Molly Ivins

  • The Assault on Freedom

    People should watch what they say. -White House spokesman Ari Fleischer, October 2001 We were wearing T-shirts, exercising our free-speech rights in the public […] Full Story

  • A-men. A-women. A-Ann.

    Harry Porko first appeared in the lobby of some Wall Street firm—Smith, Merrill, Barney, & Asshole, I believe—where the treasurer of Texas had been […] Full Story

  • Hookergate

    Of course I am above sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll. So serious a servant of the public interest am I, I can fogey […] Full Story

  • Molly Ivins

    It’s nice to know that the investigative reporter Jack Anderson is still under investigation, although seriously dead. Anderson died last year, and for 19 […] Full Story

  • Molly Ivins

    In general, I’m against kicking ’em when they’re down … unless really awful people are involved. I figured Tom DeLay is so awful, plenty […] Full Story