Leah Caldwell

Houston native Leah Caldwell is a writer and editor living in Austin.
  • The North Lamar Community Mobile Home Park in Austin.

    Trailer Park Ploys

    The residents of North Lamar Community Mobile Home Park in Austin aren't backing down from an escalating dispute with the new owners of the park, the moguls behind online trailer-preneur school Mobile Home University. Full Story

  • Mohamed Elibiary

    Mohamed’s Fight

    He’s a Texas Republican and an expert on fighting extremism who advises homeland security officials. Why do conservatives hate him? Full Story

  • wells3

    Searching for Souls in Wells, Texas

    In tiny Wells, Texas, a revival led by the much-maligned Church of Wells is not going as planned, especially not since the parents of Catherine Grove showed up looking for their daughter. Full Story

  • Artist’s rendition of the new Exxon Mobil corporate campus under development in North Houston, near the junction of Interstate 45 and Hardy Toll Road.

    Exxon’s Utopian Vision For North Houston Is Eerily Familiar

    Along with New York City-based Coventry Development Corporation, Exxon is creating a company town from scratch in North Houston. Full Story

  • Afterword

    My introduction to Hezbollah came on an early morning in southern Beirut. I rode bus No. 5 from the Burj Al-Barajneh Palestinian refugee camp, […] Full Story