of scientific evidence against a position, then that position shouldn’t be given equal footing to the predominant theory.

  • Eevie

    Not being vaccinated is not causing the return of certain illnesses. The ones being vaccinated are spreading the diseases to the ones not recently vaccinated. I came down with pertussis a year and a half ago from children who were just vaccinated. The vaccines spread the diseases. The vaccines in America are NOT safe, they are in fact dangerous.

    • Lawrence McNamara

      Since vaccines do not include whole virus or bacteria, it is biologically impossible for this to occur….please learn biology before you post.

      • ScottV

        Not my research, but somehow they report that aP is transmitted similar to how Eevie mentioned.

        • lilady R.N.

          An infection from a wild strain of Bordetella pertussis…not a strain contained in pertussis vaccine. aP = acellular Pertussis.

      • David Foster

        Actually recent research has shown that the pertussis vaccine is helping to spread the disease, by creating asymptomatic carriers who are infecting close contacts. Other research has shown that use of the vaccine has caused genetic drift and increased the incidence of more virulent strains.

        BTW your statement is factually untrue if by “vaccines” you meant to include live virus vaccines like MMR and varicella, and the live flu vaccine which is becoming quite popular.

        Please learn about vaccines before you post.

  • Claudia Moore

    Another example of the extreme liberalism the
    Texas Observer chooses to print for the masses.

    This article is obviously one-sided peddling vaccines for the masses without
    taking into consideration that we, as humans, are not all one-size fits
    all. I began reading about vaccines when I married my husband, and we
    began planning a family. His family has a history of food allergies to
    include eggs, wheat and nuts.

    I chose not to vaccinate with certain vaccines because they contain egg
    proteins. This information is all over the internet now, but not 20 years
    ago when my daughter was born. Luckily, she had a mom that read, informed
    herself, carefully chose a pediatrician, and was cautious. Unfortunately,
    my best friend with a baby, the same age as my daughter, decided to trust her
    pediatrician 100%. Her daughter was given the much recommended flu vaccine at
    age 3, even though she was lactose intolerant. The following morning
    after the shot, her toddler couldn’t move her arms and legs and her brain stem
    was severely swollen. She spent an entire month at the hospital without a
    diagnosis because doctors refused to admit that this was vaccine related.
    Fast forward to the present, and the girl now 90% recovered, still suffers from
    some delays to include slurred and delayed speech and learning
    disabilities. The vaccine that was “made to protect her”,
    hurt her for the rest of her life. Even though manufacturers have removed
    some harmful ingredients in vaccines (so my pediatrician tells me), they were
    there when I began to have children. In other words, my oldest child was
    most at risk than my youngest born 10 years after her sister. Does this
    make sense? Or how about the fact that my oldest was recommended to receive
    about 12 total vaccines by age 12, and now the recommendation by age 12 is over
    18 vaccines? It is unbelievable that I have been called every name in the
    book and excluded from certain private schools because of my conscientious
    decisions for the benefit of my children. Yet, articles like this
    pro-vaccine nonsense keep being printed to harass the informed and cautious
    parents that dare to ask questions before signing the “Release” to
    allow their children to become lab experiments. If vaccines are so safe
    for everyone, why do we have to sign anything at all if clearly there is no
    risk????? Funny my pediatrician still can’t answer that question.

  • Gretchen Zally Crichton

    Sloppy journalism at its best. There are two sides to every story and the other side was clearly left out of this discussion. Even if attempts were made, that should have been stated. Whatever side of the fence you are on, Texas Observer readers deserve better than this and were not given a balanced article.

  • Whitney

    First of all this “article” is very biased.. I, like Rosemary am very glad to hear that Brooks is doing better. Thank the Lord! This article has little to do with that, though doesn’t it? People, unfortunately buy into fear driven propaganda such as this. When will we realize that what’s good for one person, may not be good for the next.. Something that could potentially save your life may kill the person sitting next to you!
    Vaccinations shouldn’t be received because of fear alone.. they should be studied and questioned. Much more than they are today. In fact, let’s see a study (STATISTICS, not opinions) of children vaccinated and children unvaccinated, and lets look at their over all health and well being!
    My Daughter had what we were told was a “Reaction” to her second round of shots, when she was a baby. She developed a knot in her leg that grew for three months until the Doctor finally took it seriously. We took her to St. Louis Children’s Hospital, where there were 7 different specialists there to have a look at this thing in her leg. When doing a biopsy of this knot, they determined that what was in her leg was actually “A ‘foreign body’ surrounded by a sterile infection” They quickly removed it and sent us on our way.
    These things tend to be over looked. Quite a lot actually. Instead of informing everyone about as much as possible, we’re reading things like this: If you love your children and don’t want them to die, you’ll get them vaccinated. -The majority of our population buys into this, and it’s sad to see so many children effected negatively by these vaccinations- so follows the dirty looks, and rude comments to parents who choose not to vaccinate their children.

  • concerned

    There is a strong possibility here that the recently vaccinated mother was the source of the baby’s pertussis infection. And, no, Jenny McCarthy didn’t tell me that. That crucial information can be found in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (Warfel, 2013):

    “Baboons vaccinated with aP[acellular pertussis vaccine] were protected from severe pertussis-associated symptoms but not from colonization, did not clear the infection faster than naïve animals, and readily transmitted B. pertussis to unvaccinated contacts.”

    Read that again…. “readily transmitted B. pertussis to unvaccinated contacts”, like a baby with an undeveloped immune system? Yes, the study is in baboons and hot humans, but the implications are quite clear and it fits the epidemiological data (and anecdotal data as in this article) that those who receive acelluar pertussis vaccine can transmit infection to the unvaccinated (like those under 2 months old).

    There is always more to any story… pleas keep an open mind.

    • concerned

      Here is the link to the full study:

      “Acellular pertussis vaccines protect against disease but fail to prevent infection and transmission in a nonhuman primate model” (

      and a Medscape article discussing it:

    • Lisa Pineau

      Thank you for your this research.

    • Carolyn Rands Taylor

      Amen. While reading this article I was thinking, where did the baby get exposed to Pertussis? Likely from the recently vaccinated mother. Unbelievable that the writer is using this story to promote vaccination. Vaccination is being promoted because of money. Multiply the cost of the vaccine by the number of people being vaccinated and the number of vaccines and that is big bucks! My oldest daughter reacted violently to a DPT shot when she was 2 months old. She got a high fever and was livid, crying at the top of her lungs. She had the shot in 1987. I found out that there was a giant # of vaccine related injuries in 1986 but yet they were still giving the shot in 1987.

  • Laura Chollick

    THIS IS BULLSHIT! Another example of how our journalism in this country is now a joke. Get your facts straight! My son was vaccine injured along with thousands of others. Go look up the over 80 studies that show that connection. I would do it for you but I am caring for my son who was perfectly “normal” until he went in for his well visit and received 7 shots in one day. Go look up the article “Deadly Immunity” by Robert Kennedy Jr.. Come interview all the families affected by this. Oh you may not have time to do that as it would take the rest of your life since there are SO MANY! Contact me Alex and I will be happy to enlighten you and give you the FACTS! Or are you just not interested in the truth? I work my ass off to help others not have to go through what we did and then someone like you writes an article like this.

    • Lisa Pineau

      My daughter had the same thing happen; parents should never allow these multiple shot marathons. The only thing worse was in my child’s case, she had come to the doc for illness. In our military hospital Peds clinic, all sick children were given similar to prepare for an inspection. We need a “No Multiples” campaign against this and sick-child vaccination.

    • Dorit Reiss

      I think you mean this article: There is a reason it was retracted. As explained: “In the days after running “Deadly Immunity,” we amended the story with five corrections (which can still be found logged here) that went far in undermining Kennedy’s exposé. At the time, we felt that correcting the piece — and keeping it on the site, in the spirit of transparency — was the best way to operate. But subsequent critics, including most recently, Seth Mnookin in his book “The Panic Virus,” further eroded any faith we had in the story’s value. We’ve grown to believe the best reader service is to delete the piece entirely.”

      The story was simply inaccurate from start to finish.

      There is no connection between vaccines and autism, as multiple studies show:

      See also this article:

  • S. Hostettler

    Please take a moment to watch this video of a life long nurse who was severely injured by a flu vaccine. The federal and/or state government should never be given the authority to mandate vaccinatins/innoculations.

    • Mike Stevens

      Anecdotes on YouTube are a poor substitute for comprehensive studies and scientific research.

      I could post a video of someone hurt by a baseball.
      Therefore we should ban organised sports?

  • Dr. Derrick Look at other countries studies and get a different story than Big$$ Pharma$$ is telling Americans

    • lilady R.N.

      How about actually linking to the German KiGGS study and its conclussions, that you so conveniently forgot…rather than linking to a crank anti-vaccine, anti-science blog?

      Key Messages
      the basis of representative KiGGS data, 0.7% of children and
      adolescents aged 1–17 years from non-immigrant families in Germany have
      never been vaccinated.

      The evaluation showed that
      vaccinated children and unvaccinated children differed substantially
      only in terms of the lifetime prevalence of vaccine preventable
      diseases; as is to be expected the risk of such diseases is notably
      lower in vaccinated subjects.

      In the largest study in
      children and adolescents so far none of the often anticipated health
      differences—such as allergies and the number of infections—were observed
      in vaccinated and unvaccinated subjects aged 1–17 years.

      • Scott Verner

        From the link you posted “Evaluable data on vaccinations were available for 13 453 subjects aged
        1–17 years from non-immigrant families. 0.7% of them (95% confidence
        interval: 0.5%–0.9%) were not vaccinated.”

        Regarding balanced research that is approximately 13,359 vaccinated vs. 94 unvaccinated.

        This is not sufficient research.

        • lilady R.N.

          You should be replying to Dr. Derrick, who linked to an anti-vaccine, anti-science blog and his comment..

          “Look at other countries studies and get a different story than Big$$ Pharma$$ is telling Americans”.

          I merely pointed out to him the conclusions of the KiGGS study…which his link did not provide.

          • Scott Verner

            Fair enough. I incorrectly assumed that was your link. Either way, that study is not sufficient research.

  • jerlands56

    There is ample evidence to support NOT recommending vaccinations. Today, those supporting vaccinations are either naive or somehow financially connected with the system.

    I think the real problem lies in the dysfunctional health care system our government is currently supporting where their concern is maintaining financial support of an industry past it’s prime.

    Disease and infection is most effectively treated by sustaining health through conscious, aware living which involves good diet (the things we eat,) exercise (basic physical movement) and careful, social involvement.

  • Matthew Williams

    Media failed again; what about all those who died or almost died from the vaccine Observer.

    • Lawrence McNamara

      A very small number of people do suffer serious vaccine reactions – and there is a process for these vanishingly small number of people to be compensated….who compensates those that are harmed or die from vaccine preventable diseases?

  • Sundisilver

    Obviously the writer of this story has never had a child injured by vaccine. Although I am happy for such people- immune to sympathy for those who know the truth about the very real inherent dangers of vaccine and the industry that sells them, to spread disinformation via the Observer about the “safety” of such vaccines in the face of overwhelming risk of varying degree is irresponsible, naive, and illuminates a remarkable inability for basic research.

  • SLP

    I am so disappointed in yet another vaccine advertisement masquerading as journalism. Nobody is served by a message as biased and misleading as this one. Nobody would ever know about the legitimate risks to vaccination or the 3 billion dollars paid out by our own government’s Vaccine Injury Compensation Program from reading this article.

    • Lawrence McNamara

      You drive a car, right? Hundreds of billions of dollars have been paid out for settlements from car accidents….meanwhile, billions of doses of vaccines have been given and serious side effects happen in less than 1 in 1 million cases….if only everything in our lives were as safe as vaccines.

      • concerned

        Please cite your source for the 1 in a million statistic. Is that per dose, per vaccine, per year?

  • Dennis Schneider

    One of the best articles I’ve seen you publish. This article will save lives. Antivaccine people are dangerous.

    • lcdrrek

      Well, Dennis! Looks like the antivax loons have taken over the comments here. They have fallen back on their non fact based arguments and point to “experts” that have no qualifications and post “facts” that are completely BS.

      • concerned

        Like that PNAS article I posted… what do they know! Here is some more “non-fact” “BS” for you from the same article:

        “Although all vaccinated and previously infected animals had robust serum antibody responses, we found key differences in T-cell immunity. Previously infected animals and wP-vaccinated animals possess strong B. pertussis-specific T helper 17 (Th17) memory and Th1 memory, whereas aP vaccination induced a Th1/Th2 response instead. The observation that aP, which induces an immune response mismatched to that induced by natural infection, fails to prevent colonization or transmission provides a plausible explanation for the resurgence of pertussis and suggests that optimal control of pertussis will require the development of improved vaccines.”

        Translation: the immune response induced by current vaccination is QUALITATIVELY different (“mismatched”) from natural infection (and wP vaccination), with the potential long-term consequences (to the individual and to society at large) completely unknown.

        This is just one example of a significant knowledge gap in immunology/vaccinology – there are many.

        • WilliamsSian

          I’m sorry, but I’m not understanding what you’re trying to say here. Is it that the acellular pertussis vaccine is ineffective and doesn’t provide long term protection and therefore shouldn’t be used? Is it that the whole cell pertussis vaccine provides a better immune response and that we should switch back to using that? Or is it that despite your claim that there are “huge gaps” in the fields of immunology and vaccinology that it was immunology that provided an explanation and possible solution to this problem?

          • concerned

            Thanks for the civil reply and question. I’ll clarify my point. The bigger issue here in my opinion is that we (as a society) have worked ourselves into a corner by relying SOLELY on vaccination as a means of dealing with infectious disease, when so many other factors play a part. And even if vaccination were the answer, there has been serious resistance to “improving” vaccines because there is such denial (with rare exceptions) that vaccines don’t always work as advertised (for an example, see Osterholm, 2012 – “A major barrier to the development of game-changing influenza vaccines is the perception that current vaccines are already highly effective in preventing influenza infection.”)

            Perception? I though we were dealing with science here.

            Anyway, in the case of pertussis we have 2 choices form vaccinolgy:
            1. Whole cell Pertussis vaccine – which is generally accepted as being highly reactogenic, even though more effective (though in the Warfel study they state that the resurgence began during the wP era – so there’s probably more at play here: “However, over the past 30 y, pertussis has resurged in the United
            States. The resurgence began during the wP vaccine era, but the pace has
            quickened since aP vaccines were recommended for all primary and
            booster doses”)

            2. Accellular pertussus vaccine – which is less effective and “sheds” more, per the Warfel study (and potentially skews the immune response in other ways, see Long, 2010 – “Acellular pertussis vaccination facilitates Bordetella parapertussis infection in a rodent model of bordetellosis” where they state “Thus, we conclude that aP vaccination interferes with the optimal clearance of B. parapertussis and enhances the performance of this pathogen. Our data raise the possibility that widespread aP vaccination can create hosts more susceptible to B. parapertussis infection.”… the list of potential “effects” from pertussis vaccination doesn’t stop here, by the way)

            So, with choice 1 we have the risk of encephalitis (among other things) and with choice 2 we risk infecting those around us (babies with the cocooning strategy?), becoming more susceptible to other pathogens to boot and needing a lifetime of boosters (cradle-to-grave vaccinations, its the hot new thing). Sorry, but both “solutions” fall short, seriously short of what I would call a “good” solution. Yet all we ever hear in articles like this is to “just get vaccinated” and everything will be OK – such gross oversimplification of a complex and highly important topic.

            So yes, there are indeed “huge gaps” in understanding what exactly we are doing to ourselves and our children. I’m not opposed to vaccination on principle – I’m all for research and further study and whoever wants the vaccine can go for it. What I am opposed to is this dogmatic stance that vaccines are 99.9% “safe and effective”, and the “just get the damn vaccine” (courtesy of Dr. Nancy Snyderman) mindset of those who, more or less, favor mandatory vaccination. We’re playing with fire here.

          • WilliamsSian

            First, yes, we rely heavily on vaccination to prevent the spread of infectious disease because they’re the best preventative medicine we have. During cold and flu season and outbreaks of other diseases additional measures like handwashing and reducing contact with other people are recommended, but those still aren’t enough. What else do you propose we look into?

            You seemed to be cherry picking from that CIDRAP report because the first and fourth bullet point in that section respectively read: “During some influenza seasons vaccination offers substantially more protection for most of the population than being unvaccinated; however, influenza vaccine protection is markedly lower than for most routinely recommended vaccines and is suboptimal.” and “Novel-antigen influenza vaccines in investigational research offer the potential of lasting, broad, and potent protection; however, substantial research support is needed to further develop and evaluate these vaccines.” The report is states that despite its flaws, the influenza vaccine can provide moderate protection from influenza. There is a large effort to develop a universal influenza vaccine “Universal flu vaccine closer after natural immunity study” (, but the virology of the influenza virus makes that difficult.

            Unfortunately the two pertussis studies you cited are settled firmly behind a paywall, but I think it should be noted that pertussis vaccine refusal started back in 1985 with the airing of “DPT: Vaccine Roulette”, and that its been known since the late 80s that vaccine refusal was an issue ( While I can’t firmly state that that’s why pertussis has been resurging for the last 30 years, I think it’s fair to suspect that vaccine refusal has played some part in that.

            Further, I’ve spent a good portion of my day looking for the rate of developing encephalitis following vaccination with the wP vaccine the research I’ve found was that that was a rare side effect. Many studies found no statistically significant correlation between the two events, and one that did claimed it occurred at a rate of 1 in 110,000 injections and that the afflicted children almost always recovered ( Further your argument seems to be skirting into false dichotomy territory – it’s not an all or nothing scenario. Again, despite its shortcomings, the acellular pertussis vaccine is still better protection than nothing at all (

            As you pointed out it’s not a simple issue. This kind of science is immensely complicated and not easily understood by those outside the field. Articles like this keep saying “just get the vaccine” because despite their flaws, vaccines are still the best preventative medicine we have, and the risks of complications from the vaccines are vastly less than those from contracting the disease they prevent – if not 99% then damn near it. But the thing about vaccines is that they work best when you vaccinate everyone. That’s how we eradicated smallpox and that’s how we’ve nearly wiped polio off the planet. We haven’t experienced widespread outbreaks of whooping cough and measles, so its easy to ask whether the vaccines are worth it, but if we continue down this course of refusing the vaccine than we’ll understand why previous generations were desperate to get their hands on them.

          • lilady R.N.

            Then we have the genetic studies of five children who regressed sometime after receiving whole cell pertussis vaccine. They were awarded damages by the Vaccine Court, for encephalopathy.

            When genetic testing was completed, a determination was made that the five children had Dravet Syndrome…a degenerative genetic disorder:


            Alleged Cases of Vaccine Encephalopathy Rediagnosed Years Later as Dravet Syndrome

            Ila S. Reyes, MDa,
            David T. Hsieh, MDa,b,
            Linda C. Laux, MDc,
            Angus A. Wilfong, MDd,e


            Dravet syndrome is a rare epileptic encephalopathy linked to mutations in SCN1A
            (neuronal sodium channel α1 subunit) and characterized by an onset in infancy with polymorphous seizure types and developmental decline. It was reported recently that a proportion of patients previously diagnosed with alleged vaccine encephalopathy might possess SCN1A mutations and clinical histories that enabled a diagnosis of Dravet syndrome, but these results have not been replicated. We present here the cases of 5 children who presented for epilepsy care with presumed parental diagnoses of alleged vaccine encephalopathy caused by pertussis vaccinations in infancy. Their conditions were all rediagnosed years later, with the support of genetic testing, as Dravet syndrome. We hope
            that these cases will raise awareness of Dravet syndrome among health care
            providers who care for children and adolescents and aid in earlier recognition and diagnosis.

          • concerned

            Once again, thank you for engaging in a thoughtful discussion.

            First on CIDRAP and influenza – my intent was not to cherry pick but to highlight what appears to be their primary point: that despite decades of research on influenza vaccination, the primary obstacle to improving the vaccine is the insistence that what we have is already really effective (otherwise why promote it with such an iron fist). At least thats the impression given to the general public. Also, none of the studies or researchers I cite are “anti-vaccine” (as opposed to “pro-vaccine” – a false dichotomy if ever there was one) – they simply point out areas of concern in the realm of vaccination that most would seemingly prefer to ignore. Yet there are many important critical appraisals that NEED to be addressed. In the meantime, given the lack of sufficient knowledge of the full effects of vaccination on the individual, everyone should have the right to make their own choices when it comes to medical interventions, especially those that have so many unknowns. If you choose to get your yearly influenza vaccination, then good for you. If I choose not to, then so be it. I am responsible for my own health. We will each suffer the consequences of our choices, be they good or bad.

            Now to pertussis – the recognition of serious adverse events following immunization go back much further than 1985 – 1933 to be precise.

            From Berg, 1958, BMJ: “Since Madsen (1933) first drew attention to the possibility of serious consequences following active immunization against whooping-cough, reports of neurological sequelae of such immunization have come from various parts of the world. These sequelae (post-inoculation poliomyelitis is not being considered here) have ranged from transient convulsions with complete recoveryto gross crippling, mental retardation, and death.”

            Further on it says, “Follow-up revealed a recovery rate of about 50%, a persisting morbidity rate (physical and/or mental) of about 30%, and a mortality rate of 15%.” – they didn’t all recover here.


            The 1985 movie only brought the issue to mass consciousness. Who were these children that experienced these serious reactions? They had families and friends like everyone else – and people talk about their experiences. If the movie created a shockwave, it was more than likely because it resonated with so many people’s reality. So, what is the “actual” rate of encephalitis after pertussis immunization? The honest answer is that no one really knows. How can they when no one is actively looking for these and other reactions after vaccination. VAERS is inadequate, as you may well know.

            What we do know is that in the developing world, where DPT is still given, it has been shown repeatedly that DPT INCREASES overall mortality, especially among young girls. Please look into the work of Peter Aaby and his group in Africa on the so-called “non-specific effects” of vaccinations – they have published extensively and many studies from multiple countries have replicated their work. And, just to clarify again, none of these researchers are “anti-vaccine”, in fact they are strong proponents of live vaccines – yet they raise very important questions on the overall effect vaccines (beyond any effect on any particular disease). You can find the full PDFs if you search for the titles on Google Scholar.

            Here are 3 examples:

            Benn, 2013: “A small jab – a big effect: nonspecific immunomodulation by vaccines”

            Aaby, 2012: “Testing the hypothesis that diphtheria–tetanus–pertussis vaccine has negative non-specific and sex-differential effects on child survival in high-mortality countries”

            Aaby, 2012: “Vaccine programs must consider their effect on general resistance”

            Any intervention that INCREASES overall mortality is a serious problem. But, it can’t be addressed as long as we insist that vaccines are always safe and effective and harass people who choose to opt out.

            So, what to do? First, we need real, unbiased research on the full range of effects of vaccination, a tall order, but possible (and some of this work is being done). Second, we need to get a handle on the use of statistics in the realm of infectious disease. In my view, statistics have been seriously mishandled. Statistics on risk of disease and reactions to vaccination are given as though they were static over time and space, when in reality they are not. For example, mortality after pertussis (the natural infection) has varied widely.

            From Strom, 1960: “In most countries whooping cough is still a serious illness with an appreciable mortality risk. The WHO statistics for 1955 show for 28 countries a mortality of 18 per million inhabitants per annum; in Sweden the rate was 1 per million. Only 65% of children in Stockholm develop clinical whooping-cough. Therefore the disease no longer imposes the burden on the family which it has done in the past.

            In the light of these circumstances the attitude to vaccination cannot be the same in all countries. When there is a risk, and when the neurological complications may either be fatal or lead to serious consequences for the individual and the family, the situation needs to be reconsidered. Thus it may be questioned whether universal vaccination against pertussis is always justified, especially in view of the increasingly mild nature of the disease and of the very small mortality.”

            Berg, 1960: “Is pertussis vaccination against pertussis always justified?”

            So, what to do? What, indeed, would happen if we stopped vaccinating and went “back in time”? Would we go back to Sweden in 1960, or to the US in 1900? On what basis do you make that prediction? What could we have learned had we seriously studied what made Swedes in 1955 so resilient against mortality from pertussis, so much so that vaccination was essentially irrelevant. Things to ponder…

            As to smallpox, it wasn’t certified as eradicated after “everyone” was vaccinated. In fact they stopped mass vaccinations (at least in the US and other western countries) significantly short of that due to the severity of the reactions (and deaths attributed) to smallpox vaccination.

    • Kathy Young

      You are so welcome. My comment stands. I have researched the FDA for many years. I could write a book.

  • Rosie

    This had to be a horrible situation for those parents. And I agree that we need to, as a general rule, vaccinate. That said, vaccinations do harm some children, and the refusal of the medical community to discuss and explore this with an open mind only causes worries to grow. Most parents don’t know whether a vaccine might harm their kid til the damage is done, sometimes too late. In our case, we did follow the vaccine schedule. Our son has autism (probably from birth, not caused by vaccines), but bloodwork shows that he had a hyper immune response to mumps and rubella and is still immune (9 years after vaccinating), with the virus probably living on in the lining of his intestines. Despite these test results (facts, not irrational fears or paranoia), our pediatrician kicked out of his practice when we opted out of the booster. Why? Why would a medical professional ignore what’s best for my son, stick his head in the sand, and say ‘one size fits all, just follow the schedule,’ when seeing proof that a scheduled booster isn’t needed and there’s no harm even being potentially done to the public health? This sort of knee jerk reaction just makes this worse, and any paranoia to grow.

    • lilady R.N.

      I don’t recall that any science blogger, including Alex Hannaford, who claimed that vaccines are totally safe. There have been reports of verifiable severe adverse reactions to vaccines…on the order of 1:1,000,000 per dose administered. You would have to prove to us that these extremely rare events far exceed the dangers of actually contracting the diseases that the vaccine prevent.

      I don’t understand your statement about your son ” bloodwork shows that he had a hyper immune response to mumps and rubella and is still immune (9 years after vaccinating), with the virus
      probably living on in the lining of his intestines.”

      Who diagnosed your child with a “hyper immune response” and what was that response?

      Are you complaining that your son is still immune to mumps and rubells after receiving one dose of the 2-dose series?

      You do know, don’t you, that Andrew Wakefield’s bogus diagnosis of “vaccine-induced-enterocolitis, has been thoroughly debunked? Fortunately, we have access to PubMed and 383 entries about the many studies that have been done that prove there is no association between MMR vaccine and enterocolitis…or the onset of autism:

      ~ 95 % of people who receive just one dose of the 2-dose series of MMR vaccine, administered after one year of age, will be immune to measles. After completing the 2-dose series of MMR vaccine 99 % of people will be immune. That immunity is lifelong.

      The CDC has reported some cases of mumps infection in some people who have received two doses of the MMR vaccine. Perhaps your child’s pediatrician wanted to make certain that your child received two doses of mumps vaccine, to protect him from this serious disease.

      BTW, the second MMR vaccine is not a “booster”….it is the second dose of a 2-dose series.

      • Rosie

        My son’s immunologist ran the bloodwork to assess his immune function and found unusually high levels of antibodies. He likened the levels to that of someone who’d recently been exposed (highly unlikely). Of course I’m not complaining that my son is protected from some illnesses. You missed my point – why was my pediatrician so wedded to the schedule that he couldn’t allow a fact-supported and unrisky exception? I don’t have a kiddo who suffered harm. But my experience showed me that “sides” have been carved out and blinders put on, so I sure feel for the people who have and the disdain they must face from people (I’d guess like you). Open dialogue is needed to rebuild trust on this issue.

        • lilady R.N.

          Rosie, your child has a high level of immunity (IGG antibody) to mumps and rubella after receiving one dose of the triple antigen MMR Vaccine. IGM antibody shows an active infection with mumps, rubella…or measles. The reason why a second dose of MMR was recommended by the CDC is because of the huge measles outbreak that occurred in the United States, late 1980s-early 1990s, which caused thousands of hospitalizations, serious complications and hundreds of deaths:

          I have great empathy for parents who provide loving care for their special needs child. My son was born in 1976 with a rare genetic disorder, which caused multiple and profound intellectual, physical and medical impairments and immune compromised (leukopenia)…along with “autistic-like behaviors”…not autism (DSM II Diagnostic Criteria). He survived for 28 years, dying peacefully in his sleep, ten years ago. His survival was based on children and adults who received vaccines, according to the recommended schedules.

          Do you understand now, why your pediatrician follows the recommended schedule? It is to protect your child and other children in his practice who are too young to have received the primary series of vaccines and who have immune compromising conditions or valid medical contraindications.

          • Rosie

            I’m sorry to hear of your loss, and am sure that your son was – as my son is – a great blessing to you. I can see why you would have an especially deep appreciation for the herd immunity and are so passionate.
            To respond to your final question, I get why most pediatricians follow the schedule. I don’t think they’re evil ogres. We did the same with our first and for 3 years with our second. But that’s never been my point. To my point – I sure don’t understand why a thinking doc who generally follows the schedule would insist on it with my son. It was irrational. My child isn’t part of 4% who needs the second dose to be immune. We didn’t have to guess or hope that he would be immune after 1 dose – the bloodwork proved it (and has continued to prove it in the years since). He didn’t need any additional protection nor is he any threat to any other children – because he is immune. Furthermore, as I mentioned in the initial comment, the testing showed his immune system is stressed, which at least this to mom is a valid medical contraindication to any stressor to his immune system that we can avoid. So we try to reduce chemicals around the house and avoid pesticides and, yes, avoid vaccinations that his bloodwork shows are unnecessary.
            I get from a public health perspective, it’s simply easier to have most people get a second dose to move immunity up from 95% to 99% of the population. (If you’re going to stick a kid, I’m sure it’s easier, cheaper, and more effective to just give a 2nd dose than test to see if they need the 2nd dose, then have to get the 5% who need it back in for a second shot.) Most parents wouldn’t bother with the bloodwork that we did to check immune levels. But we did. So a rational response to us, in our case, armed with our information, would be to say “Great – he doesn’t need the 2nd dose!” The irrational response to the facts – insistence on keeping to the schedule to the point of kicking us out – that’s blind fanaticism. And it bums me out because I want to trust the experts. Thankfully we’ve found a great pediatrician who supports us continuing to monitor immune levels and will booster if/when my son needs it.
            Maybe if more pediatricians were like my new one – willing to consider a child’s unique situation and discuss options/pros and cons respectfully, or able to inform parents who are concerned about vaccines about the option to check immune levels to determine if/when boosters are needed, or to just move a teeny bit like acknowledging that the HepB vaccine can pretty safely wait a bit after birth if you’re no drug using prostitute – there’d be more trust all around on this topic.

          • lilady R.N.

            Rosie, you keep saying that your son’s “immune system is stressed”, without providing any details of a “stressed immune system”. (I’ve never heard of a “stressed immune system” as it pertains to vaccines) and your original pediatrician, who must have looked at any and all reports and tests that your son underwent, apparently did not find that your son has a “stressed immune system”.

            A “stressed immune system” is not a valid medical contraindication to receiving the MMR vaccine…or any other childhood vaccine.


            I’m concerned that your original comment regarding about a “stressed immune system” and this statement, “with the virus probably living on in the lining of his intestines.”

            What specific type of testing did your son undergo, which makes you believe that your son’s immune system is stressed and (a) virus (is) probably living on in the lining of his intestines?

          • ScottV

            It is my opinion that your reply, including your linked source, is a testament to a denial of risk(s) of vaccination (or further vaccination) to an immune compromised recipient.

            Do you have any quality research that compares the response to vaccination of those being treated for any active, common illness vs. those that present as otherwise healthy?

          • lilady R.N.

            Why don’t you ask Rosie about oxidative stress”, the likely presence of a virus in your child’s bowel,
            candida overgrowth and viruses which required a regimen of anti-viral
            medication and the type of tests her child underwent. She hasn’t replied to my last comment and both her former doctor and I have told her that she should have her child immunized with the second dose of MMR vaccine.

            Better still, explain to me what “oxidative stress” is.

          • Rosie

            Lilady I would be happy to encourage any parents whose child suffers from GI pain to the point of waking screaming 2-3 times every night, to explore traditional testing like a scope and allergy and celiac tests, and if you still don’t find a solution, explore whether yeast could be a factor. For us it was and fixing it a Godsend. You and some other establishment types have chosen to dismiss this as quackery rather than rejoice in the child healing and considering how that happened in hopes of helping others. If and when that changes we will have hopes of rebuilding trust. Tell your bosses to put some money there instead of trolls.

          • Rosie

            lilady, you manage to miss my main points, ask for clarifications and proof that you don’t need (for you have no reason to distrust me) and that I don’t have time to dig through my medical records to provide. It is not my responsibility to educate you if you (or my son’s pediatrician) don’t understand some of the tests an immunologist runs that show oxidative stress and overactive adrenal function (which are consistent with my son’s distractibility and easily triggered ‘fight or flight’ response). Based on my memory and layman’s understand of the expert’s explanation, the theory that virus was/maybe is living in his gut was based on evidence of a candida overgrowth, which can damage the lining of the intestine. This helped us understand some sad behaviors – my son waking up nightly screaming with stomach pain/gas for 3 years (with celiac, allergy tests, and GI scope all negative). Suddenly we found a missing piece of the puzzle: candida overgrowth can damage the lining of the intestine and his ability to product lactase (needed to process dairy). So we tested it out. We removed dairy. Waking/crying decreased. We treated the candida through diet and drugs. Waking/crying continued to decrease. At some point, assuming the gut had healed, we reintroduced dairy, with no ill effects. Testing shows that his candida is down but still higher than ‘normal’ so it’s possible there is some low level damage to his gut that continues, which makes my son more susceptible than your average kid to viruses taking up residence there (per my very mainstream GI). As a result of this understanding of the medical tests, my son’s behaviors, and the improvements based on our treatments, both the immunologist and GI doc believe we got the bottom of it – the candida-caused gut damage probably explains the stomach pains and the off the charts immune levels in response to the MMR vaccine.
            I’m not an immunologist or GI doctor, so I can’t explain that to you any better. But try listening and believing and learning something. You’re coming off like “I don’t know = you must not be correct.” And to tell another parent who’s using information specific to her child that those unique facts are not a valid reason to minimize exposure to toxins is both arrogant and mind-boggling, considering you (claim you) had a child for whom you probably had to make many tough decisions and life changes in his best interests.
            But you have reinforced my main point – there is too little interest in listening and dialogue with an open mind on this subject, which needs to turn around if you want more trust. You started with skepticism and distrust, ignored my main point, asked for proof of side issues, and demonstrated superior medical knowledge in an attempt to discredit rather than understand and acknowledge my main point, and continue to do so. At this point, I have decided you are probably a (paid?) pharma troll and I’m out. I have better things to do on a Saturday than respond to you any more. Best of luck.

          • lilady R.N.

            One last comment from me.

            Your comment confirms what I thought about your son’s diagnosis all along.

            You are using an “alternative doctor”, possibly a DAN! doctor (oxidative stress, candida overgrowth, antivirals are the buzzwords)…who sent his blood, hair or urine for testing to a lab which performs tests that are bizarre…such as Doctors’ Data Laboratory….am I right to far?


            If you took your son to an alternative GI doctor, who made that diagnosis, I’m betting it was Arthur Krigsman who is a good buddy of Andrew Wakefield or some other “autism specialist” who came up with that bogus diagnosis of viruses in the bowel.

            Is it any wonder then, why your original pediatrician told you that he can no longer care for your child, when you took your child to physicians who are “autism specialists” and your child underwent not-clinically-indicated testing and procedures?

          • Rosie

            Silly lady, can I take you up on that bet? I already told you he is a ‘mainstream’ GI doctor. John Baker. He simply acknowledged that his testing didn’t come up with solutions, and that the ‘quack’ DAN immunology doctor’s test did seem to find the cause and point us to a fix. His confirmation that viruses occasionally can live on in a damaged gut (and can cause further damage) meant a lot us, since going to an ‘alternative’ DAN doctor is a stretch for any traditional-minded parent (but a necessary one when ‘traditional’ medicine offers no hope, only ritalin).
            He’s a great example of another doctor who listens with an open mind, looks at the facts from test results and outcomes, and is willing to discuss ideas outside of his mainstream practice and traditions. Unlike you, so thanks again for proving how close-minded your ‘side’ can be. Really, I have to stop – I have better things to do (like pick up dog poop) – but your know-it-all attitude is so grating…

          • lilady R.N.

            You went to a DAN! doctor for testing and that doctor sent specimens to a “specialized lab” which used non CLIA-certified tests to determine “oxidative stress”, the likely presence of a virus in your child’s bowel, candida overgrowth and viruses which required a regimen of anti-viral medication….typical diagnosis from DAN! doctors.

            Thanks for the information and take care of yourself and your son.

          • Mike Stevens

            Candida overgrowth, and as evidence of measles virus persistence in the gut?
            Sorry no.

          • Rosie

            Both things – damaged gut due to candida and high response to the MMR vaccine – are true but connecting them to explain why my son has a lingering overresponse to MMR was a reasonable hypothesis. When a DAN immunologist and a mainstream GI doctor agree on the likely explanation, I trust any reader will weigh that more heavily than a dismissal from Mr. Random I Know Nothing About Your Son’s Health.

          • Mike Stevens

            If your child had high titers of protective antibodies after the first MMR dose, then it is likely that a second dose would be unnecessary, true.
            However, there is no significant additional risk from getting a second dose in the absence of allergic reactions, but if you had concerns about this, then I think it entirely reasonable not to get the second dose.
            But doctors opinions do differ.

          • Cynddy

            It is to keep in good standing with the drug companies. Do you know how many physicians know nothing about what is in vaccines? Do you know how few ever even read a vaccine insert? It is not science. It is a society of ill informed professionals who won’t bother to take the time to find out just what harm vaccines cause. They are indoctrinated by the drug reps and walk in lock step like a Nazi infantry. Don’t let them harm your child. Once a vaccine damages or kills, there is no going back to fix it.

      • ScottV

        I assume you will deny the value of this, but here goes anyway. The (alleged bogus) Dr. Wakefield speaking (gasp!) on You-tube. (I see tomatoes flying at me already) The man understands much more than I and cares enough to risk a very profitable and comfortable life taking scraps from the table of the pharmaceutical industry – to tell the truth!

        • lilady R.N.

          His license was revoked and he makes his living by scamming credulous parents who still believe in him and his pseudoscience. Just a snake oil salesman wanking for coins.

          • ScottV

            Had he not spoken out against the system, would his license have been revoked? Are the documented benefactors of his care crying that they were scammed? For that matter, are those that benefited less than anticipated crying either? Regarding vaccination in general, are there not several arguments available to either side regarding the absence of presence of “pseudoscience”? Regarding “snake oil salesman wanking for coins.”, that is the first time in our conversation(s) that I recall you lowering yourself to childish name calling. Is he guilty of providing advice to support the improved lives of those that seek his help and charging for it? License or not he is still a well educated doctor, choosing to make a difference as he best sees fit. Should he not be able to charge for that?

          • lilady R.N.

            Why don’t you read the transcripts and the GMC decision following Wakefield’s Fitness To Practice hearing?


            Do you see anything in that decision to indicate that doctors were out to get him?

            His license to practice medicine was revoked because of the egregious harm he inflicted on the children who were part of his study and because of his fraudulent research:


          • Cynddy

            That is wickedly untrue!

          • Mike Stevens

            Read the evidence, would you?
            (It will make a nice change)

          • Cynddy

            You are slandering a good man. The one you should have in your crosshairs is that lunatic, Paul Offit, who thinks young babies with immature immune systems can handle 100,000 vaccines at one blow.

          • Mike Stevens

            In terms of antigens being handled by an immune system, with different epitopes targetted?
            No problem.

            I think you mean “libelling” btw.
            Like you libel Professor Offit, whose vaccines have saved tens of thousands of babies worldwide.
            Well done that man!

          • HP Austin

            I believe Dr. Wakefield is the one who successfully treated Jennie McCarthy’s son, who was autistic, and I’ve heard that his clinic has been successful treating many children with autism. It is also located in Austin.

          • Mike Stevens

            You heard wrong.
            Jenny “recovered” her child herself using all manner of quack cures.

          • lilady R.N.

            Jenny son was diagnosed with autism, according her. As far as I know McCarthy never brought her child to Wakefield. Did you hear differently? Wakefield has no medical license and should be charged with practicing medicine without a license, if he has seen any patients.

            BTW, Jenny’s son still has a seizure disorder; he was hospitalized two years ago for control of his seizures (Jenny “tweeted” about her child’s hospitalization for control of seizures).

        • bpatient

          Wakefield was wrong. Even if the evidence that he dishonestly manipulated the data between drafts of his paper did not exist, he’d still be wrong.

          Wakefield hypothesized that “the widespread use of MMR immunization is a major determinant of the apparent (now substantiated) increase in rates of autism.” [Pediatrics 2001; 107; e84] Of course he never proved that, because he couldn’t–it’s just not true. When he was offered the opportunity to confirm his sketchy preliminary findings in a fully-funded study of 150 children using his already-assembled team at the Royal Free, where he was, after all, employed full-time as a researcher, Wakefield chose to walk away.

          Now we know why Wakefield refused the opportunity to prove his hypothesis. Brian Deer’s dogged investigation showed that Wakefield selectively edited his data to support the position that he adopted before he had seen any of the children: that their cases represented a “new syndrome.” Although the Lancet children were preselected precisely because their parents associated MMR with the onset of autism, Wakefield chose to suppress the claim of that association for three of the eleven children, and thus managed to dramatically decrease the calculated “interval from exposure [to MMR] to first behavioural symptom.” Wakefield included child 5 in his analysis of that interval in the August 1997 draft of his paper, but he removed that data from the published version. Wakefield noted “autistic spectrum disorder and bowel disorder following MMR” above his signature in the chart of Child 12, but then indicated in the paper that there was no “exposure identified by parents or doctor.” Wakefield ignored that the mother of Child 9, like the parents of Child 5 and Child 12, clearly indicated that she believed that MMR caused her child’s autism.

          Wakefield reported, “Onset of behavioural symptoms was associated, by the parents, with measles, mumps, and rubella vaccination in eight of the 12 children . . . ” That’s not true, and Wakefield clearly knew it. Had he not eliminated three of the eleven children from his calculated “interval from exposure to first behavioural symptom” and not also conveniently decided that a respiratory infection one week following vaccination was a “behavioural symptom” of autism, the average “interval from exposure [to MMR] to first behavioural symptom” would have been much longer, his paper would likely not have been published, and you would never have heard of Wakefield.

          Moreover, a careful case-control study clearly refutes the results that Wakefield was unwilling to attempt to support through further study. Wakefield’s former business partner and co-author wrote in the conclusion to a careful case-control study that “The work reported here eliminates the remaining support for the hypothesis that autism with GI complaints is related to MMR vaccine exposure. We found no relationship between the timing of MMR vaccine and the onset of either GI complaints or autism.” [PLoS One. 2008 Sep 4;3(9):e3140]

          • ScottV

            You are welcome to argue with Wakefield. It is my opinion that there could be correlation. MMR, etc. is/are only part of my concerns. I am much more concerned with the entire industry. I find relevance in your comments just as I do in those of Dr. Wakefield.

            Consider all this: I understand the risks and alleged benefits and I politely
            decline consent!

            Eat real food, drink clean water, get a little sun, exercise and utilize hygiene.

            My kids, myself, my choice!

          • Cynddy

            Wakefield’s paper was never meant for publication. It was written on one page and was a suggestion that MMR caused autism, but he was attacked by those who didn’t want that kind of information to get out and Dr. Wakefield gets exonerated more every day by studies that show he was correct.

          • Mike Stevens

            So why did he publish it?

          • bpatient

            “Wakefield’s paper was never meant for publication. It was written on one page . . . ”

            Well, here on earth Wakefield certainly intended to publish his five-page paper (including a graph, two tables, and five photographs) when he submitted it to The Lancet.

            Wakefield was clearly wrong. MMR is clearly not “a major determinant of . . . increase in rates of autism.” MMR does not trigger the onset of both bowl problems and ASD.

            “The work reported here eliminates the remaining support for the
            hypothesis that autism with GI complaints is related to MMR vaccine
            exposure. We found no relationship between the timing of MMR vaccine and
            the onset of either GI complaints or autism.” [PLoS One. 2008 Sep

    • Cynddy

      He could be sued under RICO, racketeering laws for refusing you a service. He is a vendor of vaccines and refusing you treatment is a threat. Report him for ethics violation with the AMA and the FTC for extortion and unlawful business practices.

  • lilady R.N.

    Excellent article about the small, but vocal-on-the-internet minority of parents who blame vaccines for their child’s autism.

    The American Academy of Pediatrics has a list of published studies which have looked at large population groups throughout the world, which address vaccine safety and the lack of association between vaccines, the ingredients in vaccines or the timing and spacing of vaccines, and the onset of autism:

    • HP Austin

      The Amish almost never vaccinate their children and their is virtually no autism among them. The few who are autistic have generally left the community for a time and been vaccinated. The rate of autism in the general population now is about 1 in 98 girls and 1 in 60 boys, roughly.

      • lilady R.N.

        You must be referring to Age of Autism’s Dan Olmsted who did a drive-by study of an Amish community. Olmsted managed to miss a large Children’s Center in that community and was roundly condemned for publishing his “study” on Age of Autism.

      • Mike Stevens

        Fact: The majority of Amish do vaccinate their children.

        Now, this being the case, and seeing as how the Amish do not have autism, that means what exactly?
        Answer: That vaccines cannot be a cause of autism.

    • Cynddy

      Not so small as you might think. Truth always triumphs falsehood.

  • Dorit Reiss

    Nothing is 100% safe or effective, but vaccines provide excellent levels of protection with relatively rare risks. This article does a great job of highlighting the harms and risks of foregoing them. I hope people listen.

    • Cynddy

      Yes, to those parents who are screaming from the housetops…”DON”T VACCINATE” “DO THE RESEARCH”
      Don’t learn the hard way. Vaccines can’t be undone and your child’s life can’t be given back.

      • Dorit Reiss

        It’s true that in the rare cases of vaccine injuries, some of the harm, maybe, cannot be undone. But harm from a disease you left your child exposed to by not vaccinating her – against the evidence, against the medical consensus – cannot be undone either. Families that lost children to flu, HiB and so forth are not compensated, unlike vaccine injuries, and are left to live with the guilt and pain. Not vaccinating cannot be undone; and its risks are much higher than the risks of vaccinating.

        • Cynddy

          You know what? I am sick of your boring drivel! You are pathetic and a poor excuse for a compassionate human being. I don’t give a damn what lies you believe, you have probably convinced yourself of the lies you tell as being the truth, but in the meantime hundreds of children will die on the altar of vaccinology because you spread this false ethic and even faultier science as gospel. Well, maybe God will forgive you for deceiving parents and maybe some parents will be awakened to the truth that vaccines damage and destroy children and families for a life time despite your concerted efforts to lie your way out of a box. You will never change my mind because I have direct, personal and immediate experience of how a vaccine destroyed my son and there are hundreds more parents like me out here. One in 50 to be exact whose kids have been irreparably damaged because you can’t bring yourself to admit that vaccines are unsafe and mutilate normal healthy children. Drugs kill and so do vaccines except in the case of vaccines, there never is any recall, never any liability. You, in my view, are the epitome of evil. And I am sure that I speak for many.

          • Mike Stevens

            Just out of interest, do you have some evidence that hundreds of children have/will die from vaccines? There doesn’t seem to be any indication that there have been many deaths in the USA up to the present day.

            If we are talking on a global basis, there is plenty to demonstrate that vaccines are life-saving interventions. Over the last 12 years alone measles vaccine is calculated to have prevented 14 million deaths from the disease. And that is just measles. To campaign against vaccines with the intent to prevent vaccination would result in widespread death of truly genocidal dimensions.

            While vaccines may have serious, and even fatal consequences, one must look at how the benefits vastly outweigh their risks.

  • Scott Verner

    This story supplies much assumption and little proof.

    Are there any genuine studies that support pertussis vaccination during pregnancy?

    Not according a manufacture, see:

    13: “It is also not known whether ActHIB vaccine reconstituted
    with saline diluent (0.4% Sodium Chloride) or Tripedia vaccine
    (TriHIBit vaccine) can cause fetal harm when administered to a
    pregnant woman…”

    It could be assumed that dad, being
    unvaccinated, caused the problem – but I do not recall any statement
    in the article that dad tested positive for the disease. It is very
    difficult to spread the disease, if you do not have it.

    it be possible the mom or sibling (if I recall from the story, mom
    was vaccinated and I guess it is safe to assume sibling was as well)
    had spread the disease to the infant? According to this study, yes.

    “In this study, we show nonhuman primates vaccinated with aP were
    protected from severe symptoms but not infection and readily
    transmitted Bordetella pertussis to contacts.”

    The above quote translates loosely to: Those vaccinated, if exposed to
    the disease, were less likely to have symptoms, but were just as
    likely to pass the disease to others.

    By this research, this article’s attempt to convince the unvaccinated to receive vaccination
    could place others (vaccinated and unvaccinated) at risk and defeat
    the apparent goal of the story.

    It appears that there is a great amount of motive behind this article, to drive the anti-vax
    group back to vaccination and more of a blind acceptance of its
    alleged safety and efficacy. The very existence of such an article
    leads me to believe that the industry sees itself loosing a foothold
    as more and more are bringing up very relevant concerns to this

    Vaccination is a medical procedure and
    has known risks, many very severe. The industry’s lobby has
    purchased corporate immunity and the perception of required
    compliance. If the industry truly wants an uptake of vaccination,
    they should consider the following changes. 1. Remove all unsafe
    additives from vaccines. 2. Avoid hiding behind cowardice laws and
    accept responsibility for the damages created by their products. 3.
    Regarding safety: Complete quality, life long studies to evaluate the
    chronic effects of repeated vaccination (these have been completed
    and the industry does not like the results). 4. Regarding efficacy:
    Complete quality, long term (decades) research of vaccinated vs.
    unvaccinated. To this point, please do not comment about the ethics
    of leaving people unvaccinated! The truth is lacking, do the proper
    tests – I will gladly volunteer to remain unvaccinated as a
    comparative subject. 5. Stop purchasing the creation of “news”
    articles/stories that are propaganda. We are not idiots. To that
    point… 6. Stop calling people names (yes, I agree that goes for
    both sides), be polite to those that disagree with your opinions.
    There are more, but this is a good starting place.

    Until then, I understand the risks and alleged benefits and I politely
    decline consent!

    Eat real food, drink clean water, get a little sun, exercise and utilize hygiene.

    My kids, myself, my choice!

    • lilady R.N.

      ACTHib and Tripedia are not given to pregnant women…only children; it is protective against the serious, oftentimes deadly, H. influenzae bacterium. Prior to the development of H. influenzae vaccines, there were 20,000 cases reported by local heath departments to the CDC. Since vaccines protective against this bacterium were licensed by the CDC, cases of deadly invasive H.influenzae have plummeted by 99%. See the infant’s gangrenous hand, caused by Hib septicemia? it was amputated after this photograph was taken:

      Did you happen to read Mr. Hannaford’s article about the recommendations from the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists for pregnant women to receive the Tdap booster vaccine during the third trimester of each pregnancy?

      • Scott Verner

        Well Stink! The link I used alluded to DTaP, but that was not. Regrets, I did not intend to toss out a Red Herring.

        This link and quote better represents what I intended to use as support for my statement:

        page 14:

        “8.1 Pregnancy

        Pregnancy Category C

        Animal reproduction studies have not been conducted with Adacel vaccine. It is also not known whether Adacel vaccine can cause fetal harm when administered to a pregnant woman or can affect reproduction capacity. Adacel vaccine should be given to a pregnant woman only if clearly needed. ”

        I did, just now see the cdc link you provided. I will remain of the opinion that the absence of manufacture research does not persuade me to accept all the CDC or its representative state.

        • lilady R.N.

          The booster vaccine recommended for pregnant women during each pregnancy is the Tdap vaccine, not DTaP (which is provided to infants and children in a 5 dose series).

          Here is the CDC website with the justification for the CDC and the ACOG (American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists) to make that recommendation:

          Here, from the ACOG, the Policy Statement for providing Tdap vaccine to pregnant women during their third trimester of each pregnancy:

          From PubMed…14 safety studies for the Tdap vaccine recommendations of the CDC and the ACOG:

          • ScottV


            Adacel linked above and BOOSTRIX, linked here:

            Are both “Tetanus Toxoid, Reduced Diphtheria Toxoid and Acellular Pertussis Vaccine Adsorbed”

            Or via name shape shifting, Tdap vaccines. I will retain my previous comment.

            Per the Boostrix insert, page 13: “There are no adequate and well-controlled studies in pregnant women. Because animal reproduction studies are not always predictive of human response, BOOSTRIX should be given to a pregnant woman only if clearly needed”

            Considering current physiological limitations related to mine and my wife’s ability to conceive, I will leave this to those that such suggestions would apply. To that point, if I personally, could become pregnant – I have sufficient reasonable doubt and would decline the vaccine (regardless of the CDC and ACOG’s ability to pat each other on the back).

          • lilady R.N.

            I wish you and your wife a healthy pregnancy and I hope that you read the links I provided.

          • ScottV

            Thanks, but I may have misspoke. Regarding “current physiological limitations”: that was elective.

            I will read and consider your links, but to that point I will give stronger focus on the third source than the first two.

      • Cynddy
        • Mike Stevens

          Sorry, we missed your links to the evidence and the reports showing that these deaths were caused by the vaccines, rather than just happening to children some time later for a coincidental reason.

  • Jon Marathon

    This article is so unbalanced that it hardly qualifies as “watchdog journalism.” Instead of presenting the “anti-vaxers” side in a fair an unbiased manner, it uses language that makes them look like crazy or evil people. They are neither. I am a 20-year military retiree who has had every vaccine in the book, but I am now an anti-vaxer. Dr. Novella says there is unsubstantiated fear about the safety of vaccines, but how can we trust information from either the government or the pharmaceutical companies? Health authorities ARE colluding with vaccine manufacturers. There is a revolving door between government and industry. Many if not most employees of the FDA, CDC, etc. have at one time worked for industry or still sit on their corporate boards. There is a serious conflict of interest between with public health officials saying vaccines are safe. Much of the research its based on is funded by the companies themselves. How many times have drug companies put out medicines, only to later have them pulled when people started getting sick or dying? Trying to get as many people vaccinated with as many vaccines as possible is big business. As for Dr. Ropeik statement, “What should we do about people who decline vaccination for themselves or their children and put the greater public at risk by fueling the resurgence of nearly eradicated diseases? Isn’t this the same thing [as drunk driving or smoking in public]?” No, it is not remotely the same thing. It’s not even apples and oranges, it’s like comparing apples and chairs. The government does not have the right to tell me what I MUST put into my body or the bodies of my children! If we get sick with a so-called vaccine preventable disease, then quarantine us, by all means.

    By the way, more children are killed or injured with guns every year in the US (10,000), yet why aren’t people up in arms about this? Because it’s their constitutional right? Give me a break.

    And vaccine-preventable diseases are becoming more resistant to the vaccines through natural selection, just like bacteria to antibiotics. We should let our bodies naturally develop antibodies to the diseases; once you get mumps, measles, or chicken pox, you will never get them again, but if you rely on vaccines, you will need booster shots for the rest of your life. KA-CHING! More money for the vaccine companies.

    • Lawrence McNamara

      There are plenty of independent research that shows that vaccines are safe and effective – from educational institutions, regulatory agencies worldwide, etc… are claiming that there is a conspiracy that would have to involve millions of people. That, by itself, shows that your position is untenable.

      • ScottV

        That is right Jon. We should trust the educational institutions, disregard they receive massive amounts of financial support and educational materials (textbooks, posters, samples, pens, kleenex boxes with or without what could be viewed either as truth or propaganda (you decide which)).

        Also, you should trust the CDC, WHO, NIH and the government in general (ignoring the fact that many pharmaceutical industry ceo’s etc., are now high ranking officials for these government institutions), if for no better reason than – YOU WERE TOLD TO!

        Yes, Lawrence please note my sarcasm.

        • Mike Stevens

          Trust them if the research pans out is what I say.
          But of course, you don’t like the research (because it proves you wrong)

          • ScottV

            On this very thread… What did you say? And what of that specifically “proves” me wrong? Or are you trolling me, only to have found this comment?

          • ScottV

            What of the above comments, is the research that I do not like or that proves me wrong? Looks like your first post following Jon’s initiating comment.

      • Cynddy

        Highly tenable position to those who have done te research. Those studies are government studies funded by the vaccine “industry”.

        • Mike Stevens

          Throwaway comments with zero basis. Easy for you to dismiss everything on the planet as “pharma funded”. (They must have huge pockets), but harder to actually provide evidence of it.
          Do you have any proof of this vast conspiracy involving millions of researchers, Govt and Industry?
          Thought not.

      • Jon Marathon

        Hardly. See Ioannidis, “Why Most Published Research Findings Are False,” As an example of a corporation deliberately falsifying that a product was safe, “For decades, chlorpyrifos, marketed by Dow Chemical beginning in 1965,
        was the most widely used insect killer in American homes. Then, in 1995,
        Dow was fined $732,000 by the EPA for concealing more than 200 reports
        of poisoning related to chlorpyrifos. It paid the fine and, in 2000,
        withdrew chlorpyrifos from household products. Today, chlorpyrifos is
        classified as “very highly toxic” to birds and freshwater fish, and
        “moderately toxic” to mammals, but it is still used widely in
        agriculture on food and non-food crops, in greenhouses and plant
        nurseries, on wood products and golf courses.” (Hamblin, “The Toxins That Threaten Our Brains”). The people that conduct the research you mention are hardly independent. Most of them have conflicts of interest that they fail to report. They are owned and funded by the corporations marketing the vaccines.

        • Lawrence McNamara

          @Jon – Okay, you’ve just made an extraordinary claim….that millions of doctors, researchers, government employees (and corporate employees) are part of a massive conspiracy to hide the dangers of vaccines….I look forward to you posting up your evidence that this does in fact exist.

  • lilady R.N.

    This is what happens, when parents follow “alternative” vaccine schedules, promoted by pediatricians such as Dr. Bob Sears. (The deliberately unvaccinated child who was the “index case” who caused the 2008 San Diego measles outbreak, was a patient of Dr. Bob Sears):

    “….The index patient was an unvaccinated boy aged 7 years who had visited Switzerland with his family, returning to the United States on January 13, 2008. He had fever and sore throat on January 21, followed by cough, coryza, and conjunctivitis. On January 24, he attended school. On January 25, the date of his rash onset, he visited the offices of his family physician and his pediatrician. A diagnosis of scarlet fever was ruled out on the basis of a negative rapid test for streptococcus. When the boy’s condition became worse on January 26, he visited a children’s hospital inpatient laboratory, where blood specimens were collected for measles antibody testing; later that day, he was taken to the same hospital’s emergency department because of high fever 104°F (40°C) and generalized rash. No isolation precautions were instituted at the doctors’ offices or hospital facilities.

    The boy’s measles immunoglobulin M (IgM) positive laboratory test result was reported to the county
    health department on February 1, 2008. During January 31–February 19, a total of 11 additional measles cases in unvaccinated infants and children aged 10 months–9 years were identified. These 11 cases included both of the index patient’s siblings (rash onset: February 3), five children in his school (rash onset: January 31–February 17), and four additional children (rash onset: February 6–10) who had been in the pediatrician’s office on January 25 at the same time as the index patient. Among these latter four patients, three were infants aged <12 months. One of the three infants was hospitalized for 2 days for dehydration; another infant traveled by airplane to Hawaii on February 9 while infectious.

    Two generations of measles cases were identified. The first generation (eight cases) included the index patient's two siblings, two playmates from his school, and the four children from the pediatrician's office. The second generation cases included three children from the index patient's school: a sibling of a child from the first generation and two friends of one of the index patient's siblings…."

    • sabelmouse

      how many of them died or were damaged?

      • Mike Stevens

        Not the first time you have made such heartless comments, mouse.

        Shall I now ask: “how many kids die from autism”?
        (I could with all seriousness, but I won’t)

        • sabelmouse

          there is nothing heartless about it. if people are trying to scare others into vaccinating with tales of outbreaks and epidemics it’s a very relevant question. i guess saying that so many were infected with this or that and fully recovered is just not scary enough and that is why that is left out entirely or numbers from countries where children are malnourished are use.
          a hundred infected with measles , all re well just doesn’t cut it.

          you deny deaths related to autism or directly linked to vaccination. asking hat would be counterproductive for your agenda.

          • Mike Stevens

            The description was of a small outbreak of measles. The underlying theme was how readily the infection can spread.

            You interject with your senseless “Ooo!..but how many of them died?” mantra.
            Yes, very apt.

          • sabelmouse

            there is no relevance to any outbreak unless we have something to fear from the disease.

          • lilady R.N.

            You’ve already proven yourself to be too ignorant and too heartless to fear any and all vaccine-preventable diseases, mouse.

          • Mike Stevens

            Well one of the 3 infants infected had to spend 2 days in hospital treated for dehydration. That’s harm in my book.

            You ever had a kid admitted to hospital?
            Imagine the trauma (if you haven’t) – a sick, distressed and disorientated toddler, forced into a cot in a strange and totally unfamiliar environment, subjected to strange men holding him/her down and sticking plastic tubes and needles “directly” into the veins, and all manner of other nasty tests and treatments. And this goes on for days. And if mom is allowed to stay, she is complicit in the torture, which may damage bonding.
            If this happened anywhere outside hospital it would be regarded as severe child abuse, but this is actually what 20-30% of the kids who get measles are required to do (just to save their life). And you think this is no big deal, and measles is to be embraced, and celebrated? Sick.

          • sabelmouse

            a lot of things are done very badly in hospitals as i can attest from my own experience.

    • David Foster

      Interesting that the article only mentions the vaccination status of one child. Most likely all the children who contracted measles were vaccinated, with the exception of the infants from the pediatrician’s office. Also interesting is that this article makes no mention of Dr. Sears…would you like to back up that claim?

      • lilady R.N.

        You didn’t read the MMWR carefully about the vaccine status of the children Dr. Bob’s patient infected during secondary transmission and tertiary transmission. All of the children he infected were unvaccinated.

        “Also interesting is that this article makes no mention of Dr. Sears…would you like to back up that claim?”

        Sure I’ll back it up…Sears admitted to me that the index case was, in fact, his deliberately unvaccinated patient, when I confronted him on the Huffington Post, as detailed here.

        • David Foster

          You are correct, the MMWR does state that all of the non-infant children who contracted measles in this outbreak were unvaccinated, sorry I missed that.

          As for Dr. Sears and the index case, you are misrepresenting what Dr. Sears told you. This is a familiar pattern with yourself, Orac and Mr Mnookin. Dr. Sears did say that the index patient was his patient, but you conveniently left out the part where he told you that the parents of the child had already decided against the MMR vaccine before becoming his patient. Also note that Dr. Sears suggests an alternative, delayed schedule, he does not recommend skipping the MMR, so the decision of the parents was not even consistent with Dr. Sears’ philosophy.

          So why do you insist on blaming Dr. Sears for this outbreak?

          • lilady R.N.

            Dr. Bob Sears was responsible for the outbreak, because he promotes through his book and through his statements blatant lies about vaccines, the safety of vaccines, the clinical trials and ongoing safety and efficacy monitoring of licensed vaccines and the serious consequences of not vaccinating infants and children according to the CDC/AAP Recommended Childhood Vaccine Schedule. He also tells parents who opt out of vaccines to “Hide in The Herd” (he encourages these free-riders to depend on Herd Immunity and not to reveal to other parents who have infants too young to have received vaccines or who have children with medical contraindications…thus exposing infants and children to deliberately non-vaccinated disease vectors).


            Sears is a member of the American Academy of Pediatrics, yet he violates the Academy’s Standard of Care which directs their member doctors to provide full and timely immunizations for each of their patients.

            “Dr. Sears did say that the index patient was his patient, but you
            conveniently left out the part where he told you that the parents of the
            child had already decided against the MMR vaccine before becoming his

            Under the circumstances, what would you expect Sears to say?

          • David Foster

            Thank you “lilady R.N.”, or “lilady”, or whoever you are, for confirming what most of us already know…that the likes of you, Orac and Mnookin, could care less about the facts because you have an agenda that is independent of the facts.

            You are stone cold busted here. You have misrepresented information given directly to you from Dr. Sears by only reporting half of what he told you, leaving out the part that doesn’t support your agenda. When Dr. Sears tells you that the index patient was indeed seeing him you take it at face value, but when he also informs you that the patient’s parents had already decided against MMR before coming to his practice, you simply decide that he is lying. You sound very professional and convincing, right up to the point where you misrepresent the facts and dissemble, and your argument falls apart, and at that point you resort to name calling.

            You claim that Dr. Sears is responsible for this outbreak because of his stance on vaccinations. That is absurd. You are absurd.

            Question for you: Should any pediatricians who urged their patients to avoid mercury-containing vaccines, before it was decided to remove mercury from most shots, be censured? Should pediatricians who urged their patients to stop using the oral polio vaccine, before we decided to stop using this vaccine in the US, be censured? Should pediatricians who now recommend against infants getting a vaccine to protect them from a sexually transmitted disease be censured?

            But I do find it interesting that you hold Dr. Sears responsible. Should we also hold pediatricians personally (and professionally) responsible when their patients suffer severe, debilitating and sometimes life-long (or life-ending) vaccine reactions? By your own logic it sure seems like we should.

          • lilady R.N.

            But there are no studies that prove Thimerosal when used as a preservative in multi-dose vials of vaccines, caused any serious adverse events, even with children who had an allergy to the preservative. So…your statement is false.

            Haven’t you heard that the AAP rescinded their opinion about Thimerosal, after 31 studies (listed at the end of article), proved that Thimerosal is safe?


            I think I have wasted enough time on you and your nonsensical posts.

    • Cynddy

      How’s Dorit? Taking a rest? You must be her associate.

      • Mike Stevens

        Well since she isn’t paid to post here, like you are, she is off doing something else.

  • Jay Lawrence

    Silent Epidemic; The Untold Story of Vaccines Movie dire

    • lilady R.N.

      YouTube citation…how quaint.

      Silent Epidemic produced by AIDS denialist and conspiracist Gary Null, who has mail order doctorate degrees from diploma mills. You must be kidding…

      • Cynddy

        Not quaint when it comes to killing children. Watch the movie. It is all there. It is all true. I must warn you that it is only for those who have eyes to see though.

        • Mike Stevens

          I see, you must already be a true beeleever in order to accept the propaganda.
          Well explained.

      • Jay Lawrence

        So what are you going to dispute about the video and be specific.

        • lilady R.N.
          • Jay Lawrence

            Like I said, what are you going to dispute about the video? I do not care about the messenger. Let’s take a cold hard look at the preservatives found in these Elixirs. Would you gladly take in Aluminum and Mercury into your system? And we have these Authoratarians going door to door trying to pump this poison into kids. You really need to take a look into yourself lilady, check your Morals and Ethics. Where did your Principles go?

  • sabelmouse

    yet another pro vaccination article that claims that pertussis is back because of refusal to vaccinate despite what even the FDA says.

    • Mike Stevens

      Did you even read the article, mouse? Because it doesn’t really say that.

      “Chris Van Deusen, with the Texas Department of State Health Services,
      says the reasons for the outbreak here are varied: Like so many
      infectious diseases, pertussis is cyclical; immunity wears off; and
      there’s more awareness by physicians and therefore a greater chance of

  • Anonymous

    I am a RN but no longer practicing precisely because I can’t morally stomach administering vaccines.
    Not yet part of the solution but at least no longer delivering on the problem.
    Don’t kid yourself with the euphemism “developmental delay”.
    Brain and immune injuries are the latest “vaccine preventable” epidemics.
    Prevention = no vaccines
    If you want your children and grandchildren to develop properly then don’t interfere catastrophically with the normal maturation of their infantile nervous and immunological systems.

    • Cynddy

      Boy, you sure speak the truth. I want to see them question your RN degree and experience. They like to prove those of us who disagree, ignorant dolts. Hardly the case.

  • texasaggie

    You read all the responses from that antivaxers and just shake your head at the results of a Texas education. Some of them claim to be somehow related to science and medicine in their work, but if that’s true, then I fear greatly for the well-being of the people put in their care. Not only do they lack a basic understanding of how biology works, but they also have problems with reading comprehension. For example, several of them talk about how someone had a reaction to a pertussis booster thirty years ago, so they obviously don’t understand the part in the article saying that the pertussis vaccine now isn’t even close to the one used then.

    Maybe to get them to understand the consequences of their ignorance, it should be possible to make them legally responsible for any kid who gets sick or even dies because of being infected by someone who could have been vaccinated but wasn’t. That would include not only monetary damages but also criminal charges of at least child abuse and endangerment of children if not second degree murder.

    • ScottV

      I will, in part, accept that responsibility if the manufactures will directly accept responsibility for damages created by their products. Fair is fair and balanced is balanced. The coverage for the damaged should not be taken from the sales of vaccines, hoarded and only released in secrecy after the injured have endured the burden of proof.

      Also, my opinions are of no result of my Texas education. There is no need to blame our state, it has spent a large amount of tax dollar attempting to persuade my decision. My opinions are based on years of careful research comparing what pro-vaxers do not like and anti-vaxers accept regarding vaccination. I personally avoid the comments of celebrity parents, generic internet news health blogs, purchased government officials and for profit pharmaceutical corporations – a like. I make every willing attempt to read quality responses from every pro-vax response I see. Example, this very blog, lilady R.N., I do not agree with everything she states, but I have learned from her. I accept that she specifically clarified a research document that I did not clearly understand. See:

      “lilady R.N.: An infection from a wild strain of Bordetella pertussis…not a
      strain contained in pertussis vaccine. aP = acellular Pertussis.” in this blog.

      While you are shaking your head remember, there is not a single anti-vaxer, myself included, that wants to do ANYTHING to lay at the risk of harm, their loved ones or themselves. It is not that we do not care, we care deeply!

      I think of vaccination as a chain. If there are weak links in the chain, the chain is of little or no value. I have posted examples of these weak links elsewhere on this blog, so for this comment I will attempt to be brief: statistically significant risk of severe reaction, unconstitutional denial of right to fair trial, the appearance of no quality, long-term, studies of single vaccination in relationship to lifetime risk of auto-immune disease, mutagenesis, carcinogenesis or the like – not to mention very limited (but industry damaging) research regarding the repeated use of the same vaccine(s), internet propaganda – such as this published story (that I can assure you was the very type of “reporting” that made me start to consider – “what really is going on here”), poor and unbalanced research to compare vaccinated to unvaccinated (example: manufactures using a similar vaccine to compare with a new vaccine to establish safety, or similar additive (known to be toxic (btw, aluminum is no improvement over mercury) or studies of 13000 vaccinated compared to 100 unvaccinated). That is off the top of my head, I am certain I could add more. Every good Aggie knows if you try to use a bad chain to pull a friend’s jeep out of the mud, at best the chain might break and at worse it will break and whip back and damage the rescue vehicle. The pro-vaxers state – if the best you have is a bad chain, you would still try to use it. I say, avoid the mud (that is strictly an example and I am not attempting to compare vaccines to mud).

      Until then, I understand the risks and alleged benefits and I politely
      decline consent!

      Eat real food, drink clean water, get a little sun, exercise and utilize hygiene.

      My kids, myself, my choice!

      • lilady R.N.

        Nice to know that you have indentified yourself as an anti-vaxer…which is what you are…based on your ignorance.

        • ScottV

          Regarding your labeling of my opinions: I did not know, based on my comments, that I am on the fence. Ten years ago, I was. Now, I am not.

          Regarding my alleged ignorance: Ignorance = (in part) ignore or “refuse to take notice of or acknowledge; disregard intentionally.” From you specifically, this is a bit inappropriate. I have gone out of my way to willing and openly consider the information you have provided. As I have stated it did not persuade me, but that hardly makes me ignorant.

          You are clearly pro-vax (I know, shocking to all). Pursue change in your industry, sufficient enough to motivate myself and others like me to be more willing to accept vaccination. I have already provided several relevant suggestions.

          Just a reminder – calling names is not highly convincing or motivational.

          • lilady R.N.

            You bet I am pro-vaccine…and pro-science. Nice for you to admit that you are anti-vaccine.

          • ScottV

            Does anti-vaccine automatically equal anti-science?

          • lilady R.N.

            “Does anti-vaccine automatically equal anti-science?”

            Absolutely…especially because you offer up no valid studies to counter my links and you overestimate your ability to understand the science of immunology, bacteriology, virology and epidemiology….i.e. the Dunning-Kruger effect:


          • ScottV

            Please accept this example of the scientific method I found
            (Wikipedia). (The) “scientific method is a body of techniques
            for investigating phenomena, acquiring new knowledge, or correcting
            and integrating previous knowledge. To be termed scientific, a
            method of inquiry must be based on empirical (acquired by means of
            observation or experimentation) and measurable evidence subject to
            specific principles of reasoning.”

            I have, in fact, provided relevant rational (principles of
            reasoning) to explain why the multiple studies you have provided were
            less than quality research (observation and critic of presented
            evidence). I am not alone in this methodology of reviewing research
            Specifically, “Most of the safety trials did not report the
            methods for random sequence generation, allocation concealment and
            blinding, which made it difficult to assess the risk of bias in the
            studies.” If The Cochrane Group can have their doubts, I
            respectfully retain the right to have my own!

            I HAVE provided research and evidence from multiple vaccine manufactures that are less than supportive of your position (investigation of phenomena,
            acquiring new knowledge, … and integrating previous knowledge).
            Furthermore, I have learned from you and have gained a better
            understanding through your perspective (correcting … previous
            knowledge), specifically regarding my admitted misunderstanding of
            wild pertussis transmission via those vaccinated with aP – NOT due to
            the aP vaccination as I misstated! This is due, in part, to my hasty
            reading of the research. That does not indicate that the information
            I relayed to you or my personal observations through the same are

            It appears you have mostly exercised your privilege to ignore my submissions and that IS your choice. TRUST ME, I am in NO WAY attempting to convert you or anyone else for that matter. As you have so quaintly labeled me an anti-vax, please allow me to argue, at the most sincere levels, that I am much more
            pro-choice than anti-vax. Pro-choice to me, most diffidently means
            you should be just as free to make your choice as I should mine.

            Regarding my ability to “overestimate (my) ability to
            understand the science of immunology, bacteriology, virology and
            epidemiology”, please accept the fact that I have never claimed to
            be omniscient! I assume you are not as well.

            Regarding your skepticalraptor (great source for some significantly biased
            information) reference, regarding “Dunning-Kruger” effect and its
            definition of “individuals without any education or any real
            scientific knowledge but who have an illusory belief in their own
            superior knowledge, and risk your child’s health.”, I will
            attempt to respond as kindly as possible. Firstly, it has been my
            intention to explain myself – appropriately and respectfully.
            Given that I have linked credible/relevant sources and have clearly
            separated my opinions, when applicable, from such sources; it has not
            been my goal to imply superior knowledge. As I have established
            above, I have stayed well within the boundaries of scientific
            constraints when replying to your commentary. Most annoying of your
            allegation, is your complete absence of knowledge of my education!
            At this point, you have assumed too much! I will grant, by your user
            id on this blog, that you are a registered nurse. There are several
            others reporting on this very blog with similar credentials, that do
            not agree with your position – so it is not just me. I have
            successfully practiced as a Texas chiropractor for last 13 years.
            Prior to this, my education consisted in part of: embryology,
            cellular biology, histology, statistics, public health, physiology,
            microbiology, immunology, pathology, pharmacology/toxicology, lab
            diagnosis and differential diagnosis (as well as others). PLEASE
            NOTE, this list is “in part” primarily because these specific
            courses were all post-graduate and primarily taught by MD’s and/or
            PhD’s NOT chiropractors (less you again become skeptical). Prior to
            this education I had planned to be a pharmacist. To that regard,
            while an undergraduate, I worked for two different pharmacies and
            multiple pharmacists. As you can assume I discovered a significant
            rational to change my life direction. I can assure you, this did NOT
            happen due to my ability to complete such a program! It had to do
            with my observations of those in the field and the reported
            shortcomings of their profession. Before you go all skepticalraptor
            on my chosen profession, please be aware of the following. Texas law
            governs the privileges and limitations of its chiropractors. The
            primary force that limits the chiropractic profession from being
            welcomed into the pharmaceutical industry (with open arms) is
            chiropractors! The pharmaceutical industry WANTS chiropractors to
            follow in the steps of the osteopaths and embrace allopathic
            medicine. I for one, hope this does not happen. To this existent, I
            assert a relevant educational background to form my own conscience
            opinion, as is related to the theory and application of

            Vaccination has personal risks, and as such, ones
            own personal decision should be honored. Your opinions as well as
            mine should be equally revered.

          • lilady R.N.

            So you are a chiropractor, who “worked in pharmacies”…big deal.

            How many vaccines have you ever administered?

            How many cases, clusters, outbreaks of vaccine preventable disease have you ever investigated and reported to the CDC?

            Until my recent retirement, I worked as a public health nurse clinician-epidemiologist at a large suburban health department-division of communicable diseases control (catchment area 1.2 million population), where I provided case investigation and case surveillance for every vaccine-preventable disease and the ~ 60 other communicable diseases, outbreaks, which are not vaccine-preventable. I’ve ordered blood tests, N-P swabs, sequential O & P, sputum smears and DNA fingerprinting for suspect and confirmed TB cases. Have you ever investigated any case of a V-P-D or any of these diseases/outbreaks?


            Time for you to fold your tent now.

          • ScottV

            Funny you should ask! I have administered just as many vaccines as are 100% safe and 100% effective. I have administered just as many vaccines as have been found to be safe for pregnant mothers in regards to cross-placental transmission to the fetus. I have administered just as many vaccines as those that make any claim, WHAT-SO-EVER, in section 13 of a standardized manufacture’s package insert as related to that vaccine’s potentiality to cause cancer. I have administered just as many vaccines as have been proven to not cause chronic autoimmune disease in the recipient. There are countless other examples I can make, but as you already well know the answer is ZERO!

            What I have done is spent the last 19 years of my life, with a precious women that was fully vaccinated until her dad placed her hand into mine. At that time she suffered from asthma, type 1 diabetes and for some DAMN strange reason was legally blind because she had cataracts removed from both eyes prior to the third grade. To this day her IDDM (well controlled) and eyes (inflammatory glaucoma not retinopathy) are a constant issue.

            We are blessed to have two children (basically unvaccinated) that for some fortunate reason share none of their mother’s infirmities. I guess we are both free to speculate.

            I have tried my best to converse with you in a fair and reasonable manner. My tolerance for your insolent comments has reached its limits.

            I have three (very similar) references for you. Same publication, confirmed by three unique sources:
            Mark 2:17
            Luke 5:31 and
            Matthew 9:12

            Congratulations on your retirement!

          • Cynddy

            Hurray and hallelujah! Zero is the best number and in conformity with “First Do No Harm”! God bless you and the children.

          • Mike Stevens

            None he knows of or will admit to, that is.

            Try out this claim, for instance: I have administered or prescribed around a thousand vaccines. Number with side effects? Answer: None!
            Zero is the best number!

          • Mike Stevens

            And how many vertebral arteries have you caused to dissect through neck manipulation?

          • ScottV


          • Cynddy

            No matter what this man says, as highly credible as it is, you lay claim to a superior intellect. How many vaccines have you administered? What difference does that make, other than you have damaged every one of those children you touched, but of course, your ego is so enormous, you could never admit that even to yourself. Its called cognitive dissonance. We are threatening to your world view and even though many will die because of it, you refuse to re examine your faulty beliefs. Good luck with that.

          • Mike Stevens

            Ah, a chiropractor.
            Now all is clear.

          • ScottV

            Yes, it is very clear. I have had countless opportunities to improve the lives of those that seek my services – all without the risks associated with allopathic medicine.

          • Cynddy

            Of course not. Vaccine ‘science’ is remarkably flawed and dangerous.

          • Mike Stevens

            Perhaps in the context of the overall overwhelming scientific consensus that vaccines are remarkably safe and effective, and only rarely cause serious complications, then being “antivaccine” means something I guess. But being in favour of science, that I doubt.

          • ScottV

            Appeal to Tradition and/or Appeal to Popularity Fallacies. Scientific does not exclusively mean pro-vaccine. Several of those that post here are unwilling to accept that there is much science on the side of not vaccinating. Biases happen but that does not mean there is not scientific support for either side.

        • HP Austin

          Lilady R.N.
          There is a massive amount of evidence of the harm done by vaccines – the vaccine court has paid out $3 billion in damages. The pharmaceutical and medical industries have so little confidence in the safety of vaccines that they have made themselves immune to lawsuits for giving vaccines.
          How do you explain the tremendous increase in the number of children with autism, now about 1 in 60 boys and 1 in 98 girls, over the same period that the number of vaccines given has greatly increased? The Amish almost never vaccinate their children and they almost never become autistic. You can’t, or more probably won’t, see the forest for the trees.

          • lilady R.N.

            You posed that question about the supposed “Amish Anomaly” twice and I just replied.

            ~ 3,500 people have been awarded monetary damages for vaccine injuries by the vaccine court. During that same period of time, 2,000,000,000 (two billion) vaccines have been administered safely. Do the math; 1 award per 1,000,000 (1 million) doses administered.

            Have you ever heard of enhanced case ascertainment, diagnostic substitution and the broadening DSM diagnostic criteria. Do you know the difference between incidence-vs-prevalence as it pertains to ASDs?

            The prevalence of autism in children has increased. Prevalence is the
            number of existing cases divided by the total population. Prevalence
            increases because children with autism don’t drop out of the population
            unless they actually do die or they age.

          • HP Austin

            If you are so confident that vaccines are safe, then prove it: Go to the parents of each of the children you vaccinated and tell them you will not employ the immunity that your profession corruptly wangled for giving vaccines. Many more children are harmed by vaccines than are reported. You people hide behind your immunity because you KNOW they are not safe. A large majority of vaccines say on their paper inserts that they have NOT been tested to see if they cause cancer; NOT been tested to see if they mutate into something else in the body; and NOT been tested to see if they can cause infertility. You cannot PROVE they are safe; you just SAY that they are so!

          • lilady R.N.

            I will not answer any more of your insulting questions. Vaccines are safe and I and other posters have proving you with links to reliable studies about vaccine safety and the vanishing rare serious adverse events.

            You can do your own damn research now…I’m bored with your insults, your ignorance, and your thread derailing stunts.

            Your turn now, to back up all your silly statements and your moving the goalposts.

            Extraordinary and outrageous claims require extraordinary proof…which you utterly failed to provide.

          • HP Austin

            Everyone should note that you REFUSE to make yourself liable for the actions you have taken. What does that say about your confidence that vaccines are safe?

          • HP Austin

            If you will not make yourself legally liable for your actions, what does that say about your confidence in the safety of vaccines?

          • Mike Stevens

            Can you give me a definition of “safe”?
            Is eating safe?
            Is breathing safe?
            Is playing Little League baseball safe?
            Do you expect everything to be legally indemnified, just in case?

          • Cynddy
          • Cynddy
          • Mike Stevens

            I don’t rate opinion blogs as evidence.

          • Cynddy

            For once you are on the path to truth.

          • Mike Stevens

            How many were compensated, out of the hundreds of millions vaccinated?

        • Cynddy

          He sounds quite well educated to me. Is that all you can call him on? Seems to me the ignorant ones are those with the ad hominem arguments.

      • Mike Stevens

        You have reasoned things out, but please recall that life is full of risks, and each and every day we subconsciously take risk assessments on behalf of our kids.

        30,000 Americans will die each year in a vehicle accident. So what do we do? Refuse to drive? Ban cars? Never let our kids go near a car or a road, just in case? (Your kids, your choice)
        No, we try and educate drivers, put in place restrictions, many legally enforced such as drink limits, seat belt use, and make cars as safe as we can, all the while working to make them safer.
        Vaccines are similar – they can have serious side effects, but on balance the benefits hugely outweigh the risks on an individual basis, and there is a benefit to society as well.

        • ScottV

          Some do elect to avoid said risks.

          • Mike Stevens

            Do you though? (I mean do you stop your kids traveling by car, or any transport, or walking anywhere? I wonder how they get around….?)

      • Dorit Reiss

        “The coverage for the damaged should not be taken from the sales of vaccines, hoarded and only released in secrecy after the injured have endured the burden of proof.”

        A. I am sorry you disagree with the provision of a plaintiff friendly, no-fault program to the rare victims of vaccine injuries. I think it’s a great thing we provide this option. Note, also, that there is no compensation if you are injured by a disease preventable by vaccination.

        B. You’d have a burden of proof in courts, too.

        C. The risks of a vaccine reaction exist, but are small; the risks of a complication from the diseases we vaccinate against are much, much higher. Comparisons of the risks of diseases to the risks of vaccines can be found here for Australia:$File/quick_sideeffects.pdf; here for Canada:; here for the United States: Vaccine safety is carefully studied and monitored.

        • ScottV

          I wonder if those that have attempted to seek the consideration of the VAERS share your opinions.

          • Dorit Reiss

            I think you mean the consideration of the NVICP. Probably not. A family with a suffering child, thinking it’s the vaccine, is not likely to enjoy going through any form of adjudicatory process. Especially if they cannot prove causation and therefore lose their case. But the fact remains: on every point, the NVICP is as plaintiff friendly or more than the courts.

          • ScottV

            Correct, wrong acronym. Regrets. It appears some do establish causation and I am curious how those, that have been through both, would compare the two system. (not saying you have, just curious). I grant that would be a rare occurrence.

          • Dorit Reiss

            There is a legal problem doing that: Under Bruesewitz v. Wyeth, vaccine injuries claiming design defects are barred from the courts.

            I can tell you the causation standard is similar across the systems, and the NVICP uses the regular jurisprudence. The NVICP does offer relaxed standards of evidence, so proving the case will be easier across the systems.
            The only reason for families to think the courts will be better is if they buy into the claims of a grand conspiracy or if they think that an uninformed jury may award them damages against the evidence.

            As another point, remember that in NVICP, the program covers the lawyer fees and costs. In the regular courts, families would have to cover lawyer costs and lose 30-50% of the award as contingency fees.

          • ScottV

            Thanks. I was unaware of several details.

          • Dorit Reiss

            Glad I could help. Don’t hesitate to ask more.

    • Taylor White

      “You read all the responses from that antivaxers and just shake your head at the results of a Texas education.” Says the texasaggie.

    • Cynddy

      Quite untrue what you say about mercury. Go directly to the CDC website and read what is in the vaccines. You will find thimerosol in many of them. You don’t have to be a genius to know how science “works”. Science just is. That man puts it to pragmatic and nefarious uses and abuse is another story entirely. Any parent whose child has been killed or damaged by vaccines is educated ind done the research, so don’t denigrate them. They have suffered enough at the hands of the vaccine “industry”.

      • Sarah A

        Please cite your source. This factsheet from the CDC lists the ingredients in 54 vaccines (not just the routine pediatric schedule) and only 4 of them contain thimerosol: multidose flu and meningitis vaccines, and trace amounts in DT and Td boosters. In each of these cases, there’s a thimerosol-free version available. The funny thing is, it turns out thimerosol was never really a problem to begin with; it contains ethyl mercury, which is quickly eliminated from the body, unlike elemental or methyl mercury. That’s the problem with “doing your own research” – you also have to have the training and knowledge to put all of the competing info that’s out there into context.

      • Dorit Reiss

        Not really. It’s only in multi-dose flu vaccine, and you can get those thimerosal free. Nor is thimerosal mercury anymore than table salt is chlorine, and the tiny amount of thimerosal in vaccines have never been shown harmful.

        Luckily, serious vaccine reactions are very, very rare.

      • bpatient

        Could you please compare your understanding of a “trace” amount to what chemists and biologists think that that term means? Thanks.

  • jerlands56
    • Mike Stevens

      Interesting study.
      I do see that there were 5 deaths following vaccines (3 DTaP, one HiB, one BCG) with one death being recorded as anaphylaxis and one as encephalitis). If due to vaccine, that is very sad.

      The reports were largely in the pediatric age group, so no surprise vaccines were commonly linked. The main reactions were fever and rash (unsurprising), but I note that out of 3848 overall suspected drug or vaccine reports, only 17 resulted in either death or sequelae (the rest resolved).

      As for any survey like this, the denominator is unknown (the number of kids getting medicines or vaccines) so no-one can determine the overall incidence of reactions***. But considering that only 0.44% of reported reactions resulted in serious consequences, there is no cause for great alarm that there are huge numbers of vaccine reactions occurring that no-one knows about. Still there is always the possibility some or many reactions were not reported.

      ***ETA: The area covered in this report was Shanghai (17 million inhabitants). My estimation based on China demographics is that around 5% of this population will be children under 5, and if vaccination rates are similar to the rest of China then they will have received 22 vaccine shots each. If we assume a 90% vax rate for the population in Shanghai, then the period the survey covers includes a possible 16 million vaccine shots. For only 5 deaths to be reported after vaccines seems a small number (one death per 3.2 million vaccinations)

      • jerlands56

        The ADRs were pediatric age birth to 17.. so maybe 10% of population or
        1.7 million and of that 1.7 million only those that reported (in
        Shanghai what do ya think) but maybe most informative is in the introduction
        where it’s stated in the UK up to 6.5% of hospital admissions are due to
        ADRs and 2.3% of those died.

  • Christina Schmidt

    My child suffered from vaccine induced ‘static encephalitis manifested by autistic behaviors’ (yes folks, this is her diagnosis – which encephalitis is a vaccine side effect that is listed on the CDCs website.) This happened to my 14 month old ‘neuro-typical and normal’ developing child before those vaccination shots, around 20 min on the way home from that ‘well baby’ visit (oh, the irony)!!! The CDCs recommended vaccine schedule for children has trippled in the past 40 yrs. as well as the rise in autism, pdd-nos, developemental delay, aspergers, add/adhd, ect., ect.! pharmacuetical companies that produce vaccines pay ‘fast-track fees’ to the FDA to get vaccines out and into you! Didn’t have to pay for the shots?? Guess what- your tax dollars do! It is all about money-NOT HEALTH! Do the research, then you will know the truth- If you do not understand what you are ready b/c of all the medical jargin-then research that too! The toxins in our environment today coupled with all the toxins that are injected into your blood equal disaster for you- damage to your brain, blood and organs. Who’d of thought, we are human after all!

    • Dorit Reiss

      Measles causes encephalitis in one per thousand cases. Vaccines – if they cause encephalitis (see a recent study:

      Lack of association between childhood immunizations and encephalitis in California, 1998-2008.

      I am sorry your daughter was hurt. But imagine one child in a thousand suffering encephalitis. That’s what getting rid of vaccines means.

    • lilady R.N.

      I sincerely hope that you filed a claim on behalf of your child with the Vaccine Court, for awarding of damages if, in fact, encephalitis/encephalopathy from a vaccine/vaccines was proven.

  • Cynddy

    Sure and the Sabin vaccine fed to me contained a cancer virus, SV40. People playing with vaccines are playing with fire. Even the government admits that vaccines kill.
    If you really love your child and want them to live a healthy life, for God’s sake, do the research!

    • lilady R.N.

      J Natl Cancer Inst. 2003 Apr 2;95(7):532-9.

      Cancer incidence in Denmark following exposure to poliovirus vaccine contaminated with simian virus 40.

      Engels EA1, Katki HA, Nielsen NM, Winther JF, Hjalgrim H, Gjerris F, Rosenberg PS, Frisch M.



      Early poliovirus vaccines were accidentally contaminated with simian virus 40 (SV40). In Denmark, poliovirus vaccine was administered to most children from 1955 through 1961. SV40 DNA sequences have been detected in several human malignancies, including mesothelioma, ependymoma, choroid plexus tumors, and non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. To clarify whether SV40 infection increases risk of these cancers or of cancers arising in children, we examined cancer incidence in three Danish birth cohorts.


      Population-based cancer incidence data from 1943 through 1997 were obtained from the Danish Cancer Registry. The relationship between exposure to SV40-contaminated vaccine and cancer incidence was evaluated by examining incidence in birth cohorts that differed in exposure to SV40-contaminated vaccine. In addition, cancer incidence was examined in children who were 0-4 years of age before, during, and after the period of vaccine contamination. Incidence was compared using Poisson regression, adjusting for age differences. All statistical tests were


      After 69.5 million person-years of follow-up, individuals exposed to SV40-contaminated poliovirus vaccine as infants (i.e., born 1955-1961) or children (i.e., born 1946-1952) had lower overall cancer risk (age-adjusted relative risk [RR] = 0.86, 95% confidence interval [CI] = 0.81 to 0.91 and RR = 0.79, 95% CI = 0.75 to 0.84, respectively; P<.001 for both) than unexposed individuals (i.e., born 1964-1970, after the vaccine was cleared of SV40 contamination). Specifically, SV40
      exposure was not associated with increased incidence of mesothelioma, ependymoma, choroid plexus tumor, or non-Hodgkin's lymphoma. After 19.5 million person-years of follow-up, incidence of all cancers combined, of intracranial tumors, and of leukemia among children aged 0-4 years was also not associated with SV40 exposure. Ependymoma incidence was higher during the exposed period than during the unexposed period (RR = 2.59, 95%CI = 1.36 to 4.92; P =.004 versus the period before contamination); however, incidence peaked in 1969, after the vaccine was cleared of


      Exposure to SV40-contaminated poliovirus vaccine in Denmark was not associated with increased cancer incidence.

  • Cynddy Only one study that links mercury to autism.

    • lilady R.N.

      Didn’t you read Mr. Hannaford’s article about Thimerosal in multi-dose vials of vaccines, the removal of Thimerosal more than a decade ago with the switch to single dose vials/preloaded one dose syringes for all childhood vaccines?

      You are using as a reference? You must be kidding.

      From the AAP, a list of vaccine safety studies conducted by scientists throughout the world:

      • Cynddy

        You always choose to denigrate the source to make the evidence look bad, but that won’t fly. Thimersol is STILL in there!

        • lilady R.N.

          You are wrong and when you use conspiracy filled anti-vaccine websites, I will question your source.

        • Mike Stevens

          Carrying on repeating a lie doesn’t make it come true, you know.
          This isn’t Peter Pan.

          • Cynddy

            Works for you I see.

        • Reality022


          What a prestigious publication. Oh, that’s right, it isn’t a publication, it is a website of a loony pig farmer in the UK.
          Let’s look at some of the gems the place you cite for med. info offers:

          Bwahahaha! Screw on your tinfoil hat and look at all the lunacy:

          Zapper – delusion/scam device that cures everything. Everything.
          Urine therapy – Yep, this nasty old delusion. Mmmm-mmm, nothing more refreshing than an ice cold glass of pee on a hot summer day; and they call these folks crazy…
          Chemtrails – perhaps the dumbest, most moronic internet delusion available to the mental cases.
          Death Towers – Cell phone towers are not there for communications… they’re there to kill you.
          Free Energy – You remember those 300 mpg carburator ads in your comic books and on matchbooks? It’s all true and more!!!!!!
          9/11 Truther – Another classic courtesy of internet dimwits and crazies. The Jooooz did it. ’nuff said.
          Al-Qaeda/Bin Laden – More “troofer” stuff. Bin Laden & AQ don’t exists, and if they do they are part of the Mossad… ie – the Jooooz did it again.
          Boston Marathon Bombing – Didn’t happen… really. There’s evidence and stuff… We’re smart!, and, oh yeah… the Jooooz did it.
          etc., etc. etc.

          Real credible site and very intellectual. Not the least bit batsh*t insane or paranoid.

 – I’d get all my info from them if only they would include more exposes of the eevyil Zionist Jooooz…

          • Cynddy

            Vaccines, by their very nature are unsafe and never will be. They impair the immune system and introduce all kinds of unseen retroviruses and other crap that are deleterious. The ‘science’ of vaccines is terribly and irrefutably
            flawed. They certainly are no miracle cure for anything at all.

    • Dorit Reiss

      List of 94 studies that show no connection between vaccines and autism:

      Your study is not actually a study. It’s an article by the Safeminds moms hypothesizing about the link, based on the faulty notion that autism has similar symptoms to mercury poisoning – which it does not:

      Dr. Offit did a superb job debunking this faulty article in his book, Autism’s False Prophets.

  • HP Austin

    Former editor of the prestigious New England Journal of
    Medicine, Marcia Angell, says that the testing procedures for new drugs has
    been corrupted by Big Pharma money and cannot be trusted. She wrote a book
    entitled “The Truth About the Drug Companies”. You can hear or read an
    interview with her at

    “ A recent study conducted by Yale University’s School of
    Medicine proves that the Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) approval process
    for testing new drugs is extremely inconsistent. The study, published on
    January 21, 2014 in the Journal of the American Medical Association, exposes
    the agency’s anxiousness to get new drugs onto the market, many without
    adequate testing.” – See more at:

    • Mike Stevens

      The New England Journal is indeed prestigious.
      And it carries numerous peer-reviewed articles in support of vaccination.

      • HP Austin

        How much money does the New England Journal get from the pharmaceutical companies? Do you think that might affect their opinion about vaccines? The problem is that the pharmaceutical companies are so awash in money that they can influence the FDA, the CDC, medical journals, the medical schools, the media, and many doctors. Marcia Angell points out that the pharmaceutical companies often fund not only departments in medical schools, but the person in charge of the department as well. There is a revolving door between the leadership of federal agencies and the pharmaceutical industry. They buy tons of advertising on TV, magazines and newspapers and that certainly affects the coverage they receive. Individual doctors get swag and sometimes a lot more from industry reps. We need an independent agency that is not corrupted by Big Pharma money to ensure public safety.

        • Mike Stevens

          “How much money does the New England Journal get from the pharmaceutical
          companies? Do you think that might affect their opinion about vaccines?”

          I am not sure how much for the NEJM, but if it is anything like in the UK (BMJ, Lancet) it amounts to a tiny proportion of income. Most journals have diversified into other income generating areas of medicine, such as education. The bulk of income remains as institutional subscriptions/personal subscription.

          I thinkk you also have to join the dots somehow. Just saying journals like the NEJM gat advertising revenue from Pharma is insufficient. You have to come up with a plausible means by which that income can directly affect editorial policy or the selection process for submitted papers. It is easy to call out “Pharma money! Bias!” as a knee jerk reflex, but you have to put in the thinking process too. Also you need to review the editorial policies for these journals, and read what they say about funding and conflicts of interest. Believe me, they are well aware of the issues.

          And also remember that Marcia Angell was an editor. According to you she is critical of pharma influences in research. But in her book, what did she say about the Pharma influences on NEJM editorial policies? Anything? Nothing? Hard to believe she would not have exposed this too, were it so.

          • HP Austin

            Your naïve faith in the pharmaceutical industry would be touching if it came from a child. This is the same industry that knowingly administered the Sabin Polio vaccine to tens of millions of Americans after they KNEW it contained the cancer-causing SV40 virus. This is the same industry that kept Vioxx on the market long after it was clear that it was killing people. See the link below and hear Dr. Maurice Hilleman, a developer of the measles, mumps and rubella vaccines for Merck tell a Dr. Shorter how he discovered the SV40 virus in the Sabin vaccine while it was in trials in Russia. Do you think that stopped them from marketing it in the US? No. Also listen to how Hilleman inadvertently introduced AIDs to the US through the use of African green monkeys.

            See the video at:

            If you don’t believe that such an industry would lean on a journal to get more favorable coverage, you should stay away from county fairs – they’ll see you coming a mile away.

    • lilady R.N.

      Vaccine Safety is monitored during clinical trials and throughout the time of first licensing and continually through these agencies:

    • bpatient

      Question: should the FDA approval process be entirely consistent for all drugs?

      Let’s see: Drug A addresses an unmet medical need for therapy for a condition which incapacitates or kills many people each year, and there is as yet no effective treatment. Drug B is a “me too” compound that addresses a medical need that has long been addressed by other, already-approved drugs, and so the question is really is this: “is Drug B as safe or safer and as effective or more effective than existing therapies?”

      What do you think?

      • HP Austin

        The studies should be consistent within classes, such as a
        new drug for a condition that does not already have a drug, or for a me-too
        drug. But, because of the influence of money to the people who decide what gets
        approved or denied, and because the unfavorable studies are suppressed, we
        cannot be certain that the same rigor is being applied to different drugs
        within a class.

        The article also notes that only about 40% of me-too drugs
        are compared to existing drugs. According to Marcia Angell, most me-too drugs
        are compared to a placebo, such as sugar pill, not to existing drugs, so the
        studies do not say whether the me-too drug is as safe and effective as the
        existing drugs; it may be better or worse, but if it is better than a sugar
        pill, it gets approved.

        • bpatient

          Ah. Do you think, then, that FDA should be in the position of rating the efficacy of various competing compounds? How would American capitalists and consumers respond to the idea that a government agency should be responsible for deciding which compounds are preferable?

          Instead, FDA is interested in what works. Competing companies are able to attempt to demonstrate which compounds work better than others–if you don’t like that, perhaps you should move to a different country or a different planet. In fact, although phase three clinical trials may in fact involve comparison of the test compound with placebo, manufacturers are of course free to include a third arm–comparison to a comparator.

          • HP Austin

            We have a right to expect that a me-too vaccine is at least as effective as the one it is intended to replace, and certainly not worse. But in order to maintain their profits, companies will often make a slight change in a vaccine whose patent is about to expire, because other companies will be able to offer a generic alternative to the original product. But if the original company only compares their new product to a sugar pill, we cannot know whether the new one is better or worse than the old one. And as far as consumers being able to judge whether one is more effective than another, are you serious? And truly, this world would be a safer place if you vaccine cultists would move to another planet.

    • HP Austin

      The point that Marcia Angell is making is that you cannot trust the studies that are done for drugs in general, that would certainly include vaccines, because the pharmaceutical companies rig the results. For example, she says that if there are two favorable studies the FDA will approve the drug, no matter that there may have been “ten or fifteen unfavorable” ones. The FDA will have those unfavorable studies, but they will not release them to the public, because, they say, they are “proprietary.” She also says that there are financial incentives for the FDA to approve drugs. In addition, the people who decide whether or not to approve a drug very often personally receive money from the very pharmaceutical companies whose drugs they are evaluating.
      She says that when she first started with the New England Journal of Medicine, pharmaceutical companies would give a drug to an institution, perhaps a university, and hope that the trial went well. They had a hand’s-off approach, but now they are very much involved in the study and that affects the results. So, no one who has not seen ALL of the studies for a drug, favorable and unfavorable, can say whether or not it is safe and effective.
      The system by which drugs are evaluated has been corrupted by Big Pharma money.

  • Andrew King

    “Go directly to the CDC website and read what is in the vaccines. You will find thimerosol in many of them.”

    Nope. The only vaccine that still has thimerosal preservative is the flu vaccine that comes in multidose vials (the preservative prevents bacterial growth in the vials). Every other routine childhood vaccine either never had thimerosal in the first place (i.e. the MMR), or it’s been thimerosal-free for 10 years or more. There is also a thimerosal-free flu vaccine you can ask for. Thimerosal is a non-issue; it’s never been shown to cause any health problems whatsoever.

    Anytime you hear an antivaxer going on about thimerosal/mercury, you can be sure they’re clueless.

    • HP Austin

      There are still six vaccines other than for influenza, not approved for children under 6, that contain thimerosal. (1) Dr. Russell Blaylock MD, neurosurgeon, says that mercury is extremely neurotoxic and thimerosal is about 49% ethyl mercury. Aluminum is also neurotoxic and it is used as an adjuvant in many vaccines today. Formaldehyde is a known carcinogen and it is in many vaccines. In addition, on the paper inserts that come with the vaccines, many explicity say that they have not been tested as to whether they cause cancer, whether they mutate into something else, or whether they cause infertility. So, if you want to put such poisons into your own body, go for it and thereby increase the average IQ, but parents should not put them into the bodies of their children at any age.


      • bpatient

        About 500 years ago Paracelsus wrote, “The right dose differentiates a poison and a remedy.” Why are you so slow to understand this?

        Why are you unable to understand that the argument that increasing exposure to thimerosal-containing vaccines was correlated with increasing prevalence of ASD has been shown to be false?

        Why are you unable to understand that your silly formaldehyde argument is ridiculous? Honestly, anti-science arguments are just an admission of ignorance.

        • HP Austin

          Why are you unable to understand that when the vaccine manufacturers say on the paper inserts that they have NOT TESTED the vaccine to see if it causes cancer, mutates in the body or causes infertility, it actually means they have NOT TESTED the product, and therefore it is not safe to take it. Honestly, your silly faith in the corrupt pharmaceutical industry is just an admission of ignorance.

          • bpatient

            Actually, almost nothing that you take into your body has been thoroughly tested “to see if it causes cancer, mutates in the body or causes infertility.” I suppose that you must conclude that because virtually everything that you take into your body is “NOT TESTED,” “therefore it is not safe to take it.”

            Good luck with that.

            I suppose that many people might understand that the reason that products such as certain vaccines are not tested to see if they cause, say, cancer or infertility is because long years of experience with strikingly similar compounds suggests that such concerns are unwarranted.

          • HP Austin

            Have you not heard that the Sabin Polio vaccine contained the cancer-causing SV40 virus and that it was given to about 90 million Americans? Even after they found out that it was in the vaccine, they still gave it to millions of people. Dr. Hilleman tried to get around the SV40 virus by importing African green monkeys, and instead introduced the AIDs virus. But you say, “don’t worry, be happy!”

            Any pharmaceutical given to the public should be very rigorously tested because the potential for harm is so great. See Dr. Hilleman’s confession at:

            By the way, much of the immune system is in the gut and when you inject it into the body, bypassing much of the immune system, it can have a very different effect than from eating it. Good source on that article: a high school teacher.

          • Dorit Reiss
          • HP Austin

            Michele Carbone,
            Assistant Professor of Pathology at Loyola University in

            Chicago, has recently isolated fragments of the SV-40 virus in human bone

            cancers and in a lethal form of lung cancer called mesothelioma. He found SV-40

            in 33% of the osteosarcoma bone cancers studied, in 40% of other bone cancers,

            and in 60% of the mesotheliomas lung cancers, writes Geraldo Fuentes.

            The matter-of-fact
            disclosure came during discussions of polio vaccines

            contaminated with SV40 virus which caused cancer in nearly every species

            infected by injection. Many authorities now admit much, possibly most, of the

            world’s cancers came from the Salk and Sabin polio vaccines, and hepatitis B

            vaccines, produced in monkeys and chimps.

            It is said
            mesothelioma is a result of asbestos exposure, but research

            reveals that 50% of the current mesotheliomas being treated no longer occurs

            due to asbestos but rather the SV-40 virus contained in the polio vaccination.

            In addition, according to researchers from the Institute of Histology and

            General Embryology of the University of Ferrara, SV-40 has turned up in a

            variety other tumors. By the end of 1996, dozens of scientists reported finding

            SV40 in a variety of bone cancers and a wide range of brain cancers, which had risen
            30 percent over the previous 20 years.

            The SV-40 virus is now

            detected in tumors removed from people never inoculated with the contaminated

            vaccine, leading some to conclude that those infected by the vaccine might be

            spreading SV40.

            Soon after its
            discovery, SV40 was identified inthe oral form of the polio vaccine produced
            between 1955 and 1961 produced by

            American Home Products (dba Lederle).

            Both the oral, live
            virus and injectable inactive virus were affected. It was

            found later that the technique used to inactivate the polio virus in the

            injectable vaccine, by means of formaldehyde, did not reliably kill SV40.(1)

            That’s close enough to
            being proof that SV40 causes cancer for me.

            Vaccines are just not
            adequately tested. Whether any benefits outweigh the risks is for everyone to
            decide for themselves, but certainly they should be aware of the risks.

            For information on
            risks, see:,,,

            By the way, for two
            very interesting books that provide background on this, see “Dr. Mary’s
            Monkey” by Ed Haslam and “Me and Lee” by Judith Vary Baker.


          • HP Austin

            Just two years ago, the U.S. government finally added formaldehyde to a list of known carcinogens and and
            admitted that the chemical styrene might cause cancer. Yet, the substance is
            still found in almost every vaccine.

            According to the Australian National Research Council, fewer than 20% but
            perhaps more than 10% of the general population may be susceptible to
            formaldehyde and may react acutely at any exposure level. More hazardous than
            most chemicals in 5 out of 12 ranking systems, on at least 8 federal regulatory
            lists, it is ranked as one of the most hazardous compounds (worst 10%) to
            ecosystems and human health (Environmental Defense Fund).

            In the body, formaldehyde can cause proteins to irreversibly bind to DNA.
            Laboratory animals exposed to doses of inhaled formaldehyde over their
            lifetimes have developed more cancers of the nose and throat than are usual.


        • ciaparker2

          Well, my daughter, father, and I were all severely damaged by vaccine mercury. Read Mark Noble’s studies for how mercury in thimerosal does terrible damage at even very small amounts.

          • Dorit Reiss

            There is no evidence any of you were harmed by any vaccine. You are welcome to link to any specific study, and I will look at it.

          • Mike Stevens

            You parrot this claim repeatedly, without any evidence.
            Your have revealed how daughter suffered prenatal hypoxia, intrapartum fetal distress and had a true knot in the umbilical cord. She also suffers from a genetic abnormality (a NRXN-1 gene deletion) that causes autism. Despite these obvious reasons for her neurolodevelopmental problems, you seem to think vaccines were responsible, but there is no evidence for this.

          • Mike Stevens

            But you have told us how your family suffers from an inherited genetic problem (NRXN-1 gene deletion) that causes neurodevelopmental problems and autism.
            Why do you blame “mercury” (I think you mean the compound ethylmercury, anyway) when you already have the explanation to the problem?

          • ciaparker2

            Give me a break. My daughter was shown to have the gene deletion, that, when present, predisposes to succumbing to environmental influences that trigger autism. Like mitochondrial disease, said six years ago to be very rare and that probably Hannah Poling, normal until she got the vaccines which triggered her autism, it has turned out to be very common, found in 85% of autistic children tested for it. Neither I nor anyone else in my family has been tested for the deletion. As I have described for you elsewhere, all of us are healthy, active, and vigorous until we get a vaccines which causes a severe reaction.
            My mother got me eight DPTs as a child, too many even for the sixties, and I reacted to the first one at three months the way my daughter did to the hep-B at birth, given without permission, with four days and nights of endless screaming. In addition, she has always shown symptoms of mercury toxicity, having her forehead always covered in sweat from the time she was born, even in cool rooms. I didn’t know any of these things at the time, knew none of the symptoms of encephalitis or mercury toxicity. She drooled a lot all the time, from the very beginning. The Parents as Teachers woman was concerned by it, and suggested when she had just turned three that I ask a doctor about it. I said What could he do? She said maybe some facial exercises to build muscle tone. I said she wouldn’t understand what she was told to do. She drooled less and less over time, but still much more than normal until she was ten. Excessive salivation (drooling) is a major symptom of mercury poisoning. Delayed speech is a symptom of mercury poisoning, and her speech was delayed for years and she is still low-verbal. My speech was delayed and, when I started school, no one could understand me. Her GI problems are a result of mercury poisoning, or possibly a result of an autoimmune vaccine reaction that damaged the gut lining, permitting excess growth of yeast and bacteria, and permitting undigested peptides into the blood where they traveled to the brain and damaged it. (But the encephalitic screaming for four days reacting to the hep-B vaccine damaged the language and social centers of her brain, but the latter may have been in addition. Like in my Asperger’s nephew, it was a viral infection that triggered the GI problems, possibly potentiating the stored vaccine mercury, see book The Age of Autism for details.)
            She was saying two words by 18 months, uh for up and uff for dog. Both words were erased as soon as she got the DTaP booster then (and she had gotten pertussis anyway in spite of having had three vaccines, at 8 months, and gave it to me). She was diagnosed with autism two months after having gotten the DTaP booster.
            I had both arms paralyzed the same day as a tetanus booster, brachial plexus neuropathy, thought to be a reaction of new vaccine mercury interacting with old vaccine mercury. I went on to develop MS, the symptoms of which are all identical with those of mercury poisoning, numbness, dizziness, fatigue, lack of balance, paralysis (my left arm and leg were completely paralyzed for over a month in one attack), double vision. extremely severe and permanent insomnia,. Many of the symptoms of autism are identical to those of mercury poisoning, delayed or absent speech, lack of interest in or ability to engage people socially, pronoun reversal, echolalia (my daughter had both for a couple of years when she first started to speak again when she was nearly three. She is still extremely low-verbal, although of average intelligence, 98 on an IQ test, 103 verbal, whatever that means, since she understands little and can say or write very little. She’s not unintelligent, but her brain was damaged like in a stroke by the encephalitis and vaccine mercury poisoning).
            My father reacted to a flu vaccine first by losing his voice for a month (another symptom of mercury poisoning). I took him to the mall for speech therapy several times while I sat reading books of baby names. He slowly became paralyzed, until he finally fell in February 2001 (while my baby was coughing with fits of pertussis coughing, and I as well, despite her having gotten three DTaPs already), and he never got up again, spending the last years of his life in a nursing home.
            So, I know you aren’t sincere in your professed bafflement, but so people can see how you and your colleagues operate. You weren’t there, but you are just certain that the gene deletion caused all my daughter’s problems, and that the encephalitic screaming for four days and nights, her having her two words erased as soon as she had the pertussis booster, had nothing to do with causing her autism. Are you going to say that my having had eight DPTs with mercury had nothing to do with both my arms being paralyzed the same day as the vaccine, had nothing to do with my developing autism the symptoms of which are identical to those of mercury poisoning?
            That’s like saying that someone who has a limp, who is limping slower than most people would across a road and is hit by a semi, and goes to court to sue the driver of the semi, whose lawyers say that it was obvious that his paraplegia was caused by his preexisting condition rather than by having been run over in the road by a drunken driver. Sure, you can try that defense for your client, let’s see how far it gets you.

          • Mike Stevens

            I have told you several times.
            The neurexin 1 gene deletion is a neurosynapse transmitter defect – the deletion DIRECTLY causes neurodevelopmental problems (including autism). In mice it results in brain damage.

            No vaccines are required to induce damage, none, and why should there be?

            It would be as logical to say “Brain damage only happens after kids stub their big toe three times on St Patrick’s day”.

            Your fevered imagination, determined hatred of vaccines and your urge to blame them for your family’s genetic neurological problems has become clinically pathological.

            Please stop it, and stop lying about it.

    • ciaparker2

      Many vaccines still have “trace” amounts of mercury that are still ten times higher than the hazardous waste limit, a hundred times the amount allowed in drinking water. And yeah, the dangers of all that mercury in injections cumulatively hundreds of times over the safe limit was realized in the early ’90s, but it continued to be given for another decade. In 1999 a congressional safety hearing on the hep-B vaccine found it to be dangerous and NEVER to be given with mercury. So they gave it to my baby a year later, WITH mercury and WITHOUT permission, and she reacted with encephalitis, had symptoms of mercury toxicity, and was later diagnosed with autism. ‘
      I reacted to a tetanus booster with having both arms paralyzed the same day, brachial plexus neuropathy, the new mercury interacting with old stored mercury, and went on to develop MS. The symptoms of both autism and MS correspond exactly to some of the myriad symptoms of mercury poisoning.

      • Mike Stevens

        Pure fantasy.
        How many times do you have to read the facts and evidence before you accept you are quite wrong? What evidence would it take to make you change your mind?
        It is clear that absolutely nothing can do that, no proof is good enough, your mind is closed tight shut to the truth.

        Your have previously revealed how daughter suffered prenatal hypoxia, intrapartum fetal distress and had a true knot in the umbilical cord. She also suffers from a genetic abnormality (a NRXN-1 gene deletion) that causes autism. Despite these obvious reasons for her neurolodevelopmental problems, you seem to think vaccines were responsible, but there is no evidence for this.

  • ScottV

    How can this be?

    “All five of the children in the report, including Sofia, had been immunized
    against polio.”

    • Dorit Reiss

      Because the problem is not polio. The polio vaccine only protects against polio, not against all possible causes of paralysis.

      • ScottV

        I ask, as the article almost alludes to a correlation.

        • lilady R.N.

          The article does not allude to a correlation. Several of the children have been diagnosed with another enterovirus…not poliomyelitis.

  • Dorit Reiss

    Let me say this here, again: Here is what we had before vaccines:

    Look at tables 1 and two. Here are the numbers, right up to the use of the vaccine – the first number is the average cases per year, the number in parenthesis the number of deaths:

    Diphtheria: 21053 (1822)

    Measles: 530217 (440)

    Mumps: 162344 (39)

    Pertussis: 200752 (4034)

    Paralytic polio: 16316 (1879)

    Hepatitis A: 117333 (137)

    Hepatitis B: 66232 (237) – that’s just acute.

    HiB: 20000 (1000).

    pneumococcal: 63067 (6500)

    Varicella – chicken pox: 4,065,120 (105)

    That’s what vaccines protect us against. That’s what non-vaccinating may bring back. The most contagious – measles and whooping cough – are coming back first. I don’t want to see the others come back.

    Modern vaccines are incredibly safe, though not 100% safe – nothing is. For one example, in its 24 years of existence the NVICP compensated about 3500 cases – a little over 100 a year – out of millions of doses of vaccines administered each year. Compare that to 35000 fatalities and millions of injuries from car accident. The most dangerous part about being vaccinated is driving to the doctor’s office (or the pharmacy).

    A very safe preventive on one hand. Dangerous diseases on the other. Children deserve the protection to their health that modern vaccines represent. It’s unfair to deny it to them.

    • HP Austin

      Many of these were in steep decline before vaccines were available, probably due to less crowded housing, better diet, hygiene and sanitation (some of those figures go back to 1923). You cannot tell much by the number of people compensated by the NVICP due to vaccine injury because:

      (1) doctors are very reluctant to diagnose an illness as being vaccine related
      (2) many people never suspect that their illnesses are vaccine related
      (3) many vaccines are not tested to see whether they cause cancer, infertility or mutate
      (4) the length of time may be quite long for problems to arise

      In other words, it is not known how many people are actually injured or killed by vaccines, and so one cannot say that they are a net benefit to the public, but when you look at the great increase in asthma, autism allergies, cancer and infertility, there is certainly good reason to suspect they are caused by vaccines.

      • Dorit Reiss

        A. If you looked at the study, you would see that the number of cases was still very high at the point each vaccine was introduced. The study addresses exactly that. And see:

        B. NVICP:

        * you don’t actually need your doctor do diagnose your illness as vaccine related. You do need an expert witness, as in regular medical malpractice cases, but NVICP lawyers have a lot of experience in finding those.

        * “many people never suspect that their illnesses are vaccine related” If people do no think their condition is caused by vaccines, and studies do not show that, what is the basis for making this claim? Where is the evidence? It seems incredibly unsupported.

        * “many vaccines are not tested to see whether they cause cancer, infertility or mutate” That’s because there is no biological reason to connect them with any of those conditions. Again, do you have any evidence that they cause any of that?

        * “t is not known how many people are actually injured or killed by vaccines,” – Here again, there is no evidence that people are killed or injured by vaccines aside from what we know of. This is completely hypothetical and unsupported – when vaccines go through years of clinical trials. In contrast to this hypothetical risk, the risks of the diseases are real and documented.

        * “the great increase in asthma, autism allergies, cancer and infertility,” Let’s put aside the fact that you did not provide evidence that any of these conditions actually increased. For autism, for example, there is good reason to think that it’s the rate of diagnosing it that increased, not the prevalence. And we do have studies on that. We have studies that show vaccines do not cause allergies or asthma –; we have studies that show vaccines do not cause autism:; and in the one case where there was a reason to suspect a link to caner, studies showed otherwise:

        There is plenty of research on vaccine safety. It shows vaccine are very, very, very safe. The diseases, on the other hand, are not safe at all.

        • David Foster

          Will you PLEASE stop referencing ScienceBlogs and SkepticalRaptor? These are not references! These are bloggers.

      • Mike Stevens

        “when you look at the great increase in asthma, autism allergies, cancer and infertility, there is certainly good reason to suspect they are caused by vaccines.”

        Err, no. Not “good reason”, just very poor reason.
        Many of these are degenerative diseases that are governed by defective cell regulation and intracellular homeostasis. As we age, cancer becomes more common. And because we are living way longer now than we did 50 years ago, guess what? Cancer is more common. Some cancers are also directly caused by vaccine preventable disease (cervical cancer, head and neck cancer, liver cancer – the incidence of these will decline as vaccines exert their effect [there has already been a decline in the far East of hepatocellular carcinoma consequent to Hep B vaccine use]) Cancer is also strongly linked to diet, and I am afraid that as a nation our diet has deteriorated in many ways over recent decades, with increasing levels of obesity and diabetes. Vaccines don’t cause those, either.

        Asthma is not caused by vaccines. There are a number of studies which are conclusive on this point. (Occasional studies have pointed to higher rates in kids on different vaccine schedules – that points to other factors influencing asthma such as the general exposure to pathogens in the environment, and not vaccines per se).

        Similarly, allergies are not caused by vaccines. Infertility is primarily driven by infections such as Chlamydia. These have become more prevalent in the last 10-20 years, but vaccines have nothing to do with that. No doubt people are working on a vaccine for it, and when they do, you will find that infertility rates may fall. And as for autism… I won’t even go there, suffice to say there is no valid scientific evidence pointing to a link, merely multiple anecdata, and a wealth of research indicating there is no link.

        • ciaparker2

          Food allergies were created by vaccines. There were no cases of peanut allergy before peanut oil was used to adjuvant penicillin in the ’40s, and peanut allergy has first appeared in many countries as soon as the HIb vaccine was introduced. See Heather Fraser The Peanut Allergy Epidemic. There is NOTHING better at creating an allergy where none existed than by injecting anything into the body. Anything becomes a potent antigen when injected into the body and the immune system becomes alarmed and mounts an allergic reactions to try to neutralize the threat. Asthma is one in a hundred unvaxed, one in nine who get the pertussis vaccine. Vaccines are the major cause of autoimmune disease.

          • Dorit Reiss

            Fraser’s book is blatantly inaccurate. There is no evidence that vaccines cause allergies, and studies disprove that. There is no evidence that peanut oil was used in adjuvant in vaccines or in penicillin. Let me post the list of studies showing this is untrue one more time:

            Bernsen RM, de
            Jongste JC, van der Wouden JC. Lower risk of atopic disorders in whole cell
            pertussis-vaccinated children. Eur Respir J. 2003 Dec;22(6):962-4.

            Grüber C1, Warner
            J, Hill D, Bauchau V; EPAAC Study Group. Early atopic disease and early
            childhood immunization–is there a link? Allergy. 2008 Nov;63(11):1464-72.

            RM, Koes
            BW, de
            Jongste JC, van
            der Wouden JC. Haemophilus influenzae type b vaccination and reported
            atopic disorders in 8-12-year-old children. Pediatr Pulmonol. 2006

            Bernsen RM, de
            Jongste JC, et. al. Diphtheria tetanus pertussis poliomyelitis vaccination and
            reported atopic disorders in 8-12-year-old children. Vaccine. 2006 Mar
            15;24(12):2035-42. Epub 2005 Nov 28.

            Bernsen RM and
            van der Wouden JC. Measles, mumps and rubella infections and atopic disorders
            in MMR-unvaccinated and MMR-vaccinated children. Pediatr Allergy Immunol. 2008
            Sep;19(6):544-51. doi: 10.1111/j.1399-3038.2007.00684.x. Epub 2008 Feb 7.

            R., Poethko-Müller,
            S., Schlaum, M. Vaccination status and health in children and adolescents:
            findings of the German Health Interview and Examination Survey for Children and
            Adolescents (KiGGS). Dtsch Arztebl Int. Feb 2011; 108(7):
            99–104. Vaccination Status and Health in
            Children and Adolescents.

            McKeever TM,
            Lewis SA, Smith C, Hubbard R. Vaccination and allergic disease: a birth cohort
            study. Am J Public Health. 2004 Jun;94(6):985-9.

            R D., Grotto,
            I., Mimouni, M., Mimouni, D. Is Childhood Vaccination Associated With Asthma? A
            Meta-analysis of Observational Studies. Pediatrics. Vol. 120 No. 5 November 1,

            F, Gu
            D, et. al. Childhood vaccinations and risk of asthma. Pediatr Infect Dis J. 2002

            Hviid A, Melbye
            M. Measles-mumps-rubella vaccination and asthma-like disease in early
            childhood. Am J Epidemiol. 2008 Dec 1;168(11):1277-83. doi: 10.1093/aje/kwn253.
            Epub 2008 Oct 8.

            L. Nilsson, N. I.
            M. Kjellman, & B. Bjorksten. (1998). A randomized controlled trial of the
            effect of pertussis vaccines on atopic disease. Archives of Pediatrics and
            Adolescent Medicine, 152(8), 734-738. Document ID: 33018374.

            J. S. Alm, G.
            Lilja, G. Pershagen, & A. Scheynius. (1997). Early BCG vaccination and
            development of atopy. The Lancet, 350(9075), 400-403.

            H. P. Roost et
            al. (2004). Influence of MMR-vaccinations and diseases on atopic sensitization
            and allergic symptoms in Swiss schoolchildren. Pediatric Allergy and
            Immunology, 15(5), 401-407. doi:10.1111/j.1399-3038.2004.00192.x.

            P. A. Offit &
            C. J. Hackett. (2003). Addressing parents’ concerns: Do vaccines cause allergic
            or autoimmune diseases? Pediatrics, 111(3), 653-660. doi:10.1542/peds.111.3.653.

            H. R. Anderson,
            J. D. Poloniecki, D. P. Strachan, R. Beasley, B. Bjorksten, & M. I. Asher.
            (2001). Immunization and symptoms of atopic disease in children: Results from
            the international study of asthma and allergies in childhood. American Journal
            of Public Health, 91(7), 1126-1129.

      • HP Austin

        Mike Stevens and Dorit,
        I suggest you look at the links that tradehead provided above; I just went through all of them. You will find charts that show that virtually all, if not all, of the diseases for which children are vaccinated WERE in steep decline before the advent of vaccines.

        There is also information about the diseases caused by the ingredients in vaccines, including allergies, asthma, autism, cancer and infertility, among others. For instance, the US Govt has paid a claim in which the Hepatitis B vaccine killed a young girl with lupus. In another payment, they conceded that a vaccine had caused a reaction that is a precursor for autism (I believe that was the Hannah Poling case.)

        A Dr. Shorter did an interview with Dr. Maurice Hilleman, who developed vaccines for Merck, in which he tells how he found the cancer causing SV40 virus in the Sabin Polio vaccine. It was ultimately given to about 90 million Americans, and millions AFTER they knew that the cancer-causing SV40 virus was present. In autopsies of Americans, about 61% of tumors now contain the SV40 virus. Hilleman also admits, on tape, that HE brought in the AIDS virus by importing African green monkeys.

        Finally, if vaccines are safe, why did the pharmaceutical and medical industries obtain immunity from being sued for making or giving them? The reason: They know they are not safe.

      • Dorit Reiss

        The article shows that they had many thousands or tens of thousands of cases about vaccines.

    • David Foster

      Seems to me we all learned the basics about data and graphs back in the 4th grade right?

      You are basically trying to show how effective vaccines have been by presenting two points on a graph…BEFORE vaccines and now. This is something the CDC loves to do on their site, a very effective way to mislead people. Or they will only show a particular period of time, like 1950 onwards. If you back up the graph and look at the entire 20th century for just about any of the diseases, a new picture emerges…one of better water, better hygiene, etc leading to healthier people. On most of the graphs you wouldn’t be able to guess when the relevant vaccine was introduced.

      But that’s only if you’re willing to look at all the data, and not just two points.

  • Brian Dean

    The vaccine courts have paid out only $3 billion in damages….so no….there is no reason to believe vaccines aren’t safe. RIGHT. Scumbags.

    • Mike Stevens

      That is 3500 claims compensated, for what has been tens of billions of vaccine shots given.
      Vaccines can cause harm, rarely.
      When they do it is appropriate that sufferers are compensated.
      This does not mean vaccines are not beneficial, or that those who support them are “scumbags”.

      • HP Austin

        In 2007 there were 5,400 cases backlogged in the vaccine court, but that is just a small percentage of those affected. Some estimate that 2,000,000 American children are vaccine injured.

        • Mike Stevens

          Some also estimate that 2 million Americans have been abducted by aliens.

          • HP Austin

            If you think that the roughly 3,500 people who have been compensated by the vaccine court equals the extent of the damage done by vaccines, then you are willfully blind. Other advanced countries who give about a third as many vaccines, have about half of the cases of autism (see tradeheads cites above.) As the number of vaccines has risen, so has autism and a host of other problems.

            Again, look at the video of Dr. Hilleman explaining how the Sabin vaccine contained the cancer-causing SV40 virus and how they knowingly gave it to millions of Americans. Then listen as he tells you how he accidentally introduced AIDS into the US population.


            Your faith in the safety of pharmaceutical products is completely unwarranted.

      • ciaparker2

        But only a small fraction of cases of vaccine damage are ever compensated, the real figures are astronomically higher.

  • tradehead

    Thanks Alex, for all the ignorant and one sided propaganda you spewed out here. Perhaps a little foreign research might be in order for you. Foreign countries is where you will get the real truth about vaccines. –

  • tradehead

    Get your sources from foreign countries :


    Contents, the following adjuvants and ingredients
    have been documented:

    Acetone (solvent used in fingernail
    polish remover)
    Aluminum hydroxide
    Aluminum phosphate
    Amphotericin B
    Animal tissues: pig blood, horse blood,
    rabbit brain,
    Dog kidney, monkey kidney
    Chick embryo, chicken
    egg, duck egg
    Calf (bovine) serum
    bovine serum
    diploid cells (originating from human aborted fetal
    Hydrolyzed gelatin
    Monosodium glutamate (MSG)
    Neomycin sulfate
    Phenol red
    phenoxyethanol (antifreeze)
    potassium monophosphate
    polymyxin B
    polysorbate 80
    porcine (pig) pancreatic hydrolysate of
    residual MRC5 proteins
    thimerosal (mercury)
    VERO cells, a continuous line of monkey kidney
    Washed sheep red blood cells
    Aluminum, a neurotoxin, is
    associated with Alzheimer’s disease and seizures.

    is a known cancer-causing agent commonly used to embalm

    Glycerin, a tri-atomic alcohol extracted from natural
    fats which are putrified and decomposed, has known toxic effects
    including kidney, liver, and lung damage, dieresis, pronounced local
    tissue damage, gastrointestinal damage, death.

    Neomycin and
    streptomycin (antibiotics) are known to case allergic

    Phenol (carbolic acid is a deadly poison, a common
    disinfectant and dye.)

    Phenyethanol is known to
    depress the central nervous system and may cause vomiting and
    diarrhea. (FDA)

    Thimerosal (a mercury derivative) is a toxic
    heavy metal that is not easily eliminated from the body. Metal
    toxicity can result in brain injury and autoimmune disease.

    adjuvants are known to cause hypersensitivity reactions, cysts, and
    adjuvant arthritis.

    In 2000, Congress strongly
    recommended that the pharmaceutical companies take the thimerosal out
    of vaccines (It was not mandated, simply recommended). The drug
    companies were not told to take the existing lots off the market. The
    recommendation only applied to new product lines…

    goods are recalled, redesigned, or required to display warning danger
    labels when they contain toxic ingredients or cause accidents.
    When cancer causing agents are found in foods, the foods
    are often banned and/or a warning label must be displayed on the
    packages. Vaccines have a different (much lower) standard for

    The Health Studio Newsletter (Volume 1, Oct.
    Vaccine Fillers and Ingredients
    Dr. Mercola Newsletter,
    March 7, 2001

    Although issued in 2001, the Mercola report remains essentially valid
    in terms of the numbers and types of current vaccine adjuvants and

    Combinations of Toxic Chemicals Bring
    Exponential Increases in Toxicity

    It is universally recognized
    among toxicologists that combinations of toxic chemicals may bring
    exponential increases in toxicity; that is, two toxic chemicals in
    combination will bring a ten-fold or even a hundred-fold increase in
    toxicity. [21-24]

    A classical example of this principle was
    the Schubert study [21] in which it was found that the amount of lead
    and the amount of mercury, when each was given separately, would be
    lethal for one percent of rats tested, would become lethal for one
    hundred percent of rats tested when combined.

    In vaccines this
    principle would apply at least to mercury and aluminum, both of which
    are potent neurotoxins.

    Vaccines and Subdural (Brain)

    The best evidence to date on this issue comes from
    the observations of ophthalmologist Horace Gardner who, based on an
    article from a Japanese neurosurgeon reporting that clusters of
    nontraumatic brain hemorrhages tended to occur around ages 7 to 10
    months in Japan [25], Gardner astutely noted that there was a
    distinct age difference between nontraumatic brain hemorrhages in
    Japan and in the United States of America, where most nontraumatic
    brain hemorrhages tend to occur during the first six months of

    The explanation, according to Dr. Gardner, was that
    Japanese do not begin their childhood vaccine programs until seven
    months, whereas in the United States they are administered during the
    first six months, starting within 24 hours of birth with the
    Hepatitis B vaccine: [26]. In essence these observations can
    potentially be transformed into a gargantuan epidemiologic study
    involving the childhood populations of Japan and the United States
    that, by present indications, could prove beyond a doubt that
    vaccines are the primary cause of subdural hemorrhages now being
    misdiagnosed as SBS, NAI, and others.

    Study Shows Link
    between Numbers of Vaccines Administered and Infant Mortality Rates

    The study entitled Infant mortality rates regressed
    against number of vaccine doses routinely given. Is there
    a biochemical or synergistic toxicity? was conducted by Neil Z.
    Miller and Gary S. Goldman and published in the reputable Human and
    Experimental Toxicology Journal, which is indexed by the Nat’l
    Library of Medicine. [27]

    This shocking new study published in
    a prestigious medical journal has found a direct statistical link
    between higher vaccine doses and infant mortality rates in the
    developed world, suggesting that the increasing number of
    inoculations being forced upon children by medical authorities,
    particularly in the United States which administers the highest
    number of vaccines and also has the highest number of infant deaths
    is, in fact, having an over-all detrimental impact on health.

    the MMR Vaccine-Autism Relationship?

    A number of years ago at
    an Autism Research Institute (ARI) conference, the founding director
    of the institute, Dr. Bernard Rimland, announced that approximately
    two thirds of families bringing their autistic children to ARI
    referral doctors reported that the child had become autistic
    following the MMR vaccine. After returning home and electronically
    checking medical records, the writer of these lines found the same
    MMR-autism relationship in his own patients.

    Dr. Hanan
    Polansky from the Center for the Biology of chronic Disease (CBCD),
    author of the highly acclaimed book entitled, Microcompetition with
    Foreign DNA and Chronic Disease, explains how foreign DNA fragments
    can cause many major diseases without damaging (mutating) the human
    DNA. Part of the explanation may also be in the fact that viruses are
    inherently immunosuppressive in contrast to bacterial infections,
    which stimulate the immune system, as reflected by the fact that
    viral infections tend to lower white blood cell counts in contrast to
    bacterial infections which raise white blood cell counts. The measles
    virus is especially potent in this regard, being powerfully
    suppressive to cellular immunity. [28-30] This powerful MMR (viral)
    immuno-suppression, along with toxic effects of mercury, aluminum,
    and formaldehyde, in effect paralyzes the body’s own immune
    defenses, thus allowing genetic hybridization to take


    It has been demonstrated that
    a sharp and persisting rise in childhood autism commenced following
    the 1978 introduction of the MMR vaccine (measles, mumps, rubella) in
    the U.S.A, [31] a time when mercury-laced Hepatitis B and Hemophilus
    influenza type b vaccines were also introduced. In a bulletin
    sponsored by the American Academy of Pediatrics, January, 2004
    entitled AUTISM A.L.A.R.M., it was announced that 1 in 6 American
    children were diagnosed with a learning disability and/or significant
    behavioral disorder. As described and documented by Dr. Kenneth Bock,
    approximately one-third of America’s children are afflicted by the
    4-A disorders: Autism, ADHD, Asthma, Allergies. [32] It is entirely
    possible or even probable, based on present knowledge, that each of
    these conditions is associated with underlying genetic changes.

    all the benefits provided by God and nature for the human species,
    human genetics must be considered the greatest and most
    indispensable. Are we a nation of people incapable of recognizing
    imminent danger signs in the health, welfare, and genetics of our
    children, and in recognizing these dangers to take corrective actions
    in their behalf? I think we are capable of taking such actions, but
    time may be running out. At some unknown future time this process
    will reach a point-of-no-return in terms of vaccine-induced genetic
    hybridization that will become incompatible with human reproduction.
    Mass extinctions are already taking place in plant and animal
    species, largely due to human encroachments and interventions. [33]
    Are we soon to follow suit? [34-36]

  • tradehead
    • lilady R.N.

      Crank anti-vaccine, anti-science websites are not reliable sources.

      Nice try, but fail.

  • tradehead

    BY 1948 99 % of measles were eradicated before the first vaccine was administered 95% for whooping couogh. Today over 97% of whooping cough is CAUSED by the vaccine

    • bpatient

      “In the decade before the measles vaccination program began, an estimated 3–4 million people in the United States were infected each year, of whom 400–500 died, 48,000 were hospitalized, and another 1,000 developed chronic disability from measles encephalitis. Widespread use of measles vaccine has led to a greater than 99% reduction in measles cases in the United States compared with the pre-vaccine era.”

    • lilady R.N.

      Have you any proof for those statements?

      How does the acellular pertussis vaccine, cause pertussis/whooping cough?

    • Mike Stevens

      Here is something for you to see. It includes graphs charting the decline in childhood infections after vaccines were introduced.
      Pay particular attention to the measles line.

      Anyhow, if what you said was true (99% of measles eradicated by 1948) then why did “everyone” used to get measles when they were kids? All the antivaccine militia keep telling us how they and all their school friends got it, or how their parents all had it? Are they all lying?

      And as for whooping cough being caused by the vaccine…? I won’t even ask you for a citation for that wild claim, because there won’t be one. It is untrue.

      • tradehead
        • Mike Stevens

          I post articles from Nature, the pre-eminent science journal in the
          world, and you post links to antivaccine propaganda/conspiracist blogs and
          YouTube videos?

          There are no words.

          • Reality022

            Didn’t you know, Mike?
            In the wacky world of the anti-science, anti-life, anti-vaccine troglodytes a personal blog from some batsh*t insane cretin with a GED trumps scientists with 20+ years of education and a PhD.

            Evidence is something scientists are required to provide and is always rejected by the conspiracists as ‘tainted’ by the Aluninutty NWO Reptilians. Pure-at-heart loons need only their “gut instincts” and “common sense” untainted by any of that nasty education stuff. Heckfire, a 5 year old knows more than an MD, doncha’ know?

            Hey, it worked in the Dark Ages, why not now? Back to the future! Foreward into the 11th century!
            Can I interest you in a nice bleeding?
            Perhaps a poultice of shrew liver, onion, and mandrake root?

            Ahh, the good ole days of pneumonia, plague, typhus, and pox. Everybody had strong immune systems back then… that’s why they all lived so long, even kings and queens…

          • HP Austin

            20 years of experience and a PhD – ooooh, that is sooo impressive! Lets consider one of your heroes, Dr. Maurice Hilleman, developer of measles, mumps and rubella shots for Merck. See the short video in which he admits to finding the cancer-causing SV40 virus in the Sabin polio vaccine, which they then administered to millions, ultimately 90 million, Americans. See how he admits to accidentally introducing AIDs into the US population. The pharmaceutical industry is corrupt, arrogant, incompetent, and a threat to public health.


            If people want to find real information about the dangers of vaccines, they should go to,,,,, and

          • Dorit Reiss

            It’s hardly a secret that SV40 was found in polio viruses – it’s well known. It was found not to cause cancer in humans – see the studies linked to here:
            And no, vaccines did not introduce AIDS into the U.S. population.

            Anti-vaccine organizations are not very credible sources of information, because they uncritically accept any claims against vaccines, however flimsy the evidence for it.

          • HP Austin

            Dorit Reiss,

            Did you listen to the tape?


            Dr. Hilleman says, near the end of the tape, that it was a secret at the time – that they did not tell the public. He also admits that in an effort to avoid contaminating vaccines with the SV40 virus, that he inadvertently introduced AIDs to the US by using African green monkeys. Dr. Shorter and a woman off camera laugh about that. Listen to the tape. This tape was done for medical history purposes and was not meant to be released to the public. I believe Dr. Len Horowitz is the one who found it and made it public.

            I read the article you cited and
            then went to the two it cited and found this at:


            SV40 is an abbreviation for Simian
            vacuolating virus 40 or Simian virus 40, a polyomavirus
            that is found in both monkeys and humans. Like other polyomaviruses, SV40 is a
            DNA virus that has been found to cause tumors and cancer.

            SV40 is believed to suppress the transcriptional properties of the
            tumor-suppressing genes in humans through the SV40 Large T-antigen and SV40 Small T-antigen.
            Mutated genes may contribute to uncontrolled cellular proliferation,
            leading to cancer.

            Michele Carbone, Assistant Professor of Pathology at Loyola University in
            Chicago, has recently isolated fragments of the SV-40 virus in human bone
            cancers and in a lethal form of lung cancer called mesothelioma. He found SV-40
            in 33% of the osteosarcoma bone cancers studied, in 40% of other bone cancers,
            and in 60% of the mesotheliomas lung cancers, writes Geraldo Fuentes.

            The matter-of-fact disclosure came during discussions of polio vaccines
            contaminated with SV40 virus which caused cancer in nearly every species
            infected by injection. Many authorities now admit much, possibly most, of the
            world’s cancers came from the Salk and Sabin polio vaccines, and hepatitis B
            vaccines, produced in monkeys and chimps.

            It is said mesothelioma is a result of asbestos exposure, but research
            reveals that 50% of the current mesotheliomas being treated no longer occurs
            due to asbestos but rather the SV-40 virus contained in the polio vaccination.
            In addition, according to researchers from the Institute of Histology and
            General Embryology of the University of Ferrara, SV-40 has turned up in a
            variety other tumors. By the end of 1996, dozens of scientists reported finding
            SV40 in a variety of bone cancers and a wide range of brain cancers, which had
            risen 30 percent over the previous 20 years.

            The SV-40 virus is now being
            detected in tumors removed from people never inoculated with the contaminated
            vaccine, leading some to conclude that those infected by the vaccine might be
            spreading SV40.

            Soon after its discovery, SV40 was identified in
            the oral form of the polio vaccine produced between 1955 and 1961 produced by
            American Home Products (dba Lederle).

            Both the oral, live virus and injectable inactive virus were affected. It was
            found later that the technique used to inactivate the polio virus in the
            injectable vaccine, by means of formaldehyde, did not reliably kill SV40.

            That’s close enough to being proof that SV40 causes cancer and mesothelioma for me.

            Vaccines are just not adequately tested. Whether any benefits outweigh the risks is for everyone to decide, but certainly they should be aware of the risks.

          • Reality022

            As Ms. Reiss has evidenced, SV40 is well known and does not cause cancer in humans.
            The link to a vid that you have been obsessively posting is malformed, but the vid is one edited by Len (I am God) Horowitz, dentist and Old Testament Prophet on a mission from God.
            Why should I trust this heavily edited vid put out by a lunatic?

            HIV was not introduced by Hilleman’s SV40 monkeys or any research primates.
            Horowitz obviously heavily edited that part of Hilleman’s statements. I wonder why.

            BTW – This mean you actually believe HIV causes AIDs… you do believe that HIV causes AIDs, don’t you?

            I take it you are another InfoWarts basement dweller.
            Austin must be proud.

          • HP Austin

            I encourage everyone to watch the short video at
            and you will see Dr. Hilleman say that the Sabin vaccine contained a cancer causing virus, Simian (monkey)Virus 40 (SV40) and that in an attempt to avoid it he accidentally introduced the AIDs virus to the US population by using African green monkees. See for yourself. And note that he says that they did not tell the public about the virus and that they still gave it millions of Americans after they knew it was there.

            Concerning whether SV40 causes cancer, consider this from

            Michele Carbone, Assistant Professor of Pathology at Loyola University in
            Chicago, has recently isolated fragments of the SV-40 virus in human bone
            cancers and in a lethal form of lung cancer called mesothelioma. He found SV-40
            in 33% of the osteosarcoma bone cancers studied, in 40% of other bone cancers,
            and in 60% of the mesotheliomas lung cancers, writes Geraldo Fuentes.

            The matter-of-fact disclosure came during discussions of polio vaccines
            contaminated with SV40 virus which caused cancer in nearly every species
            infected by injection. Many authorities now admit much, possibly most, of the
            world’s cancers came from the Salk and Sabin polio vaccines, and hepatitis B
            vaccines, produced in monkeys and chimps.

            It is said mesothelioma is a result of asbestos exposure, but research
            reveals that 50% of the current mesotheliomas being treated no longer occurs
            due to asbestos but rather the SV-40 virus contained in the polio vaccination.
            In addition, according to researchers from the Institute of Histology and
            General Embryology of the University of Ferrara, SV-40 has turned up in a
            variety other tumors. By the end of 1996, dozens of scientists reported finding
            SV40 in a variety of bone cancers and a wide range of brain cancers, which had
            risen 30 percent over the previous 20 years.

            The SV-40 virus is now being
            detected in tumors removed from people never inoculated with the contaminated
            vaccine, leading some to conclude that those infected by the vaccine might be
            spreading SV40.

            Soon after its discovery, SV40 was identified in
            the oral form of the polio vaccine produced between 1955 and 1961 produced by
            American Home Products (dba Lederle).

            Both the oral, live virus and injectable inactive virus were affected. It was
            found later that the technique used to inactivate the polio virus in the
            injectable vaccine, by means of formaldehyde, did not reliably kill SV40.

            That’s close enough to being proof that SV40 causes cancer for me.

            Vaccines are just not adequately tested. Whether any benefits outweigh the risks is for everyone to decide for themselves, but certainly they should be aware of the risks.

            By the way, for two very interesting books that provide background on this, see “Dr. Mary’s Monkey” by Ed Haslam and “Me and Lee” by Judith Vary Baker.


            You know, being nasty and insulting like this is definitely not going to encourage anyone to look at things from your viewpoint…

          • sabelmouse

            very many people were malnourished and living in very bad living conditions then.

      • ciaparker2

        Here’s something for you to see. Statistics from the UK Departments of Health, HMSO. Diphtheria deaths in 1866-1870: nearly 900 per million population. 1911-1915 400 per million. 1936-1939 300 per million. The vaccine was introduced for widespread use in the UK in about 1940, at which time the line on the graph plunges almost as steeply as it did between 1900 and 1905, until diphtheria virtually disappeared. But incidence and death rates had already been plummeting for seventy years, and would probably have continued their downward trend even without the introduction of the vaccine. Pertussis death rates: 1400 per year per million children in 1850 in England and Wales. By 1920 it was 400 per year. Mortality was about 50 per year in 1950, and the vaccine was introduced in the mid-’50s. Tetanus deaths were about 6.5 per million in 1905. In 1940 about two per million. The vaccine was introduced in about 1955. The TB vaccine has never been given routinely in the US, but the BCG was used in the UK and many other countries. Respiratory TB caused 4000 deaths per million in 1838, 1000 in 1910, and about 100 in 1955, when the BCG was introduced. Measles killed about 1150 per million children in 1850m 1000 in 1905, 100 in 1940, close to none by the time the measles vaccine was introduced in 1968. Scarlet fever killed about 2,250 children under fifteen per year per million in 1866-1870, down to 500 1895-1900, about 50 in 1911-1915, and it stopped causing deaths after WWII, without a vaccine for it ever coming into widespread use (because their trial vaccines killed too many). These charts are reproduced in Neil Miller’s books, Wendy Lydall’s, and Trevor Gunn’s.
        Both the incidence and mortality rates (measles incidence continued until the vaccine, but its mortality had steeply dropped) of the diseases had gone down dramatically in the decades BEFORE the vaccines came into use, and their downward trend would probably have continued even without the vaccines. Viruses usually evolve to become less virulent over time because it is in their own best interests: they can propagate more widely if they do not cause death. Living conditions and nutrition improved, making people better able to cope with the diseases when they got them.

        • Mike Stevens

          We are really talking about the diseases spread through close contact and inhalation in childhood – measles, pneumococcus, HiB, meningo, mumps, rubella, chickepox.
          All of them required vaccination to reduce their incidence.

        • Mike Stevens

          Did you not bother reading my citation?
          Since 1924, vaccines have prevented 103 million cases of disease, including lethal ones like diphtheria, polio and pertussis.

          Here you can find another article detailing the huge impact vaccines have had on morbidity/incidence and mortality.

    • ciaparker2

      Measles wasn’t eradicated, it continued to affect almost all children until the vaccine came into use. The death rate had gone down to relatively close to zero, though, 450 deaths out of a million diagnosed, two or three million more undiagnosed cases, in 1960. I had it when I was six, as all children were expected to, as all my classmates and cousins did, and no one worried about it, because it was no longer a dangerous disease for previously healthy, well-nourished children who took no fever reducers (aspirin then, Tylenol and Ibuprofen later). I don’t think that most whooping cough is caused by the vaccine either, it has become more common because the acellular DTaP is not very effective, although parapertussis has become more common too. It also evolved into a much less serious disease than it was in the nineteenth century, until, by the thirties, many doctors were saying it was so much less serious that there would be no need to develop a vaccine for it, but they did anyway. In 2012, 48,200 Americans were diagnosed with it, many more undiagnosed, and most of them had been appropriately vaccinated, but got it anyway. There were 18 deaths, all of newborns: the average per year is ten newborns. It’s not dangerous for anyone else. My thrice vaxed daughter got it at 8 months, and gave it to me. It was unpleasant, alarming, long-lasting, and exhausting, but not dangerous, and we eventually made a complete recovery. Neither measles nor pertussis is a reason to get the respective vaccines: the vaccines are much more dangerous than the diseases.

      • Mike Stevens

        So a disease that killed 450 kids each year in the US and hospitalizes 20-30% of them from complications like pneumonia and encephalitis is “no longer dangerous”?

        The diseases ARE more dangerous than the vaccines.
        Show me valid evidence that measles vaccine or MMR kills one in a thousand of those who get it and hospitalizes 30%.

        • ciaparker2

          That’s right, Mike, 450 out of several million is not much. Look up and see how many die drowning in the bathtub, drinking bleach, taking a prescription medicine thinking it’s candy, falling down the steps, riding a bike. Life is dangerous. We try to make prudent choices to protect ourselves and our children, but there just aren’t any guarantees. Most of those who died of measles were immune-compromised or older. You can quote me on that. Now we know that taking vitamin A and avoiding fever reducers like Tylenol prevent complications from measles, and that would decrease the mortality still more. The alternative is to take your chances with the MMR, which often causes autism, GI disease, and/or dozens of other severe conditions, including death. I watched a video on Youtube by CryShame interviewing a UK young mother whose baby had reacted to the MMR with seizures and encephalitis, who was tested and found to have measles and rubella vaccine virus in her brain and spinal fluid (two independent labs found that, the government lab said it did not), and who eventually died of it before she was two. Most people will find that if their child dies from a vaccine reaction, it will be brushed off as coincidental and called SIDS.
          You are wrong. The vaccines are much more dangerous than the diseases, which is why we are seeing growing numbers refuse the vaccines. There are alternatives: herbal, high-dose vitamin (intravenous vitamin C does miracles in toxin-mediated diseases like tetanus and pertussis), and homeopathic remedies. Even being hospitalized is preferable to being crippled for a lifetime with autism or seizure disorders, or dying from asthma or peanut allergies caused by the pertussis or HIb vaccines respectively.
          But of course it is true that some die of VPDs which would not have killed them had they received the vaccine. It is true. You can quote me on that too. Disability from disease is possible too. But it is a risk/benefit analysis with no answer that will protect everyone. Parents must learn the facts and weigh them before making their decision on vaccines. Too many of us only learn the facts when it is too late, and spend the rest of our lives thinking If only I hadn’t gotten that vaccine, everything would have been different.

          • Mike Stevens

            I am waiting for evidence that measles vaccine kills more than one per thousand, and hospitalizes 20-30% of those receiving it.

            I am still not seeing any, despite your word salad.

  • DavidD

    My aunt died of diptheria when she was a baby.My father contracted polio as a teenager.This happened in rural Texas in the 20’s and 30’s and was a horrible tradegy that could not have been prevented.
    My folks made sure we got all our shots and we were first in line when our local school gave out the polio sugar cubes.we have all enjoyed pretty good health with no preventable diseases.
    Religion and ideology are fine but when your beliefs put the rest of us in danger then society has the right to draw a line and some kind of sanctions must be imposed on the non compliant.

    • HP Austin

      I’m sorry for your family, but many people are harmed by
      vaccines as well. When a healthy child goes in for a Hepatitis B shot and dies
      15 hours later, you know something is wrong. Or when a healthy child gets
      several vaccines at once and then after a short time becomes autistic, you know
      that something is wrong. The rate of autism in this country is now about 1 in
      60 boys and 1 in 98 girls. It used to be about 1 in 2,500, but it has been
      climbing with the increase in the number of vaccinations. We give about 30
      childhood vaccinations, while some European countries give 11 and their rate of
      autism is ½ that of ours. I suggest you look at tradehead’s post of 3 days ago
      and look at the charts that show that the diseases for which most vaccines are
      given today were in a very steep decline BEFORE the advent of vaccines. That
      was probably due to better diet, less crowded housing, better hygiene and

      As far as vaccines being safe, consider Vioxx: Ten members
      of the board that met to approve or decline it received money from the
      manufacturer, but refused to recuse themselves from making the decision.
      Without their votes, Vioxx would not have been approved. Between 1999 and 2003
      it killed about 27,000 people.

      See the short video at
      If it doesn’t come up, type Dr. Shorter and Dr. Hilleman in the search box. You
      can hear the voice of Dr. Maurice Hilleman say that he discovered the
      cancer-causing SV40 virus in the Sabin polio vaccine and that in attempting to
      evade the SV40 virus, he inadvertently exposed the U.S. population to the AIDs
      virus by using African green monkeys.

      At 02:21 hear Dr. Hilleman say “I brought African greens in.
      I didn’t know we were importing AIDS virus at the time.” Then Dr Shorter and a
      woman off-camera laugh and say “It was you who introduced AIDs virus in the
      country.”, then Dr. Hilleman replies, “This is the real story.” At 05:14 Dr.
      Shorter said, “At this point, Sabin is still just doing these massive field
      trials?” and Hilleman replies, “Uh huh, in Russia, and so forth.” At 06:49
      Hilleman says “I just think this virus may have long term effects. And he
      [Sabin] said,’What?’, and Hilleman replied “cancer”, and Dr. Shorter laughs and
      says “I love it!” At 07:16 Hilleman recalls that at the conference at which he
      presented the information, they joked “We would win the Olympics because the
      Russians would be all loaded down with tumors.” At 07:55 Shorter asked,”Why
      didn’t this get out in the press?” and Hilleman replies, “Well, I guess it did,
      I don’t remember, we didn’t have a press release on it [so how did it get
      out?]. Obviously you don’t go out. This is a scientific affair within the
      scientific community.” At 09:09 Hilleman says, “But, anyway, we knew it [SV40]
      was in our seed stock for making vaccine.” At 09:13 Hilleman says “That virus,
      you see, is 1 in 10,000 particles [and it] is not inactivated by formaldehyde.”

      Apparently, you can get a longer DVD at 1-888-508-4787.

      Some things to remember are that they knew what they
      believed to be a cancer-causing virus was in the Sabin vaccine while it was
      still in field trials in Russia, and that they deliberately released it to the
      American public. Secondly, they did not issue a press release, so how would
      anyone have known?

      You cannot trust the pharmaceutical industry to make safe
      products, nor the FDA or CDC to protect you from unsafe ones. So, people SHOULD
      have the right to refuse vaccines.

      If you’re interested in whether SV40 causes cancer in
      humans, consider this from:

      Michele Carbone,
      Assistant Professor of Pathology at Loyola University in

      Chicago, has recently isolated fragments of the SV-40 virus in human bone

      cancers and in a lethal form of lung cancer called mesothelioma. He found SV-40

      in 33% of the osteosarcoma bone cancers studied, in 40% of other bone cancers,

      and in 60% of the mesotheliomas lung cancers, writes Geraldo Fuentes.

      The matter-of-fact
      disclosure came during discussions of polio vaccines

      contaminated with SV40 virus which caused cancer in nearly every species

      infected by injection. Many authorities now admit much, possibly most, of the

      world’s cancers came from the Salk and Sabin polio vaccines, and hepatitis B

      vaccines, produced in monkeys and chimps.

      It is said
      mesothelioma is a result of asbestos exposure, but research

      reveals that 50% of the current mesotheliomas being treated no longer occurs

      due to asbestos but rather the SV-40 virus contained in the polio vaccination.

      In addition, according to researchers from the Institute of Histology and

      General Embryology of the University of Ferrara, SV-40 has turned up in a

      variety other tumors. By the end of 1996, dozens of scientists reported finding

      SV40 in a variety of bone cancers and a wide range of brain cancers, which had risen
      30 percent over the previous 20 years.

      The SV-40 virus is now

      detected in tumors removed from people never inoculated with the contaminated

      vaccine, leading some to conclude that those infected by the vaccine might be

      spreading SV40.

      Soon after its
      discovery, SV40 was identified inthe oral form of the polio vaccine produced
      between 1955 and 1961 produced by

      American Home Products (dba Lederle).

      Both the oral, live
      virus and injectable inactive virus were affected. It was

      found later that the technique used to inactivate the polio virus in the

      injectable vaccine, by means of formaldehyde, did not reliably kill SV40.

      That’s close enough to
      being proof that SV40 causes cancer for me.

      Vaccines are just not
      adequately tested. Whether any benefits outweigh the risks is for everyone to
      decide for themselves, but certainly they should be aware of the risks.

      For information on
      risks, see:,,,,,,

      By the way, for two
      very interesting books that provide background on this, see “Dr. Mary’s
      Monkey” by Ed Haslam and “Me and Lee” by Judith Vary Baker.

  • jerlands56

    Flu Shot—Helpful or Harmful?

  • Gary Denton