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Jane Nelson Takes the Gavel

Lt. Gov. Dewhurst and Sen. Jane Nelson (R-Flower Mound) at Wednesday's press conference discuss SB 7 and 8.

Sen. Jane Nelson was once a sodomy-fighting back-bencher in the Texas Senate. Today, she presides over the powerful Senate Finance Committee. How will she use her power?

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Bad Bill: Drug Testing Welfare Applicants

Back in the 1980s, talk-show radio hosts and prominent Republicans complained of welfare queens riding around in Cadillacs. Now, their imaginations are sparked by a similar stereotype: The drug fiend using her Lone Star card to score a hit.

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Dewhurst, Nelson Support Healthcare Reform, not Medicaid Expansion

Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst told reporters at a Wednesday morning press conference that he has no plans to put Medicaid expansion on the legislative table. “We carefully cover, under Medicaid, those populations we feel need care,” he said. Dewhurst made clear that Texas should exclude from Medicaid adults who are “able-bodied, who could go out and work” […]

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