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Kesha Rogers, Democrat in a Tinfoil Hat, Is Likely Senate Nominee

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Kesha Rogers
Kesha Rogers

By now, you’ve probably heard that Kesha Rogers—a perennial candidate from Houston who wants to impeach Obama—is in the lead among Democratic candidates to challenge U.S. Sen. John Cornyn, according to a University of Texas/Texas Tribune poll released on Monday.

That’s bad news for a party pushing a narrative about resurgence, relevance and seriousness. Yesterday the Texas Democratic Party sent an email with the subject line “Don’t Vote For Kesha Rogers” that called her candidacy “an insult” and mentioned that she’d “paraded around Texas with a poster of the President with a Hitler mustache.”

But while it’s easy—and, let’s face it, fun—to write about mustaches and plans to industrialize the moon (more on that in a minute), Rogers could very well be the Democratic nominee. I talked to her to learn where she stands on other issues important to Democrats.

First, some background: Rogers is a LaRouche Democrat, meaning she follows Lyndon LaRouche, a conspiracy theorist whose devotees advocate a world gold standard and want to colonize Mars. At 37, Rogers has had no career other than a certain brand of politics and has never held elected office. In 2006, she ran (unsuccessfully) for chairman of the Texas Democratic Party. In 2010 and 2012, she ran for Congress, winning the Democratic nomination both times before decisively losing the general. Her new lead is not small, but neither is it immutable. Though almost three-quarters of those surveyed had no opinion, Monday’s poll shows her pulling 35 percent among likely voters in a five-way race. Her closest competitor, David Alameel, trails with 27 percent despite an endorsement from Wendy Davis.

When I asked to speak with Alameel, his campaign responded with an email calling the new poll “nonsense.” His spokesperson, Suzie Dundas, wrote, “The only poll that matters will be on March 4, when voters will choose David’s vision for Texas – withdrawing from Afghanistan and reinvesting the billions back here at home to create jobs, ensure a quality education for all children, and protect Social Security and Medicare – over all others.”

Maybe. The Democratic Party certainly hopes so. But just in case, let’s meet our front-runner.

In some ways, Rogers fits in with many of her party. Rogers wants to abolish the death penalty. She would protect unemployment benefits, food stamps and Social Security. She wants to reform campaign finance laws and stop drone attacks, and she thinks a true Democrat is “one who looks out for the lower 80 percent of the population.”

But Rogers also thinks climate change is “a fraud.”

“The green environmentalist agenda should be stopped and destroyed,” she told me. “[It is] an agenda for population reduction.”

And her financial policy? “We have to bankrupt Wall Street,” Rogers says. “We have to shut down the bail-in, bail-out policy [that’s] taking away our industry, our jobs, our infrastructure and put an end to bailing our quadrillions of dollars of speculative gambling activity.”

Another policy priority is planetary defense, which is “how we are going to defend the planet from asteroids which are very seriously threatening the planet.” The same technology push will help with the “development of a successful industrialization of the moon,” she says, “[for] the mining of raw materials and resources such as helium-3 on the moon, which is a productive resource for developing fusion. I am a very strong supporter and proponent of fusion development as a source of energy.”

This is all part of Rogers’ usual platform and she speaks about it with practiced conviction. But she’s less forthcoming about other policy areas. When asked her stance on abortion, she says, “First of all, I don’t believe in single issues,” though she specifies that she’s pro-life meaning she’s in favor of “stopping the threat of thermonuclear war.” Would she vote to overturn Roe v. Wade? She pauses for a very long time, then says, “No. I’m not sure.”

She’s opposed to drug legalization, coercive interrogation and would raise the minimum wage. But what about gay marriage?

“My concern right now is that we have a lawless president in the White House,” she says.

When pressed, she says, “I’m telling you the same thing I tell these people. I’m telling you that my concern is not on single issues. And so therefore my concern is on making sure that whoever you are, you’re not going to be threatened, that your lives are not going to be endangered by the threat of thermonuclear war, which we are now facing.”

I ask again and she refers me twice to her website, a search of which returns no results for “gay,” “homosexual,” or “marriage.”

“Okay fine,” I thought. Giving in, I asked Rogers how, as the U.S. Senator from Texas, she would prevent thermonuclear war.

“The way you prevent thermonuclear war is that you have to actually have the interest of nations in mind. We need a program for peace… We all need food. We all need water… You have to respect these different cultures, but at the same time, we have to figure out what is in the interest of every single human being.”

Who could argue with that?

Emily DePrang joined The Texas Observer in 2011 as a staff writer covering criminal justice and public health. Before that, she was nonfiction editor of the Sonora Review. Before that, she was a waitress. She's also appeared in The Atlantic,, and VICE. She holds an MFA in Nonfiction from the University of Arizona and has won some things, including the Public Service Award from the Society of Professional Journalists (2012), the National Health Journalism Fellowship from USC Annenberg (2013), and a nomination for a National Magazine Award in Reporting (2014). She still sometimes thinks about waitressing.

  • usakindatheart

    yu have to wonder, is she doing this for attention? or does she mean it? alot of people that are dems do not like obama, so is those people she going for? and is she going to do a 180 if she got elected.?

    • Political Atheist aka Javaman

      LaRouche morons are very serious. never discount the awesome power of stupidity.
      she’s a broken clock candidate. right on a couple of issue very wrong on all the others.

  • Dan Cook

    This poll is ridiculous. Informed Texas Democrats will not vote for her, she may possibly pick up a large quantity of un-intelligent voters but we are trying to get the word out.

    • Antonio Garcia

      …btw, I am an informed democrat who will vote for this lady. peace!

      • ChandlerDem

        No, you are not anything of the sort. You are an idiot. This person has done absolutely nothing. She doesn’t even have a career. The only thing I can figure out from your so called “informed” nonsense, is that you dislike President Obama or you’re just as nuts as the rest of the Lyndon LaRouche conspiracy lunatics.

        “Rogers is a LaRouche Democrat, meaning she follows Lyndon LaRouche, a conspiracy theorist whose devotees advocate a world gold standard and want to colonize Mars. At 37, Rogers has had no career other than a certain brand of politics and has never held elected office.”

        • thunderfinger

          You are against her because , in your twisted mind, she has no career?? Yet you support am man as president that doesn’t even exist on paper!!??… COME ON.. everyting about Obama is a lie.. They have tried to make Larouche into a conspiracy nutcase ever since he became a danger to the powers that be decades ago.. But people are tired of the lies and the way this country is being forced into a police state simply because your great king desires it. Enough of the BS lies already.. Rogers is more qualified than anyone else running simply because she knows what the problem is.. and how to fix it..and she is HONEST enough to do what she says… period.

      • redastcyr

        No your not

        • qualityrkc

          You’re you fucking dumbass party loyalist. You like it when you president kills your countrymen?? You like it when he kills 16 yr old American kids with robots?? People like you ruined the liberal brand not brave women like Rogers.

    • bummer

      “Informed Texas Democrats”…. hahah if there’s such a thing

      • ChandlerDem

        And, bummer, you’re a joke.

    • redastcyr


  • 1bimbo

    ha! funny, i hope she’s nominated for the looney liberals, cornyn will squash her like a bug. she is interesting however

    • Political Atheist aka Javaman

      meh, in a race between she and cornyn, it still would be a battle of the stupids.

      • 1bimbo

        admit it. you know cornyn is brilliant. you just h8 his politics

        • ChandlerDem

          No, he really is a ass like every republican.

    • nobodobodon

      I was rooting for that guy from Michigan to beat out Cornyn in the GOP primary. I almost crossed lines to vote for him.

  • CliffK

    Some men just want to watch the world burn.
    That’s why I’m voting for this woman.
    She has successfully knocked all other competitors out of the running as far as I’m concerned.
    Civilization, meet your demise.

    • ChandlerDem

      What men want to watch the world burn?? Yes, the republican chickenhawks love war, but this lunatic is claiming President Obama wants to start a war and that’s bullshit.

      You want to vote for this idiot that has never had a career, but YOU want to give her the job of senator? God, this country’s voters are really so effing stupid.

      • macwhirr

        Obama has already started several wars. He was thwarted in his efforts to start a war with Syria. Now he’s playing chicken with Russia over Ukraine.

  • guitargodkc

    When you get to this level of stupidity, there’s nothing left! “I don’t do single issues,” then how do you legislate? How do you make individual proposals that are supposed to help the “lower 80%?” If you don’t do single issues, you can’t do budgets, Medicare Medicaid, Social Security, SNAP, or any number of other required jobs as a senator. This is the dumb leading the dumb, the Jethro Bodines educating the world.

    • ChandlerDem

      Thank you! Finally a thinking person. Texas really is a lost cause if their voters are this stupid.

  • Antonio Garcia

    Very interesting… I have to say she’ getting my vote.

  • bummer

    This writer is so obsessed with homosexuals

  • bummer

    In Texas, even the Democrats hate Obama

    • ChandlerDem

      That’s total bullshit.

  • Jerry R. Barton Sr.

    She will win the Democratic nominee –People are sick of Obama and his poll ratings are dropping faster then the Hindenburg-

    • Jed

      i keep hearing this. from people who were always opposed, of course.

      but i have yet to meet an obama voter who would actually vote for romney if the had a do over.

  • Melanie R

    Kesha Rogers is the most courageous sovereign young lady I know. As Franklin Roosevelt said, leadership is not giving people what they want, but what they truly need. You need food, you need water, you need large scale projects like NAWAPA and many desalination plants to deal with the drought and the food shortage. You need security and confidence in your government that it will not be tyrannical. You need to know that your president will not lead your nation into destructive, criminal wars based on lies. If your president is threatening war with Russia and then lying about it to the public, you know this is heading towards world war and you must impeach him. You must do all these things despite the stupidity and party loyalty in your population and political leadership, and despite simpleminded journalists attempts at slandering your name. None of our greatest leaders, who made this nation possible, were governed by “issues” and a lust for popularity. “If there is no vision, the people will parish”

    • Jed

      the people will parish indeed.

  • macwhirr

    I’m glad that she is de-emphasizing the “wedge issues,” which get a lot of attention in the press simply because on the big issues, economic policy and foreign policy, the two parties are identical. Americans are being told that the big infrastructure projects which are essential for the economic survival of the nation are “fiscally irresponsible” (Republican version) or “offensive to the earth goddess” (Democratic version.) I’m glad to see that there is a candidate who is not satisfied to sit back and watch the southwestern states die of thirst.

  • AntiTrollGuy

    shw wont get my vote, crazy nut.

  • Mary Irish

    There is nothing comical about Kesha Rogers. She is a complete psychopath who is a real threat to the government and her threats should be handled as a live grenade. There are people who want the violent demise of the President and she appeals to them. Please do not wait for another blood bath.

  • disqus_34gDpASl8r

    Kesha !!She will have my vote 100%. Don’t judge her being connected to LaRouche, instead start reading both of their websites and then you won’t sit here like idiots reading this column and some of the idiotic comments. She is a Brilliant woman to say the least ! She is a woman of Change, and this woman is not some backed Millionaire who sits and blows steam like the rest of the dems here in Texas. Start being informed and finally back a real candidate. For her single issues, she states in a nutshell she wants Obama out of office for the USA to make big changes and to come back out of the hell we are in right now. Start waking up realizing Keisha is the only chance we’ve got for a future. She will create a massive change starting in Texas and trickling down from there, you will see!

  • thunderfinger

    Texas has been overrun with Obama supporting socialists and this site is obviously owned by one of them. I would not expect Ms Rogers to fare well here but it is halarious to hear the rediculous double-speak used to downgrade her as a viable candidate while gloating over their king in the White House and the other socialist who bow to his majesty.. I still have faith that there is enough honest Texans who understand this and will vote for this lady simply because she is doing the right thing for this country and the great state of Texas, where I spent 90% of my life. Obama is a fascist and is destroying this country.. and every state must stand up and fight this madness before it is too late.

  • caligrl

    HA! How ya like dem apples?

  • MotherSkadi

    Kesha Rogers has spent most, if not all, of her adult life in thrall to LaRouche. His cult is slowly winding down, which means she needs to get a real job. If she were ever actually elected to office the cult would be giving her orders. Everything she has to say, or not say, is spoon fed to her by the cult. Independent thinking is not her forte and is actively discouraged by the leadership. It’s LaRouche’s way or the highway.