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Fix 96

by Mark Dow | Thu, May 13, 2010 at 16:41 CST
The time has come to fix immigration law.


Borders and Cracks

I was late for my meeting with Ofer because I suddenly found myself at the remains of Jerusalem’s Moment Café, where a suicide bomber had attacked days before. Passers-by stopped to light memorial candles; dark-skinned workers cleared the rubble. Across … Read More


No Exit: Detained at “Export Plaza”

Pass through a door and you leave the mind-numbing concrete and Plexiglas of the inmate areas of the Houston Processing Center to enter the administrative offices that Warden Charles Martin has enlivened with Ansel Adams posters, potted plants, and fish … Read More


Letters from Prison

IF I SHOULD DIE:A Death Row Correspondence. 134 pages. $10.95 (paper). A few weeks before Christmas, 1990, inmate Andrew Lee Jones wrote his British “penfriend,” Jane Officer, that he wanted her to see a special issue of The Angolite, the … Read More