Paul Christensen

  • Southwestern Expansion

    The closest we have ever come to visualizing the act of meditation may be the still photograph. Moving pictures tell stories; paintings often explore […] Full Story

  • The Cuban Enigma

    Here are three books that plot a trajectory in the tormented life of Cuba, the island at our back door and one of the […] Full Story

  • Survival Among the Ruins

    How is it that Jim Crace, an English novelist, and our own Cormac McCarthy sat down at about the same time to write novels […] Full Story

  • Still Declining and Falling

    Dark Ages America: The Final Phase of Empire Morris Berman is a messenger bringing bad news about the coming end of the American empire, […] Full Story

  • Flashlights in the Gloom

    Makes You Stop and Think: Sonnets Not for Specialists: New and Selected Poems An Alchemist with One Eyeon Fire Here are three writers from […] Full Story