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CPS Fires a Special Investigator Who Used Term ‘Nigartard’

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Rita DeShannon, a special investigator with Texas Child Protective Services, was fired today after the agency was alerted to racially inflammatory remarks on her personal Twitter account. Under the account @TexasPeanut, DeShannon tweeted frequently during the past few weeks on George Zimmerman and Trayvon Martin, using the term “nigartards” and calling for white people to “arm themselves.”

DeShannon has worked for CPS since 2003, first as a foster care worker, then as an investigative caseworker and finally as an Ellis County-based special investigator since 2010, according to the agency. According to her LinkedIn profile, DeShannon is also a law-enforcement officer, who worked as a detective in the Monroe, Louisiana, Police Department. She also owns a company, AAA Texas Process Service, that serves court papers for the Texas Supreme Court, according to public records.

Until she changed it yesterday, her Twitter profile identified her as a member of the “Oathkeepers,” a far-right organization largely comprised of cops and military personnel who promise to disobey orders they consider unconstitutional. DeShannon didn’t respond to an email from the Observer seeking comment.

The Observer contacted CPS on Tuesday about DeShannon’s Twitter account. Patrick Crimmins, a spokesperson for the Department of Family and Protective Services, said the agency wasn’t aware of DeShannon’s inflammatory racial views or her Twitter account. On Wednesday morning, the agency dismissed her. In a letter recommending her dismissal, CPS administrators wrote that her “comments were inappropriate and inflammatory” and “violated her ethical responsibilities to the children and families we serve.” In one tweet on July 15th, DeShannon complains, “I’m really f#cking tired of being politically correct for nothing after all these years!” Her most recent tweet, from two days ago: “I’m not racist..I’ll kill any color of person who tries to kill me first!”

  • channelclemente

    A voice of concern and clarity snuffed out, thank goodness.

  • Corrupt Frisco Cops

    Makes you wonder how many lives she has wrecked because of her racist view/beliefs.

  • Antonio Buehler

    Oathkeepers isn’t a “far right” organization, it is what we should expect of any public servant. This woman sounds like a racist thug – which is not the standard expectation I have of an oathkeeper.

    • BUDDY2010

      It appears to me to be “simple” ignorance on her behalf Antonio. With all the anger she has I’d hate to see what she’s capable of doing if someone called her a name!

      • Antonio Buehler

        It always bothers me when corrupt people bring down organizations that don’t share their values.

        • ATXobserver

          Now I wait to see if she gets her job back. If her account didn’t list her employer, what possible policy violation would there be for her to be fired? Sure she said some bad stuff, but free speech is protected by the 1st amendment.

          • newsmom4968

            well, here’s my take on your opinion, antonio: if it can be demonstrated that her (clearly) racist attitudes never affected her judgment in her professional life, no problem. but you’ve got to wonder about someone playing fair across the board when “nigartard” is part of her public pronouncements.

    • ATXobserver

      I didn’t expect that from you and I agree 100%.

      • Antonio Buehler

        Why? What did you expect?

  • mardeck

    You don’t even know DeShannon. She cares about ppl and has spent most of her career devoted to helping the ppl of all races. I guess it’s okay for other ppl to say whatever they want because they have never ever said anything that may have been deemed offensive by another individual. It could have been a better and less biased article if the author had taken the time to contact DeShannon and get her views. Doesn’t look like the media wants to remain unbiased on this non event.

    • Forrest Wilder

      Tell her to call me or email me and I will print her side of the story.

    • Eathan

      if she was my clients cps investigator.. i would have a emergency hearing before the judge and get all of her cases thrown out on the basis of her racists remarks.

    • COYI214

      Well she certainly didn’t leave much for the imagination. If she’s not a racist, she definitely has a screw loose and needs an evaluation.

      • SoberMoney

        Have the evaluation done by Adult Protective Services.

    • BUDDY2010

      To you “mardeck”….maybe you should recuse yourself of any comments that appear to defend someone who knowingly and willing violated a standard “code of conduct”. Alleviating yourself by any association to that person is YOUR best defense. Regardless, Ms. Deshannon and or any other public servant has knowledge of and should have practiced ethical standards of conduct with the understanding that personal opinions “may” generate sensitivity towards certain groups in society. It’s very apparent that there is some anger or something brewing that created hostility in ones heart, resulting in ill thoughts and vulgarity. SHAME ON ANYONE THAT FEELS ENTITLED TO BROADCAST EXTREME HATRID ON MANKIND! Honestly…..her opinion (kept to herself) is none of my business but such racist blathering crosses the line.

    • SoberMoney


    • SoberMoney

      I understand. She could have written “spictard” or “chinktard” instead.

      And I agree about the guns. I want to arm myself to protect me from crazy white people with guns.

  • Bradford Pearson

    The best thing about this is that she thought “nigartard” was okay to type, but drew the line at “f#cking.”

    • BUDDY2010

      Right on Bradford but apparently she did not think that one out!

  • cwewill

    Don’t hate her, she is just sin-sick!!

  • Brandie Valentine

    This is bull shit. I think this never should have been a story. How many people are the media planning to put in danger? Can we please get off of the fucking racial issues. Seriously? I am sick of it. I will tell you one thing, they will continue to stir the pot until everyone kills each other. LET IT GO ALREADY YOU LIBERAL BITCHES.

    • retired1

      Brandie,if you were a rape victim and you saw twitter remarks where the cop investigating your rape was advocating the rape of women and how much he hated women ,would you not want him exposed?!

    • BUDDY2010

      Hmmmmm. Sounds like BV has issues too!

    • Godschild

      You need ti find peace because all have fallen
      Short of the Glory of God. God is on his way back
      Back. Repent and clean your nasty file mouth
      Up. I get it that your angry but it builds nothing it
      Only destroys life. Give your life to Christ
      Brandie, while you still have a chance. God is just
      To forgive you.

    • SoberMoney

      Down girl; your meds are on the counter.

      And don’t you mean “liberal snitches.”

    • NoSenseWhatsoever

      We know it’s you, Rita.

  • SoberMoney

    It’s clear Brandie below and Frau DeShannon are “racetards.”

    Brandie is so bigoted she thinks the media is out to get DeShannon.

    Oh how the right gets left behind.

  • xici

    Forrest Wilder, we can’t thank you enough! What can we do to show our appreciation for this great service you did so more can do the same? Thank you so much.

    • SoberMoney

      Uh, Wilder is just doing his job well.

      But I guess when it is so rare to read a journalist with intelligence and integrity, it is easy to think it is extra special.

      Go ahead, xici, book a room for you and Forrest.

  • roadgeek

    Hope she lands on her feet. Another victim of thoughtcrime.

    • Jimmy L Aldrich

      Another racist who is facing the consequences of their free (racist) speech. Good riddance.

    • SoberMoney

      A self-imposed victim of thoughtgrime.