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Ted Cruz Leads the House Over a Cliff on Border Bill

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Ted Cruz at a wildly popular event in the convention's exhibition hall.
photo by Tim Faust

The Republican leadership in the House suffered an embarrassing setback Thursday after being unable to muster enough votes to pass a $659 million emergency supplemental spending bill for the influx of unaccompanied children from Central America. Now, Republican leaders say they’ll try again Friday to pass the spending bill.

Capitol Hill reporters described the scene at the Capitol as “embarrassing” and “chaotic” as Republican leaders pulled the bill down then met in the basement in a desperate attempt to muster votes before they adjourn for five weeks.

Republican leaders loaded the bill with plenty of red meat to appeal to the most extreme faction of their party. The measure guts a 2008 anti-trafficking law that protects vulnerable Central American children from being immediately deported. Leadership also offered a bill to stop the expansion of the Obama administration’s Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program, which defers deportation for young undocumented immigrants, also know as Dreamers. The sentiment of Republicans seems to be “deport ‘em all” but this wasn’t enough to appease the party’s most conservative House Republicans, who had a tea party in Sen. Ted Cruz’s office yesterday. Cruz wants to see DACA completely defunded.

Kevin Appleby, director of migration policy for the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops called the congressional debacle a “sad day for America” during a press conference Thursday for reporters.

“Instead of choosing immigration reform the House has decided to pass bills that will deport vulnerable children—both those who have recently arrived and those who have lived among us for years. This is a defining moment in the national debate. The real issue here is ‘who we are as Americans?’ As leaders in human rights protections we often instruct other nations to receive refugees or protect human rights of people, yet we see child refugees on our own border and we respond in an inhumane way.”


  • DavidD

    The GOP civil war,the gift that keeps on giving.If the welfare of these children were not in the balance this would be funny.As it is it’s pathetic.

    • fatibel

      I just wish these people would stop using the label “Christian.” There’s nothing Christian in many of their actions.

      • 1bimbo

        that’s the narrative now? ‘you ain’t christian enough!!’.. good gosh, liberals are truly lost

        • DavidD

          No the narrative is that your actions ,words and deeds are in direct contradiction of what Christ teaches.
          Read the New Testament honestly and it’s self evident.

      • DavidD

        I agree.To follow in the steps of Christ is to forget self and act in the intrest of others.

        • stormkite

          Not if you follow Republican Jeebus.

  • joeleethree

    Raphael is only concerned about Raphael. He is so blatantly insincere, I am amazed that so many can not see this.

    • stormkite

      It’s because the people who support him are just exactly like him. They’re in it only for themselves, and they couldn’t care less about anyone else.

  • Mary95

    There is no vulnerable children bill from 2008. We have plenty of those here. Having children come here via drug cartels, etc., makes them vulnerable children. That’s if they make it here before getting sold as sex slaves or something else just as horrible, which is happening because of this. The 2008 billl is a trafficking bill about children rescued from the sex slave world, sex trafficking. There are children in Africa literally dying for lack of clean water and food, if you really want to rescue children. I don’t think we can afford to bring any other countries over since we’re so deep in debt now. But isn’t that the point? To destroy the foundation, our Constitution, and create a New Blueprint/New Foundation for America.

    • 1bimbo

      everyone kingO has done will be undone by the next president

  • 1bimbo

    ted cruz is upsetting the rotten apple cart.. well it’s about time someone did.. we need more like him in congress

  • Mary95

    I hope most of you on her realize that most of those coming across our borders are not children. Border guards have said less than 20% are children, which means that over 80% are adults or almost adults. They also say that the majority of those children are 16 or older. They have no idea how many terrorists and cartel members are coming across. 9/11 is just around the corner. ISIS is ready to take us on in our country. Their leaders say that. I believe them. I don’t look forward to the carnage that is about to come upon us, but it will, because we let anyone in. How many who are criminals in their own country would like to come here, make up a new name for themselves and the police would not be looking for them? No record, no past records, but free to come and go… They just have to plan better for their next crime, stay off the grid. I wish everyone knew the danger this country is now in. Many of our leaders want this. They support terrorists/they call them rebels… with our money and they have gone around destabilizing countries one by one, while decimating our military, making us weak. There are good rebels, then there are the others… Intolerant, women/child abusers, those who cut off heads of those who don’t agree with them. They hang those they’ve killed in public places and crucify people for having different beliefs. These we are letting into our country. We have no leader who will protect us from this invasion, but instead our leader wants this chaos and has brought this on us all. He is well protected. We are not.

  • Janmar

    Just think…some 40 years ago Ted Cruz was the foreign-born son of a Latin American refugee…who benefited from some generous policies toward Cubans.