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Into the Wilderness

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A discarded backpack found on the Cage Ranch in Brooks County.
Jen Reel
  • Cheryl Coronel

    I wish everyone would read and understand the plight of these people coming across our borders. For the most part they are people seeking a better life. I wish we could find some compassion here and reach out to welcome these people, our brothers and sisters. I can’t buy that we can’t afford to help, not as long as we are spending billions building weapons. I just don’t understand

    • southtpa

      you can fool some of the people some of the time. you’re it

  • 1bimbo

    people from a lawless country come to infect the USA with more lawlessness.. it’s an american nightmare indeed

    • Marty B.

      O Bimbo, go back to your reality shows on TV. Nothing here for you to learn since your mind closed a long time ago. As opposed to your mouth.

  • Rhonda Koenig

    If Illegal Aliens would expend half as much energy to change their own Country rather than sneaking into ours…..

    • Bungarra

      Perhaps a solution is to look carefully why these people move. Unjust trade agreements will strip other countries of benefits. Just consider the effect of all of the subsides given to Agriculture in the USA. Tends to reduce the world price of commodities. This increases the poverty of the rural poor. Not good. I speak having explored parts of the unjust free trade agreement signed by a previous Australian government and the USA. Nothing in it of Australia, yet our PM at the time felt compelled to sign. Possibly that the lobbyists wined dined and may have bedded him and his advisers blinded them to their obligations to the citizens. Only the 1% are worth it. Now if Australia is having troubles, I am not surprised that there are problems south of the US border. Humanity please – Who is your neighbor?

    • A More Ethical Banana

      Does that include all of the people that American-backed death squads murdered?
      They should have fixed their country after we murdered them?

      That is your argument?
      We killed most of the people trying to make these countries better.

  • 1bimbo

    here’s illegals in a nutshell: citizen volunteers in my town one year were working diligently to erect a halloween haunted house to benefit an afterschool program for kids with items donated and dropped off at the facility.. i watched as two people started to catalog the items for installation.. a cabellero approached and in broken spanish started begging for one of the old lamps on the ground.. he smiled and picked it up, asking the volunteers if he could have it, one of them obliged and he walked off with it.. that’s it.. he didn’t want to work for it, he had no intention of volunteering and he probably couldn’t pay for it either.. he just wanted to take it for nothing in return.. that’s the magnet.. we keep promising them free stuff, they keep taking it..

    • Jim

      A nonsense, possibly made-up, story told by a sputtering, hateful, half-literate idiot. So, this “caballero” (what, did he ride in from the sunset, spurs a-jangling on a palo pinto stolen from some Injuns?) spoke “broken Spanish”? Was English his first language?

      And the cowboy came to the U.S. drawn by “the magnet” of old lamps? That’s your story of immigration? He left family and home–and apparently his native language–behind to come score a free lamp from some blue-haired Texans?

      Here’s a challenge for you, you half-literate grouch, trying talking to an immigrant sometime rather than spend your days making a fool of yourself online. You might learn something… Maybe even how to spell.

      • 1bimbo

        truth is hard to swallow for people who gorge on lies

        • Marty B.

          Bimbo, that is exactly what you’re doing. You’re absolutely BLOATED with lies.

      • Marty B.

        Thank you, Jim. Unfortunately, Texas is full of Bimbos who don’t know the truth, don’t WANT to know the truth because OMG they might have to do something about it or share their wealth. And because they were here first… that’s such a cute phrase. How about the Native Americans? I’m an immigrant from a European country that has a quota as big as Dallas. Tons of Europeans are admitted every day, some of them converts to Islam who have been radicalized. According to yesterday’s news, 27% of French people approve of ISIS. Yet, they would have no problem at all hopping on a plane and coming over here. And Hispanics, who have the true immigrant spirit of working hard, are denied access and have to die trying to get here.

    • Humberto Martinez

      Bimbo, it is you who are broken, not the so called “caballero’s broken spanish.” I would say the words you wrote after reading this sad and tragic story exemplifying the sacrifice and hardship of thousands, pretty much reflect a broken mind. I would not mention a broken heart because your ignorant, cold, and sinister words are direct evidence that there is no heart in your body; nor for that matter is there a soul.

      • 1bimbo

        that’s the difference.. illegals and their advocates think people are ‘sinister’ and have ‘no heart’ because we value a work ethic, rule of law and citizenship.. follow the rules, it’s what made this country great.. not a bunch of whiney lawless illegals who try to demonize good behavior.. what an empty and demoralizing existence to champion people who do nothing, build and clean things they don’t own, make excuses for bad behavior, and hold their hands out for freebies all the time

        • Marty B.

          “WE” value work ethic? What exactly do you do, Bimbo? Did you daddy leave you a ton of money? Or are you one of thearrogant rednecks living in a trailer but o-so-superior to anybody from Southern countries?

  • southtpa

    it is cheaper and safer to go elsewhere. so why do they come here? it is more lucrative to be a criminal in the US than it is to be a criminal elsewhere. the sole purpose of all these sad stories is to evoke an emotional response so you will make a mistake. it’s a classic con. no country has open immigration because they would soon be filled up with other countries thrash.

    • 1bimbo

      now that’s truth!

      • Marty B.


  • Roman

    O.k. I read most comments and found not constructive comments to even address the issue. It must be human nature. Me. Me. Me. Them. Them. Those people. this is my space. Don’t even think about it. Congress will not address the issue because you get more votes and donations by fueling the issue. It is sad.

  • Vestias

    Stop human trafficking and slavery USA