Robert Green

  • When the Democrats Roamed…

    The primary battle between Gov. Rick Perry, Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison and Debra Medina has exposed deep rifts in the Republican Party. The gritty […] Full Story

  • Identity Crisis

    One true thing about Col. David Crockett: He was willing to stand up for a hopeless cause.  In early February 1834–two years before the […] Full Story

  • Path to War

    In a Feb. 3, 1964 conversation with newspaper publisher John Knight, Lyndon Johnson—then a mere two months into his presidency—laid out the stark choice […] Full Story

  • UT’s Discrimination Pressure Valve

    If history is written by those who show up, then the question of renaming The University of Texas’ Simkins Hall dormitory—currently named for confederate […] Full Story

  • Is That Really the Devil’s Accordion?

    Los viajes del viento (The Wind Journeys) opens with the dramatic view of a Colombian village giving way to an open, rubble-stubbed desert. An […] Full Story

  • Gender trouble at Cine Las Americas

    When I pulled into the parking lot outside the Regal Metropolitan 14 theaters—one of three venues screening the 100 films that make up the […] Full Story