Ruth Pennebaker

  • Despair in Fashion

    Justin Sewell isn’t perfect. He admires “outliers” like Ralph Nader (even after my insistence that Nader can never, ever be forgiven for helping to […] Full Story

  • Edsel U.

    Using a car analogy, [University of Texas System Board of Regents Chairman Gene Powell] said a $10,000 degree would be more like a Chevrolet […] Full Story

  • Shut My Mouth

    In the immortal words of the great Tammy Wynette, sometimes it’s hard to be a woman. Anyway, that’s the tune I’ve been humming — […] Full Story

  • Bringing Up Baby

    On a wintry day in February, I went to the Texas Senate to hear citizens and medical and legal experts testify about the sonogram […] Full Story

  • What’s in a Nombre?

    All you have to do is move and you get this question 600 times a day: “What’s your new address?” Funny they—the friends, the […] Full Story

  • Wendy Davis

    Pennebaker: Wendy Davis Needs to Take Back Her Story

    Wendy Davis still has a powerful, inspiring life story—and I’d love to see her reclaim it loud and clear, without apology. She needs to wrench it back, in fact, and let the other side know it can’t tell her story for her… so get the hell out of her way. Full Story

  • Unearthing Aurora

    Lost Books of Texas “Terms of Endearment is a book?” a well-read friend asked recently. “I didn’t know that. I thought it was just […] Full Story

  • If the Revolution is Over, Does That Mean We Won?

    People of a certain age are always talking, sadly and nostalgically, about the bright, unfulfilled dreams of their youth. I’m of a certain age […] Full Story

  • Lost in the Reads

    You get rid of … your books?” one of my younger friends asked. She looked aghast—as if I’d just announced that I ate my […] Full Story

  • The Big O

    Second in a series on recession-era Texas. ODESSA-Oh, sure. You can laugh about this flat, dry part of the world, where the streets are […] Full Story