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Texas Legislature Coverage


The 83rd Texas Legislature is underway, and we’re keeping a keen eye on everything happening in the House and the Senate.


What to Expect Now That Dan Patrick’s Tea Party Rules the Senate

The new lieutenant governor and his tea party revolutionaries have an ambitious agenda that could overhaul the state’s school systems, tax policies and immigration laws.

Photos From Wendy Davis’ Filibuster and the Senate Battle Over Anti-Abortion Bill

With the Texas Senate poised to approve one of the harshest anti-abortion laws in the country, the crowd took over.

Live Blog: Senate Filibuster on Anti-Abortion Bill

In the end, it was the citizens in the gallery who made the difference late Tuesday night.

Anti-Abortion Bill Could Be Headed for Defeat in Senate

The 83rd Texas Legislature is underway, and we’re keeping a keen eye on everything happening in the House and the Senate.

Water, MUD and Beer: Recipe for an Explosive Hill Country Development Fight

In hindsight, perhaps Greg LaMantia, a scion of a South Texas family who made its fortune as a regional Budweiser distributor, shouldn’t have named his 5,000-acre spread near Wimberley “Needmore Ranch.”

Payday Loan Reform Faces Uphill Battle in House

Late into the night, the payday loan industry strutted its stuff before a very friendly House committee. The hearing came just a week after the Senate passed a surprisingly tough bill that the industry insists would shut down most of Texas’ 3,400 payday and auto-title storefronts. Even though the legislation aired last night is a faint shadow the Senate bill, it got a rough treatment from six of the seven committee members.

El Paso Becomes Second City to Indict Employer for Wage Theft

In 2011, Austin-based Workers Defense Project successfully lobbied for the wage theft code amendment, authored by Senator Jose Rodriguez (D-El Paso), that made it harder for employers to get away with stealing workers’ wages. The amendment to the Texas criminal code closed a loophole which allowed employers to get away with paying employees only partially for their work without facing criminal charges. El Paso has become the first city outside of Austin to indict an employer for stealing wages.

Payday Loan Industry Divides and Conquers at Capitol

Consumer advocates and Democrats are divided over a Senate bill that would impose light regulations on payday and auto-title lenders.

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