Priscila Mosqueda

Priscila Mosqueda
Priscila Mosqueda is a contributing writer at the Observer, where she previously interned. She grew up in San Antonio and graduated with a bachelor's in journalism from the University of Texas at Austin in 2012. Her work has appeared in InsideClimate News, The Center for Public Integrity, The Daily Beast, and various Central Texas outlets.
  • The Fischer Store Bridge

    Left Unchecked, Climate Change in Texas Will Cost Businesses Billions

    Without action to curb greenhouse gas emissions, the ravages of climate change could cost Texas tens of billions in the coming decades, according to a new report by the Risky Business Project. Full Story

  • Hillcrest neighborhood

    A Neighborhood Apart

    Residents of two Corpus Christi neighborhoods claim energy companies stole their health by polluting the air, water and ground around their homes. Now they are fighting a government bureaucracy that is threatening to tear them apart with a massive highway project. Full Story

  • Fracking protesters outside the Capitol

    Democrats Cave on Measure Overturning Fracking Regulations

      Despite vociferous opposition from local elected officials, environmentalists and citizens, many Democrats in the Texas Legislature are supporting controversial legislation that would strip […] Full Story

  • Parade in favor of Denton fracking ban

    Convergence of Local Control and Fracking Lights Up the Lege

    On Monday, more than four months after Denton voted to ban fracking, a House committee discussed two bills that would derail local efforts to curb oil and gas drilling. Full Story

  • Amber and Fred Lyssy

    The Holdouts

    These are the stories of three Texas families who were willing to walk away from thousands of dollars—and battle loved ones, their communities and their government—to make a stand, even when facing insurmountable odds. Full Story