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Observer Radio Episode 50: Greg Abbott Had a Rough Week

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Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott

  • 1bimbo

    ‘rough week’ is relative. lefty media did their best to beat abbott over the head with the manufactured zac petkanas/wendydavis ‘equal pay’ narrative but largely ignored that davis’ law firm represents clients accused of discriminating against women

    • DavidD

      A law firm representing a client is not an advocacy of that clients alleged conduct unless stated to be so but a profesional obligation.
      The lawyers that represented Ted Bundy were not advocating serial killing but were representing their client to the best of their ability as that is their duty under the rule of law.
      What case are you refering too? What specifically was the client accussed of and by whom? How did the court rule? What was Ms.Davis role in this case? Was she directly representing this client? How big is her law firm?
      Please provide the details to your assertions.

      • 1bimbo

        we get it….. trial lawyers advocate for messed up people. however it goes to character that wendydavis will neither acknowledge nor disavow her law firms association(money stream) with tarrant regional water district.
        “In December 2010, The Fort Worth Court Of Appeals Ruled In Favor Of The Tarrant Regional Water District After A Female Employee Brought A Lilly Ledbetter Suit Alleging Gender Pay Discrimination. “The Fort Worth Court of Appeals ruled that the provisions of the federal Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act of 2009 extending the charge filing deadlines for certain pay discrimination claims should not be automatically applied to pay discrimination claims arising under state law. In Tarrant Regional Water District v. Villanueva, Tamara Villanueva brought suit against the District for gender-based pay discrimination arising from her failure to receive a five percent pay increase she believed she was entitled. After being given only a four percent increase in pay, Villanueva hired an attorney who threatened the District with a gender-based pay lawsuit.” (Russell Cawyer, “Texas Court Holds Lilly Ledbetter Principles Inapplicable To Claims Arising Under State Law,” Texas Employment Law Update, 12/24/10)”

        • DavidD

          Why would she disavow her law firm when Ms.Vilanueva claim was not found credible by the court?

          • 1bimbo

            so it’s the position of davis’ law firm that vilanueva was not entitled to receiving the same amount of pay increase as men in the office? that’s just telling and very sticky for davis’ firm

  • 1bimbo

    secret obama meeting, public privateering, double digit dip in polls, growing disapproval rating, upside down with female voters.. where’s the wendy davis ‘rough week’ article?

In this episode of Observer Radio, staff writers Chris Hooks and Emily DePrang stop by, along with associate editor Forrest Wilder, to discuss the rough week Attorney General Greg Abbott has had.

Our guest for this week is former Observer managing editor Michael May whose piece, "The Freedom Files," chronicles three exonerees who have formed their own detective agency to free innocent people from prison.

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