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Fever Dreams

by Jake Miller | Fri, Oct 3, 2008 at 0:00 CST

Vision Quest

To make the pictures in Indian Nations, Danny Lyon traveled to 19 Indian reservations in the western United States over a period of four years. The Indians that he photographed are fathers and sons, mothers and daughters, veterans, cowboys, and … Read More


Book Review

Unwrapping Japanese Photography

Critics sometimes like to talk about unwrapping or un-packing a text or a work of art, peeling back layers of meaning and symbolism. The assumption is that the most interesting things are hidden inside. Sometimes the surface of the art, … Read More


Movie Review

God's Little Favela

City of God City of God opens with a series of cuts: a knife chops carrots and slices a lime, a hand plays a slashing samba rhythm on a little guitar. The rhythm of the knife on the cutting board … Read More


Hearts and Minds: Cuban Photography

Merrell Publishers Havana in My Heart: 75 Years of Cuban Photography 125 pages, $29.95. The genius and the curse of photography is that it captures (or creates) solitary moments, engraving them in tarnished silver or inks and dyes on a … Read More


Photography Review

A Hundred Years of Bravo

He lies on the ground, a river of blood flowing from his head, his outstretched hand a gently unclenching fist. The folds of his shirt, a flag in the corner of the frame, the spilt blood all draw the eye … Read More


Picturing Afghanistan

On September 11, like many of you, I spent most of the day and most of the night staring at what looked like the end of the world on my television. At one point in the evening, the anchors broke … Read More


The Many Forms of Gripping the Rock

Review of

Six centuries ago, the mysterious peoples known today as the Anasazi disappeared from their elaborate cliff dwellings perched high on the rocks above the desert floor of what is now the Southwestern United States. They made their mark on the … Read More


Graciela Iturbide

Review by Jake Miller

A young girl wearing a frilly, lacy dress has just stepped through a churchyard gate bound for her first communion. She’s also wearing a grinning death head mask. “First Communion, Chalma, State of Mexico,” by Graciela Iturbide, is a complex … Read More